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Boyhood Vs Harry Potter

Remember last year’s movie, Boyhood? The one Richard Linklater cleverly crafted by filmingĀ the characters over the course of 12 years so that we could watch them genuinely age? 325 more words


Tropes Are Different for Kids

No doubt you have read book reviews for adult fiction that excoriate the writing for employing trite characters, hackneyed plots, and old, hoary thematic tropes. No doubt you have read some of these books as well, and found them to be nauseatingly boring reads. 597 more words


Of Poc! Characters

As a non-white person, it’s often tempting to reimagine racially ambiguous characters in literature as, well, not necessarily white/Caucasian. For some time, there’s been an idea on various platforms (specifically deviantart/tumblr/reddit) that Hermione Granger, all round badass witch from the Harry Potter series could be black/Indian/biracial, especially given that her skin tone and/or ethnicity has never been explicitly mentioned anywhere in the seven books. 397 more words

Episode 46: The Triwizard Tournament the First Task

In our latest episode three students from the greatest magical schools in Europe gather to take part in the Triwziard Tournament. Can they prevail against three deadly challenges? 8 more words

Tabletop Games

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone!

It’s time for quite an exciting book review. Yesterday, I finished the first Harru Potter book and loved the heck out of it. Now it’s time for me to give some serious and legit thoughts about the book. 232 more words

Voldemort in Purgatory

Day thirty-seven:

One lonely night, I sat at the sticky bar watching as the bartender moved back and forth, serving drinks to all of the regulars. 300 more words


Chess Whiz

Emily has taken a liking to Chess. And once that checkered board is on the table my sweet, calm, empathetic daughter becomes competitive, energized, and merciless. 726 more words