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Movie Preview: "Tonight, At The Movies"

Director Hideki Takeuchi is trying to enchant us with his romantic tale “Tonight, At The Movies” (Jap. 今夜、ロマンス劇場で/ romanization Konya, Romansu Gekijo de/ literal ‘Tonight, At Romance Theater’). 381 more words


Kazuki Kitamura Flamboyant Exorcism Dance Video for "Tonight, At The Movies" Released

“It’s time for Buddha!”, announces Ryunosuke Shundo (Kazuki Kitamura) in this video, while dancing with flapper girls and explosions are happening. His outfit absolutely looks like a sad clown outfit, but the way he carries himself, it gives me Dracula vibes? 132 more words


Haruka Ayase

Haruka Ayase, real name Aya Tademaru, born March 24, 1985 in Asaminami, Hiroshima Prefecture is a Japanese actress and singer. She is also a former gravure idol… 29 more words


The Princess I Love - "Tonight, At The Movies" Released a Teaser

No matter if she is real or just a movie character, who wouldn’t be enamored by the beautiful and fierce Princess Miyuki (Haruka Ayase)? To avoid the audience of forgetting this romantic gem, a teaser was released. 93 more words


Poster and Trailer Released For Fantastical "Tonight, At The Movies"

A new poster and a first trailer for “Tonight, At The Movies” has been released. The fantastical movie tells the story of the aspiring director Kenji (Kentaro Sakaguchi) who fell in love with the character of Princess Miyuki (Haruka Ayase). 60 more words


Cyborg She (2008)

When hapless loner Jiro is met by a beautiful young woman on his birthday he cannot believe his luck. After a night of hijinks, the mysterious stranger tells him that she has travelled from the future and must now leave. 430 more words