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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book VS Movie

We had to turn in our laptops in June. They will be replaced in late August when we go back. Although I miss having a second computer at home for the summer, I will mostly miss it for the sticker I had on the front, which was given to me by a former colleague. 331 more words


On the Merits of Snail Mail

It is customary to send or receive birthday cards for a special day, and since my birthday was two days ago, I have to mention how much I enjoy receiving snail mail of any kind.  839 more words

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Like Harry Potter My Characters Keep On Goin'

A big Potter fan here.

Oh yes!  From the very first volume to the last movie made I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!  And my series, CounterClockwise, will surely run to as many books as the Potter series. 344 more words

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The Making of "Harry Potter": Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London

I recently had the opportunity to travel to England and visit the Warner Brothers Studio where I saw firsthand all the elements involved in the production of the Harry Potter films. 119 more words

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Word of the Day Challenge: Metanoia

So this is another one where I’ve kind of got one particular character in mind (see tags for who) but you don’t have to see it as that person. 153 more words

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Harry Potter Fanfiction: The Chronicles of Libby Archibald Part 3

The man in the white apron behind the counter shouted loudly when Harry returned with the two girls in tow. “Professor McGonagall’s been for ya, Potter! 4,648 more words

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A Second Sorting

I can’t exactly remember the first time I was sorted on Pottermore. It was back when the site first opened, and I think I remember being a Gryffindor (because, like many people back when the world of Harry Potter was new, I thought the other houses weren’t as good as Gryffindor.) 306 more words

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