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Marauder's Map: Part II

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all excited for Halloween, only one week away!

As promised, here is my blog post on how I designed the inside of the… 461 more words



It’s been his reality for 28 years because
#JuliaBeingSoAccurate (in her judgements)
Do they have internet in jail?
If you have internet, you can leave man because… 42 more words


Inktober 2017 - #23 Horace Slughorn

Phew.  After a weekend of drawing child characters, my prompt for today was to draw one of the Hogwarts teachers.  I definitely enjoy drawing the grown up Harry Potter characters more.  50 more words

Inktober 2017 - #22 Ginny Weasley

Having drawn the Weasley twins on Saturday, yesterday my prompt was to draw their youngest sibling and only sister, Ginny.  I have found that I much prefer enjoying the adult characters from the Harry Potter series.  110 more words

Take your jack-o-lantern game from basic to geek-tastic with tips from master carver

There’s a jack-o-lantern in your future.

Have you settled on a strategy for carving it yet?

This Halloween, will you be playing it safe with the classic triangle eyes and nose, or getting fancy and tackling a design that’s a little more artistic and challenging? 1,345 more words

Inktober 2017 - #21 Fred and George Weasley

For the 21st day of Inktober, my kids presented me with a challenge.  The prompt was the Weasley twins, Fred and George.  I assume this is because those characters always seem to come as a brace and they either did not think to separate them or did not want to do so.  54 more words

Clear Eyes, Cup Head, Can't Lose (Cuphead Review)

Like many other residents of the internet, the trailer for a game called Cuphead at the 2014 E3 show, completely blindsided me. The vibrant colors, Betty Boop-esque animation, and ripping jazz soundtrack of this game contrasted so harshly against the gritty and visceral Bloodbornes and Metal Gear Solids premiering that year, that it seemed this footage escaped an animation festival and was being shown in error. 1,184 more words