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Congressional Reformist or Dead Man Walking?

Note: Published in ThePaperWolf.com, this article brought me back to my passion for politics. Upon Paul Ryan’s elevation to Speaker of the House, I decided to write this editorial which lays out the urgency for reforms in congress. 589 more words


Federal Fertilizer Thrown at Bundys--Part two

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The judge was forced to admit that the federal prosecutor had really screwed up in regard to the evidence they had “forgotten” to turn over, which just happened to violate the due process of the Bundys. 512 more words

Federal Fertilizer in the Bundy Ranch Standoff

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Most folks may not remember or be aware of it, but back in April of 2014, I did a series of ten articles on… 395 more words

The Screw Nevada Two Bill

Today I heard an interview on my local NPR radio station with Representative John Shimkus R-ILL. Despite not having any nuclear power plants in his largely rural congressional district, Mr. 1,032 more words


Harry Reid and the UFO Program

A number of publications now report that the federal government appropriated over $22 million of my money, spread out over five years, to study UFO’s.(1) I have no problem with ordinary citizens that believe that aliens from outer space are infiltrating our skies, and I have no problem with independent organizations that use private funds to conduct research into proving it. 1,212 more words


But I Saw One Hovering in the Sky

We all know about Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.Os), Right? We’ve read reports of them. Friends have said that they have spotted them. Some of us have see peculiar things in the sky that we’ve wondered about. 143 more words


Harry Reid’s UFO Hobby - You Paid For It

A secret government UFO program run out of the Pentagon?!

This is the kind of news that gets us X-files fans salivating that the truth isn’t quite so far out there but right here. 2,005 more words

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