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Doctor with controversial history has license denied for third time

Watch above: Dr. Carlos Huerto is a controversial physician that lost his license after having sex with a patient and stocking up on prescription drugs. Will he be able to practice once again? 312 more words


That's not the spleen, dude.

Harvard Medical School made this video last year. It was perfect… well… almost.

Sorry for trolling, harvard. I just can’t resist not pointing out that mistake. 20 more words


Scientists Call On Smithsonian And Other Museums To Reject Fossil Fuel Funding

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WASHINGTON — A group of prominent scientists is lobbying science museums in the United States to stop accepting funding from fossil fuel interests. 433 more words


Don’t blame crowdsourcing for your own faults

There is a Russian saying: to break into the open door. It describes a situation when someone is trying to solve a problem that simply doesn’t exist. 308 more words


Research from Harvard University Points to Potential New Avenue for Treatment of Rett Syndrome

Every cell in our body contains the same genes. Yet a brain cell is distinctly different from a heart cell or a liver cell. What differentiates these cells are the genes that are either silenced or active and the degree of activation of the genes, also known as expression. 243 more words

Rett Syndrome

Vaccines: Before Mandating Vaccines, What Every Legislator In The Country Must SEE

Here are two vaccines showing only a sampling of what is in GMO vaccines, which have degraded human DNA with the DNA of viruses and non-human species. 387 more words


15-09 Story 1: The Late Effects of Childhood Cancer


Synopsis: Doctors can cure cancer in children better than ever, but decades later, many survivors suffer from serious, chronic disease as a result of powerful cancer treatments. 2,178 more words

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