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Trigger Warning (As If)

So, since last year, there has been global talk lately of instituting trigger warnings on books, ostensibly to warn people of potentially upsetting themes or scenes in a work of literature. 481 more words


Mereka yang Disebut Jahat - Bagian 1

Setiap bayi terlahir dalam keadaan fitrah. Fitrah setiap bayi adalah untuk berdekat-dekat pada kebaikan. Akan tetapi, setiap bayi tumbuh dan berkembang. Dia bisa menjadi tetap baik, semakin baik, mulia, sangat mulia, kacau, teramat kacau, jahat, atau bahkan benar-benar jahat. 825 more words

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SHE-LOGY: Tribute to J.K.Rowling

I just finished watching Magic Beyond Words (on Netflix). It’s a short film about the life of author J.K. Rowling centered on the making of the legendary Harry Potter series. 739 more words

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Harry Potter Moment of the Week #6 || Hogsmeade


Two days, two classes, and one midterm are standing in between midterm break and I and it feels glorious. I mean, I still have a few things to do (like homework for tomorrow’s classes :P) besides those things, but it’s sO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT. 364 more words

Hazel Likes: Fandom-Inspired Teas

As a lover of tea, it was particularly exciting to stumble upon the Adagio website. On this site, you can purchase a wide range of different teas inspired by fandoms. 333 more words

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Then the Magic Happened...

“The free exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.”
– John Steinbeck

I hated reading for years.

I couldn’t stand it.

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Kim Kardashian Going Platinum Blond Cringes Social Media

Kim Kardashian started trending when she rocked a platinum blond hair at the Balmain fashion show on Thursday, March 5.

Unfortunately, it focused more on making fun of her rather than praising her for the new look during Paris Fashion Week. 44 more words