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Harvard School of Medicine Research on Schizophrenia

The research from Harvard School of Medicine sheds light on reseach in the area of Schizophrenia. When we or a loved one is affected by Schizophphrenia, you look for answers, wanting to know how the discovery can help in the future.  1,500 more words

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Scientists unveil breakthrough that could help understand cause of schizophrenia

NEW YORK – Scientists pursuing the biological roots of schizophrenia have zeroed in on a potential factor – a normal brain process that gets kicked into overdrive. 656 more words


Innovative Approaches to Research on Alzheimer's Disease Prevention: Designing and Implementing Large-Scale Studies

Last week, the IOA welcomed Dr. Fran Grodstein, ScD, Epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, to discuss “Innovative Approaches to Research on Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention: Designing and Implementing Large-Scale Studies.” 185 more words

Degenerative Disease

What do YOU think?

Did anyone notice that a couple of weeks ago new dietary guidelines were put out by the US government?  Remember the pyramid from many years ago?  789 more words


16-01 Segment 1: How weather causes pain


Synopsis: Millions of Americans suffer pain as a result of weather changes. Experts discuss different conditions affected by weather, why pain responds to weather changes and possible remedies to some of these maladies. 2,330 more words

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Self Love Sunday

self-love  (noun):

regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

This year I’m going to do something a little different on Sundays. 311 more words