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Brilliance, rubbish and The Tenth Planet (1966)

Let’s go straight to the opening of Episode 2. It’s the reprise of a cliffhanger I love. The descriptively named ‘American Sergeant’ (John Brandon) lies dead in the polystyrene snow. 1,195 more words

Numbers, popularity and Galaxy 4 (1965)

Fans who like scoring, ranking and evaluating Doctor Who stories in minute detail (or in other words, fans) must love Doctor Who Magazine‘s irregular surveys of every story ever. 1,044 more words

Plotting, obliqueness and The Massacre of St. Bartholemew's Eve (1966)

What a crazy rollercoaster ride watching Season Three¬†on transmission must have been. Only the week before the first episode of The Massacre of St. Bartholemew’s Eve… 1,463 more words

Franklin Expedition: Mummies from the Northwest Passage

One of the most interesting cases involving frozen remains began about one hundred and fifty years ago with an expedition to find the Northwest Passage, a sea route to Asia, by traveling around the northern edge of North America. 148 more words

Splendid Fellows, All Of You: William Hartnell

For the vast majority of us it is hard to imagine a time when there was no Doctor. A time when the world had to make do with a more conventional hero and we had no idea just how vulnerable to alien attack the Earth was. 668 more words

Doctor Who

What did Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman all have in common? A bloody good Cape is what.

Cape: a sleeveless cloak or part of that falls loosely over the shoulders from the neckband.

I can now join the likes of Wonder Woman, not for her crime fighting abilities (obvs) but for her penchant for a great Cape. 145 more words

Wedding Dresses Exhibition - Victoria & Albert Museum

Tuesday 2nd December – 38th meeting of 2014

A meeting this week at Charing Cross and underground to South Kensington to go to Victoria and Albert Museum to see the exhibition of Wedding Dresses 1775 – 2014. 109 more words