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A Tale of Two Platforms: How I Met Harvest Moon

My first encounter with Harvest Moon came several moons ago.

It was a second-hand discovery; my sister is a smart cookie, and had asked for a DS for Christmas a few years earlier. 474 more words


The Last Harvest Moon

The harvest moon rose yellow up high,

the wind sounded like a sigh.

Somewhere in my memories –

I saw your face in the sky… 162 more words


You Might Have Missed: Rune Factory 2

A game’s qualifications for this loosely-defined series of mine usually begin and end with my belief that not enough people have played it. And while Rune Factory 2 is far from an indie game, I doubt the cross-section of audiences that enjoy both intensive dungeon crawling and Harvest Moon-style farming-and-relationship simulators is all that large. 1,671 more words


Best Games To Bring On Vacation

We’re going on a relaxing vacation next week, one where we just rent a cabin to lounge beside a lake. It’s the best kind of vacation for hanging out with family, reading books and, of course, playing video games. 463 more words

Video Games

This is what summers are meant for...

The other night, during the harvest moon, I slept outside with my son. We’d just watched Spiderman:Homecoming (awesome) and we had the kind of conversation that only seems possible on warm summer evenings. 125 more words


Ukulele Lady

I taught myself to play the ukulele a few years ago. Nothing fancy. I play songs that my family sang when I was growing up because those things need to be passed on, ya know?! 303 more words


Stardew Valley [Game Review]

Stardew Valley OST – A Dark Corner Of The Past.

I’ve been gaming since 5 years old; a seasoned strategy, action, RPG, and multiplayer gamer. This genre is nevertheless my favorite. 372 more words