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Fault Lines By Broken Ink Bottles (In-Progress)(Words: 252,768)

Harry Potter
Female Harry/Lila

A thorough Voldemort takes a drastic precautionary step before setting out to the Potters’ on that fateful Halloween night. The world is altered and a reality is torn into two, with very different outcomes. 34 more words

Harry Potter

Harry Potter setup for my A5 planner

I didn’t realise how many fails they were in the video until I started editing it; and these are the ones I couldn’t cut out so yeah, there were plenty more.



Stress. The Colin Creevy of emotions. Annoying, and you can never seem to shake it.

When something worrisome, unexpected, and shocking hits you it usually leads to stress, or at least today for me it did. 292 more words


Take-me-back Tuesday: The Harry Potter WB Studio Tour, London

I can’t believe it was April 2013 I was in Europe. It’s April 2015 now. It doesn’t sound like it was thank long ago, only two years, but it feels like a lifetime ago. 249 more words


Book Movies

When we see a movie that’s based on a book, we would either not give it a second glance because we’ve never heard of or read the book or give in to the curiosity of just how the movie is going to pay tribute to the book that it’s based on and see if there are any differences or similarities and I tend to do both. 222 more words

Desk Notes

Rocks In The Attic #385: Elton John - ‘Elton John’ (1970)

…or Red Dwight Piano Hits – Vol. 1.

I do like a bit of Elton. Only in short doses though. Unless it’s that video of him falling over at the tennis… 250 more words