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The Theory of Everything (2014)

Based on the memoirs of Jane Hawking, The Theory of Everything covers the touching journey of husband Stephen Hawking’s terminal diagnosis of motor neurons disease at the age of 21. 237 more words


Midnight Missions (pt.2)

Nottingham Town. Battlements. Night.
(Marian ties a rope around the post of the gibbet. She heads for the edge of wall as Little John approaches her.) 1,526 more words

Flying Ultimatums

Outside Nottingham Town.
(The Sheriff’s army surround the town. Blamire shouts orders.)
Blamire: “Bring forward the trebuchets. (The soldiers push one of two large contraptions of golden, new wood forward and a soldier brings over a small barrel.) Load and make ready. 1,356 more words

Jewellery Restored (pt.6)

Sherwood Forest.
(Gisborne slowly awakens, his back to an
enormous tree trunk. He tries to sit up and realises his outstretched
arms are tied round the back of the tree. 514 more words

Coronation Crashers (pt.5)

Sanctuary Interior.
(The Prince enters the sanctuary, followed by clergymen and nobles in their finest. Light pours through the tall windows and the floor is strewn with red rose petals. 1,221 more words

Uncovering The Truth (pt.4)

Kirklees Abbey. Crypt. Exterior. Later that night.
(Two guards are on patrol outside the crypt. Will comes around a corner and blows a dart at the guard’s neck. 1,581 more words

Caught In The Act

The approach to Nottingham Town.
(A coach with the royal crest on top and banners flying drives up to the gates of Nottingham.)
Castle courtyard. 2,747 more words