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The Power of Music in Educating Young People, More Examples:

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     The research has been clear for some years now–the reduction or elimination of music programs in schools has been a disaster for students. 172 more words

Student Success Central to Labor Negotiations

The urgent need for educational reform is not new, nor has there been a shortage of reform ideas and “fixes.” Since the 1960’s, when the social scientist James Coleman first released his seminal report on the “ 881 more words

Ed Reform

The Power of Connections

We as teachers know that feeling connected to our students (and our students feeling connected to us) can make life in the classroom much more enjoyable and rewarding. 252 more words

Education Trends

"What About the Dreamers?" from the Harvard Ed. Magazine

The Harvard Ed. Magazine just featured my story as an undocumented student at Harvard. At some point, I’ll be posting some reflections on that journey and its continuation at CGU. 14 more words

Undocumented Student

"Depraved indifference" to Education Reform?

A dispute broke out last night on my Facebook wall regarding education reform, with some conservatives expressing abhorrence over any national control whatsoever. Instead, all deficiencies would be remedied with “local control,” as if our citizenry (so-called) really cares about schools in this “fallen world.” 526 more words

Education Reform

Harvard's advocacy of "simplicity" as remedy for failing schools

Education reform hasn’t changed much on the “Left” despite a few conservatives railing against “Common Core.” But Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (which I attended 1958-59), isn’t worried about the lamentable and fragmented state of public education, but is suggesting “simplicity” as the winning answer. 351 more words

Education Reform

Making our Children Better

We’ve all made mistakes as parents and wish we could have a do-over. The sad truth is children aren’t born with owner’s manuals. And unfortunately some wouldn’t bother to read them if they were. 377 more words

Parents And Children