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Melbourne Cup picks

A combination of tartan genes and a Presbyterian upbringing by parents who’d been through the depression has saved me from a temptation to gamble.

But if I was backing a horse in the Melbourne Cup today, I’d be picking one based on nothing more scientific than the… 82 more words


Week 4 - Oct 29: Release the Hounds!

Everyone should now have released their players and be down to 31; Rolphy will not have to turn off anyone’s heat. And if you think you were getting around that by using wood heat, surprise! 581 more words

A look at Flemington and Royal Randwick

The spring racing action is about to heat up at Flemington and Royal Randwick on Saturday, with a number of big names set to make an impact. 614 more words

Hail 'Caesar the Teaser'!

Look up the word souffleur in a French-English dictionary and the translation that’s most likely to be given is ‘prompter’. That, at least, is the meaning in the theatre, but in the breeding shed, it turns out that it’s also the French term for ‘teaser’, those ‘unsung heroes’ of the bloodstock industry as… 976 more words


Commentary, conscience and The Savages (1966)

Ah, Season 3. The season of politically incorrect inversion. It started with Galaxy 4, which imagined a world where beauty was bad and ugly was good, and in doing so created a race of evil women up to no good. 1,117 more words

Intuition, inference and Inside the Spaceship (1964)

In the info text on the DVD for this story, it says that writer David Whitaker, in a desperate attempt to fill a two episode gap in… 1,173 more words

Eclecticism, endurance and The Celestial Toymaker (1966)

I expect whether or not you enjoy The Celestial Toymaker is down to how tolerant you are of being shown the same episode four times. 1,100 more words