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Lisa Wong - Seeing in Different Dimensions

Steve Seidel
at the Harvard Graduate School of Education talks about how arts education trains us in  “bifocalism:” the ability to see in different dimensions –  alternately focusing on the smallest detail while still appreciating the larger picture. 158 more words

These 4 Harvard grad students just won $10K for their inspiring idea

This holiday season, an organization run by four Harvard Graduate School of Education students wants to give the gift of high-quality preschool learning and education to children around the world. 504 more words


Helping Children Build Empathy & The Growth Mindset

In the past, I have to admit fully that I've been somewhat critical of Classdojo for their app used by some school teachers for classroom management (classroom manipulation?) However, in recent months i believe that the people at classdojo have hit on a winner with their short series of videos based on the experiences of the monster Mojo. 272 more words


Harvard Business Review: Why Diverse Groups Feel uncomfortable and perform better...

Why Diverse Teams Perform Better…

This is a food for thought as we navigate our ever increasingly diverse world and create leadership for the 21st Century.


What questions do you ask yourself?

Do you ask yourself the important questions?

And no. I don’t mean, “What am I going to wear today?” Or, “What will we have for dinner?” 386 more words

Essential Journey

This is an inspirational speech...

This speech, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s commencement ceremony last week leaves me enticed and thrilled about what is possible in education. This speech also reminds of  69 more words


This Inspiring Speech From A Harvard Graduate Has Captured The Internet

Spoken word poetry, it exists on participation,” said Donovan Livingston.

Livingston, a 2016 graduate at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, gave a powerful and prolific five-minute speech, that has since seen millions of views on Facebook. 205 more words