[SA][Free! dj] Nhóc học trò đột ngột cầu hôn tôi

My Student Suddenly Proposed to Me – Free! dj

Tag: Shounen Ai, Sweet, Shota

Pairing: Makoto x Haruka

Artist: Candy-City (Ame)

Manga/Soft Yaoi

Psychic Detective Yakumo Series Review


Yakumo is a university student who pretty much just wants to be left alone however it is rumoured that he is a psychic. Haruka believes her friend has been possessed after they went into a supposedly haunted building and asks Yakumo for help. 1,005 more words


Memorable Shot With Celebrities [12]

AINA BP Directors, Satoru Komori and Haruka Ito met Mr. Yasuhiko Ishihara,
Executive Director of Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation(JWTF),
Vice Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Wushu Taijiquan Federation, 66 more words


[Trans][Free! FF] Change

Tác giả: scarletsaber (sushibunny)
Nguồn: http://archiveofourown.org
Trans: Miju
Pair: MakoHaru 2,447 more words


A Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

What’s the one place in the world you wanna go to?

Me? Japan. And on May 2015, I did. 630 more words


Gekkō, Haruka

A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Haruka Gekkō

Zodiac: Gemini

Village: Konoha

Clan: Gekkō

Rank: Chunin

Your Jutsu/Tecnique(s): Water & Wind

Specific characteristics: Trains better when no one is there to judge or watch her. 136 more words

A[忍]F Members

Super Lovers Episode 10


Well, that felt like an unecessary plot complication right at the end of the series. Is that seriously how this is going to end? 154 more words