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... Angela Corey should Be [Zimmerman Case Prosecutor] (Keep It Decent) ...

.. tarred and feathered , at the very least (my choice) .

.. prosecuted , (others)

.. spend time in the “graybar” hotel (even more others) . 809 more words

Personal Opinion

Raid Of The Day: Isaac Singletary

By Radley Balko  via The Agitator

Known around the neighborhood as “Pops,” 80-year-old Isaac Singletary moved into his high-crime Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood in 1987 to care for and protect his sister and mother, both of whom were sick at the time. 1,051 more words

Police State

Trayvon and Cristian ... bless the beasts, not the children?

The world knows that George Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Travyvon Martin dead under increasingly suspicious circumstances.

Yesterday, in “Trayvon Murder Eyewitness Says Police Refused to See Crime Scene,” … 796 more words

Special Prosecutor; States Attorney Ms. Angela B. Corey

By Jueseppi B.

Most times when a special prosecutor is appointed to head an investigation, you breath a sigh of relief.  In the case of… 779 more words


Angela Corey Takes A Stand

New State Attorney Angela Corey has informed City officials that she will not tolerate any violations of Florida’s open government laws.  According to the Times-Union… 185 more words


Community forum: police involved shootings

Tonight Sheriff Rutherford participated in WJCT’s community forum with other community leaders discussing the subject of police-involved shootings.  The sheriff cited the statistics behind police involved shootings and proffered a solution:  restrict criminals access to guns.  350 more words


Are lawsuits forthcoming for Shirk and Corey?

We missed this National Law Journal article when it was originally published on December 5th, but thought it was worth re-posting here.  We note that according to the article some of the public defenders and state attorneys are seeking legal counsel to look into their termination by Matt Shirk and Angela Corey, respectively.   952 more words