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How I feel about bandwagons, and why it takes me so long to jump on them

I just started the first season of “Gilmore Girls”, because it’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while before they announced the special on Netflix. 818 more words



I recently set up social media accounts for my blog, Instagram & Twitter, and had to provide a short description of my blog. I went with Lifestyle + Beauty, which is not entirely accurate but I guess its close enough. 981 more words


'Harry Potter' Movies Almost Featured A Song By Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen and Harry Potter may not sound like two things that go hand-in-hand, but it turns out, The BossĀ and the Boy Who Lived almost ended up linked together in cinematic history. 186 more words


Bruce Springsteen Wrote A Song For Harry Potter; 'They Didn't Use It'

This is hard to imagine. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song for one of the Harry Potter movies.

He confirmed as much in a BBC Radio 2 interview with Simon Mayo, which you can listen to below. 62 more words

Bruce Springsteen

Have a biscuit, Potter | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Review

Another Friday, another Harry Potter post.

Hello and welcome to the final week/few days of this months theme for October, of course, Harry Potter.

To check out my reviews for the previous four books in the series, please click below: 465 more words


The Weekly Prophet - Fantastic Beasts links to Harry Potter, Empire Magazine cover, a deleted Peeves scene and more...

The Weekly Prophet is my chance to discuss all the Wizarding World news stories I found interesting throughout the week and give my opinions on them. 1,038 more words


Trending @ 10: Bruce Springsteen Was Rejected by 'Harry Potter'!

I have to be honest, I’m a little torn about today’s Trending @ 10. I don’t want to be mad at Harry Potter, but I am. 133 more words