Sabaku no Harem Chapter 23

The mystery begins! Who kidnapped Haruka and Mishe?! The common trope is always that it’s the King’s brother. I wonder if that will be true for this series as well. 223 more words


Sabaku no Harem Chapter 22

We’re almost done with chapter 23. I’m slowed down because I’m having PC issues after the big Windows update.

This looks like it’s going to be a long arc that spills into volume 7. 202 more words


"LOVELESS" by LUX (single details + PV preview)

LUX has been around for approximately a year since they had their live debut in July last year. They will release their single “LOVELESS” on May 31st and here is a PV preview! 71 more words


Flower petals sing in the breeze of spring
Even though you cannot see eternity from here
Continue on, each individual future
While it is searching, while it is shinning… 46 more words


In this crazy world that is constantly changing
Please don’t become good at faking your smile
There is no wrong appearance
It’s okay to shred more tears -melody ishihara – Haruka (遥花~はるか~)


Please come here
just the way you are
The pain from your sin
I will take it all away

I want to hold you softly… 39 more words


I want to hold you tight
I want to keep you warm so you won’t be cold
As long as you wish hard
Gently, with our hearts united… 44 more words