A Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

What’s the one place in the world you wanna go to?

Me? Japan. And on May 2015, I did. 630 more words


Gekkō, Haruka

A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Haruka Gekkō

Zodiac: Gemini

Village: Konoha

Clan: Gekkō

Rank: Chunin

Your Jutsu/Tecnique(s): Water & Wind

Specific characteristics: Trains better when no one is there to judge or watch her. 136 more words

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Super Lovers Episode 10


Well, that felt like an unecessary plot complication right at the end of the series. Is that seriously how this is going to end? 154 more words


Noein is BEAUTIFUL. Period.

The Anime Challenge is still going strong with Day (Week) 16: Favorite Animation in an Anime. Talk about a hard frickin’ challenge! Obviously one of my favorite things about anime is the animation and there are certainly a lot of beautiful animation to chose from. 328 more words

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Director's Career - Haruka Ito [2] -

Since September 1989, Haruka Ito started to learn Changquan(long fist style) among Wushu(Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts) from Master Zhang Xian Ming. Master Zhang was a professional Wushu athlete of Beijing Wushu Team in 1980’s, All China Champion by Duilian(dual event), All China 2nd Place by Baguazhang event and All China 4th Place by Qiangshu(Spearplay) etc, he was selected as one of Wuyingji athlete(Best level group’s athlete title) in 1980’s. 48 more words


Japan 2016: Day 0 Arrival at KIX

From MNL, Philippines to KIX, Japan to catching the last Haruka train to Kyoto station to finding our apartment in the dark.  2,209 more words

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Haruka and Yuu have been best friends forever and they’ve sat next to each other in class since junior high. But, on the first day of high school, the new seating plan has them separated! 158 more words