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Feminism Friday: What do we do with terrible men in our favourite media?

Content Note: This post discusses several men accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Recently, a friend asked me a question. Tagging myself and several other feminist-minded friends in the post, he asked: 694 more words

Cupcake Does Activism

Confessions of a Film Lover Tag

I originally saw this film tag on Rhiannatoria and really wanted to do it. Since it’s movie award season I thought this would be the perfect time. 454 more words


Criticizing Harry Potter Criticism... Part 12

Just because you can have your book published, does not mean you should.

Does Harry Potter Tickle Sleeping Dragon? – by Nancy Solon Villaluz, published in 2008 309 more words

Starbucks Secret Menu Hacks (My Favorites)

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  It’s just me being honest.

I went out for an afternoon coffee today, new black headset for music firmly in place around my neck, so this post is dedicated to all my favorite Starbucks Secret Menu hacks.   340 more words

Overrated Works | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

My first Overrated Works article will be about a work that is considered (by literally everyone I’ve ever heard talk about it) to be amazing… … 541 more words


Dragons in Books

Many books in the fantasy genre feature dragons as real animals and not as mythical creatures no one has ever seen. They are serpentine beings who spew fire, and have both reptilian and avian traits. 547 more words


Dudley Demented and a Peck of Owls (OotP 1&2)

Hey cool kids, did ya think I forget this week’s Wizarding World of Law School post? Nah, I’ve just been busy adulting this week, which means things are running a tad bit behind. 804 more words

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