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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @MeganSlayer

This post appeared on Paranormal Romantics on Tuesday: http://paranormalromantics.blogspot.com/2016/11/the-most-wonderful-time-of-year-by.html

The most wonderful time of the year…is now!

Have you heard that a ton of times? I have.

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Harvest Festival

It’s Thanksgiving today.

It’s a day when all good Americans celebrate that some early settlers didn’t starve to death in 1621.  From an English perspective, modern-day Thanksgiving seems to consist of everyone eating too much, probably drinking far too much, and then intoxicated people arguing with other members of their close family.   204 more words


What does in-game bigotry say about us as a society?

I was playing Skyrim the other night, and I noticed that there were some things in the game that reflected a lot of what has been going on recently in the United States of America. 937 more words


I'm ceded -- I've stopped being Theirs --

Here’s another beauty from Emily Dickinson. I’m drawn to it not simply because I sometimes call myself Queen Elouise, but because it captures so well the difference between belonging to Them and belonging to Grace. 552 more words

Spiritual Formation

the harvest moon

last night it was too cloudy to see this supermoon, though i did manage to see it nearly at its fullest on sunday evening in suffolk, where the skies can be so clear you can see the stars twinkling. 69 more words

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Living and Dying Under a Harvest Moon | A Short Story — RUCKERPEDIA

One of the most romantic pieces I’ve ever written. But of course I always like to add a little tragedy for good measure. Just a tad this time, though. 69 more words