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Butcher discusses Peace Talks at DragonCon

Jim Butcher is deeply enamored with DragonCon. After multiple signings where no one showed up, or panels at conventions where he was the only one in the room, DragonCon is where he started to feel like an author. 1,488 more words


These audiobooks are great. But they're also terrible. Hells bells, I don't know what I think. CBR8 reviews 45 & 46.

I’ve now read the first three installments in the Harry Dresden series. Or, to be more specific, I’ve now listened to James Marsters read me the first three installments in the Harry Dresden series. 475 more words

DragonCon report 2016, The Secrets of NY Times Bestselling Authors

This panel lacked truth in advertising.

Bestsellers don’t come easy. Writers share tips about breaking the barrier of the NYT Bestseller lists.

It had a collection of people who were on the Bestseller list, but nothing really about getting books sold was mentioned.

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Book Review: Death Masks - Dresden Files #5

Another great book in the series! Butcher somehow manages to keep adding more and more interesting characters and environments. I would bump this one up to my second favorite one so far, just behind Fool Moon. 183 more words


Book Review: Summer Knight- Dresden Files 4 By: Jim Butcher

Book 4 in the series finds Harry a year after Grave Peril, still mourning his losses, and the Council in a war the Vampires. The conflict he started, and it is the new reason the Council is looking to fry him. 298 more words


Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Where I Got It: Own it.

Narrator: James Marsters

Publisher: Penguin Audio (2015)

Length: 17 hours 36 minutes

Series: Book 13 The Dresden Files

Author’s Page… 1,092 more words