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There’s a Dementor inside my chest.

It’s feeding off of my happiness.
Just give it some more time and all will be gone.

There’s a Dementor inside my chest. 242 more words

Life Updates

A Charming and Open Idea: My New Ride

Robert Ian Shepard over at Adventure Rules posted a Charming and Open community event. The idea is that you can ask him a question about video games, tabletops or blogging, and this question will be answered in a blog post. 854 more words

What I’m Reading This Week (12/18/2017–12/24/2017)

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Hannah over at A Clockwork Reader on YouTube, and I noticed that she reads several books at once. Like, sometimes four at a time. 450 more words

A Clockwork Reader

Weddings, Babies, and Doctors! Oh, My!

Holy Hannah, it’s been a long time since I updated this thing. I’m too embarrassed to even look at the last time I posted. I think it’s safe to say that a lot has happened since then. 3,072 more words


Christmas Song Book Tag

Hi guys! Happy Monday!

Today I am doing a tag…a Christmas tag. Hehehe ahem..

Thank you Priyasha for tagging me!

I want to apologized in advance for the multiple Harry Potter related answers in this post, I’m sorry I can’t help it. 561 more words


2017-12-17 The Holiday at Hogwarts Letdown

Maybe it’s the fact that I dropped some serious cash on the “experience”. Maybe it’s the fact that it did not seem to be a value for what I paid. 431 more words


My Favorite Christmas Movies

Hi guys! I decided since we only have a week until Christmas, I should share my favorite Christmas movies (or movies my family tends to watch during the holidays. 217 more words