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Conscience, camaraderie and The Reign of Terror (1964)

It didn’t take long for Doctor Who to wind up in the French Revolution, a mere eight stories in. Although the show was eager to get there, it proves an uninspiring destination for the fledgling series. 1,147 more words

Top ten, mental things and The Chase (1965)

Prose, it’s so last century. Sure, these posts are random and rambling, but who’s got time for that? It’s long past time that this blog embraced the listicle. 1,182 more words

Top Players: 1960-69


Singling out players over such a time span isn’t easy but here are a few.

QB Phil Kelly (Class of ‘65) Also a star basketball player. 143 more words

Micro, macro and Planet of Giants (1964)

We’re supposed to be surprised; this is Doctor Who’s first shock twist. It’s all in the title: Planet of Giants. We’re meant to think our heroic time travellers have landed on an alien planet. 1,291 more words

Week 14 Wrap


  • Derko’s hot streak continues (13-1-1) as he jumps into 2nd passing Fulty who is cooloing off (4-6-1)
  • Coldest team is EZ (0-11-1)
  • Big Week for ORV with 39…
  • 289 more words

Obscurity, observational skills and The Sensorites (1964)

Hiding within Doctor Who’s first year is The Sensorites, a story of first disastrous contact between humans and a race of mind manipulating aliens. Like the reclusive aliens of its title, it has done its best to not draw attention to itself. 1,427 more words

Deception, duplication and The Rescue (1965)

Maureen O’Brien, who debuted as little orphan Vicki in The Rescue, tells a great story about when she joined Doctor Who, replacing Carole Ann Ford who had played Susan for the series’ first year. 1,102 more words