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Books, stress, and Harry Potter

It’s over, we’ve watched them. All Harry Potter movies, in 8 days, 1 movie a night. My brother likes them, he’s glad he saw them, and I’m glad I got him into it. 168 more words



I LOVE headcanons! I just found out about them the other day, and so I’ll come up with some! Please don’t steal them to use as your own; repost if you want, but give me some credit! 858 more words

Alternate Square: Hogwarts Castle (Harry Potter CAL)

Ever since Harry first got his owl, I have wanted to go to Hogwarts! Then again, haven’t we all? What’s not to love about this mysterious and grand castle? 180 more words


Alternate Square: Time Turner (Harry Potter CAL)

Well here’s something exciting: it’s the Time Turner square! Who hasn’t wanted one of these things in the past? (I know I could sure use one!) 51 more words


On Question of the Day & Good Books

Pretend you’re shipwrecked and stranded on an island. While searching around for food, you find a book half buried in the sand; what book do you hope you find? 329 more words

Harry Potter

February 9th:

Hello spacingemty~ So sorry I haven’t been able to post my “About” section yet or anything else. College is in full swing, but I’ll try to catch a break soon! 36 more words


fantasy love february - mini challenge two

As you know, I’ve been participating in Grace’s Fantasy Love February reading challenge (which you can read more about HERE). Not only has it been fantastically grand to read all things fantasy, but it’s been neat seeing what the other participants are up to through the weekly mini-challenge link-ups. 229 more words