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Facebook Q&A with Sue Malden

Over on Facebook, the Doctor Who Missing Episodes Discussion Group are currently inviting questions for another of their popular and successful Q&A series. This has already featured Philip Morris (the man who returned Enemy of the World and Web of Fear in 2013), Richard Molesworth (author of the popular book Wiped!) and Paul Vanezis (documentary producer and member of the Restoration Team) and next up to answer fan questions will be archivist Sue Malden. 205 more words

Doctor Who

Revision, reversion and The Daleks (1963/4).


There was a surprising moment in last year’s Into the Dalek when the new Doctor indulged in a bit of nostalgia. “See, all those years ago, when I began,” he ruminated, “I was just running. 1,150 more words

The Romans

Season 2 4 Episodes () Black and white February 1965 Released on DVD as part of The Rescue / The Romans box set.

There are two plots running in parallel through this story. 129 more words


Planet of Giants

Season 2 3 Episodes (Planet of Giants, Dangerous Journey, Crisis) Black and white October to November 1964

The second season of Doctor Who kicks off with the TARDIS and it’s occupants being shrunk to insect size. 105 more words