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Video: Evolution of E.coli into an antibiotic resistant bacteria

❝ …At the start of the video, bacteria are dropped into the edges of the dish and soon colonise the outer safe zones. Then they hit their first antibiotic wall, which halts their progress.

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TEDX Talks presents Dr. Helen Riess, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, discussing research on the Neuroscience of Emotions and Empathy

Dr. Helen Riess is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She directs the Empathy & Relational Science Program, conducting unique research on the neuroscience of emotions and empathy, and is Co-Founder, … 82 more words

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From AAAS: "Scientists Build Giant Petri Dish to Film Bacteria Resistance"


8 September 2016
Meagan Phelan

Researchers have developed a large plate on which to film bacteria as they mutate in the presence of higher and higher concentrations of antibiotics, providing unprecedented insights into the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. 933 more words

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WATCH: Bacteria develops antibiotic resistance in 12 days

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have created a terrifying visualization showing how quickly bacteria can mutate to become resistant to antibiotics. 505 more words


Is crowdsourcing pitting “experts” against “amateurs”?

In my previous post, I argued that one of the reasons crowdsourcing hasn’t yet become a mainstream innovation tool is the uncertainty over what crowdsourcing can (or can’t) do, meaning that many organizations struggle with identifying problems that can be successfully solved by crowdsourcing. 804 more words


Child Proof Batteries

A Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) led team has developed a simple “coat of armor” to encase small batteries, making them harmless if they are swallowed. 579 more words


How I Was Wrong About ObamaCare

The law’s drafters wanted consolidation: 112 hospital mergers last year. But smaller practices have improved care better.

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