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Myths and reality about Medicare and Medicaid

A pair of recent studies use evidence to challenge two widely held beliefs, namely that undocumented immigrants are draining the Medicare trust fund and Medicaid provides poor quality medical care.

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DNA Shows European Early-Modern-Human had close Neanderthal Ancestor

Popular Archaeology — Researchers have concluded that an early modern human who lived in present-day Romania about 40,000 years ago had a Neanderthal ancestor who lived just 4 to 6 generations back in the individual’s family tree. 95 more words


Scientists Are Developing Massive Storage Systems Based Upon Minute Amounts of DNA and Polymers

The world has an insatiable appetite and relentlessly growing need for more electronic memory. Those gazillions of bits and bytes created daily and being propelled forward at an ever-increasing rate need to keep on going somewhere for storage, search and retrieval. 749 more words

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New Blood Test Could Quickly Reveal Complete Virus History

BOSTON (CBS) – Right now, if your doctor wants to know if you have the measles or HIV or the flu, they have to order one test for each virus. 274 more words


How a new blood test can detect every virus you’ve caught

With a single drop of blood, Boston scientists say their new test can figure out every virus that’s infected you. The new technology could pave the way to quickly helping doctors uncover a profile of your medical history to deciphering if certain viruses could make patients vulnerable to disease later on in life. 499 more words


Harvard Obstetrician Speaks on Safety of Giving Birth at Hospitals

There is a good chance that your grandparents were born at home. I am going to go ahead and assume they turned out fine, or at least fine enough, since you were eventually born too and are now reading this. 1,719 more words