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Dershowitz: Obama Is an Abject Failure—by His Own Standards

The night the Iran nuclear deal was announced was a sleepless one for Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, utterly distraught by the terms of the agreement. 1,643 more words

What Do Germany, Harvard Law, Bats and International Court Hearings Have in Common?

Richard Corbett — Harvard Magazine — July 17, 2015

INTERNATIONAL COURT HEARINGS don’t typically fall within the purview of American legal education. Yet in my three years at Harvard Law School, I managed to line up legal internships in Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and India—so when a friend from a German nonprofit invited me to observe a provincial court hearing just one week before graduation in May, it seemed an apt conclusion to my studies.

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Wind Turbines

Alfred Postell --- The Homeless Man Who Went to Harvard Law with John Roberts

Washington Post — The judge settled his gaze on the homeless man accused of sleeping beside an office building in downtown Washington.

It was a Saturday afternoon in early April at D.C. 89 more words


Working within the system to disrupt Brazilian politics

Simon Romero – The New York Times, 6/26/2015

Some Brazilian politicians duck questions about the scope of their aspirations, insisting they have absolutely no plans, say, of running for mayor of São Paulo, seeking a cabinet post or wielding power from some other coveted perch in Brazil’s huge bureaucracy. 75 more words

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FracFocus Out of Focus? Harvard Law Says YES!

Harvard Law’s Environmental Law Program issued FracFocus a big F as a compliance tool, according to the April 23, 2013 study.

The study’s title says it all: 727 more words

the beauty + blindness that come with privilege

Years ago, a friend of mine, a lawyer working on a stop-and-frisk case, talked to me about privilege. He could be someone who walks the city streets carrying drugs, yet he’d never be stopped, never be given more than a passing glance, because he’s an attractive white male who doesn’t look the part. 1,225 more words

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