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The Secret History of the Emperor Harsha, Part II.


The Secret History of the Emperor Harsha, Part I.

C. 606 CE, Northern India. Part-time poet, full-time scoundrel, the young Brahman Banabhatta has managed to enter the employ of King Prabhakara-vardhana of Sthanisvara , as a tutor for the princes Rajya-vardhana and Harsha-vardhana. 5,993 more words


The Secret History of the Emperor Harsha, Part I.

The Last North Indian emperor, c. 605 CE

Ever wondered what life in ancient India was like for someone who wasn’t a priest, a king, or a peasant? 3,956 more words


Comment On Commentry King

He by far is the best
So full of professional zest

Turned commentary into celebration
Was loved by the nation

He who was from a coveted school of management… 79 more words

Yeh Life

Big B

IPL and controversy. Inseparable. Only this time it started at the beginning of the tournament itself. Harsha Bhogle’s removal from the IPL commentary team at the last minute has gathered attention. 717 more words


The feel of 'Good Earth'....

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Where Did Harsha Go?

At midnight precisely on November 1st, 2011, I started work on my fifth novel. To my delight, when I finished, I felt like I had the framework of a story worth publishing. 206 more words


Part 47 KASHMIR: A KINGDOM APART Section III: The End of Hindu Rule

Canberra, 31 January 2016

During Harsha’s military expeditions two brothers, Uchchala and Sussala, from a collateral branch of Loharas, who were also minor commanders in the Kashmir army, attracted the king’s attention through their display of conspicuous bravery. 2,616 more words

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