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Death Masks (Dresden Files #5), Jim Butcher

Paperback, 451 pages
Penguin ROC

★★★1/2 – Good book, an enjoyable one-time read (but I would probably read it again)

If you’re a Michael fan, get hyped. 360 more words


Hot Water: A Dresden Files Fanfiction

Molly’s scream jerked me awake, and I hauled my battered body off the couch and to the bathroom. Could something have slipped inside with us before the wards were back in place? 388 more words


Harry Dresden Is My Co-Pilot! - Summer Knight

“The noise was deafening, and no one could have heard me anyway as I let out my own battle cry, which I figured was worth a shot. 830 more words

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Harry Dresden--no, just no

I’m only in chapter two of Storm Front and Harry Dresden has used the word “cheerleader” to describe two different women. Because cheerleaders, evil witch bitches, and women who need doors opened and their chairs pulled out for them are obviously the only two or three types of women Dresden believes exists. 552 more words

Elia's Diamonds

Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

I had been told for many years that I should read this book. My mother would wax poetical about how great the series is and how funny Harry Dresden is. 986 more words


My Name Is Aurora Cannon and I Hate Reading

#Book Reports     #I Hate School     #Merlin Trilogy      #Harry Potter     #Jim Butcher     #Harry Dresden     #Diana Wynne Jones     #K.A.Rose

One of my favorite book series is one I read to my elementary school kids, and it almost always starts with the main character saying his name is such-and-such, and he hates school. 2,592 more words

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Book Reviews—April

Hi, hi!

It’s April the 29th, the last Friday of the month, and we all know what that means: time for my reviews of all the books I’ve read this month! 2,255 more words