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Harry Potter is one of the most popular series all over the world, and I for some insane reason only read the series in it’s entirety last year. 1,160 more words


Writer Guy’s Tip #4: Characters

It is kind of fitting that we end the second month of the blog with the final primary component of fiction writing.

I should probably clarify that when I say  1,288 more words


The First Book Conundrum

So, I’ve been struggling to think of the perfect book I can start this blog with. I don’t actually know why it’s been such a difficult decision. 313 more words



Hello fellas! This morning, i woke up at 9 o’clock. Do my daily activities include checking my phone. I love checking my phone in morning and i bet everyone too. 79 more words

My Five: 5 Books I've read more than once

There are a lot of books you read. But, there are some which are close to your heart. You read these books again and again..and again!  1,118 more words

This Devastating 'Harry Potter' Fan Theory Will Break Your Muggle Heart

Did you ever wonder while watching the Harry Potter films or reading the books why the classes in Hogwarts were so small? I mean, they were, weren’t they? 272 more words


Saving the savior..

This was the post I posted exactly a year back..

Would I say the same now?

Right now, I’m not being helpful to anyone or even being a very good friend in the past month.. 143 more words

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