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Umimachi Diary / Our Little Sister / 海街diary

Hirokazu Koreeda has always claimed that Naruse has been a larger influence on him than Ozu. Umimachi Diary belies that. Granted, the story’s about a set of sisters (the focus on women being more Naruse-like), but being set largely in Kamakura (Ozu’s town) and the gentle low-dramatic flow puts the film in Ozu-land. 130 more words

Cannes Film Review: 'Our Little Sister'

Marking the subtle transitions in the lives of three sisters after they take under their wing a teenage half-sibling they never knew, ”Our Little Sister” is so meticulously shot and gracefully orchestrated that it can be considered a worthy contempo successor to Kon Ichikawa’s masterpiece “The Makioka Sisters.” Yet, in attempting to evoke an overwhelmingly femme-centric universe for the first time, Hirokazu Kore-eda adopts an approach so serene that his protagonists’ pain as well as their personalities remain largely muffled as they drift soulfully through the seasons. 922 more words


Wrap Up on 2014

Korea Trip
I felt like I had accomplished something great since the moment we finally booked the air tickets. Entirely because I had never really traveled far without my parents, and yes, I’m 23! 618 more words