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Right Where You Are

The plane was relatively empty. I was relieved. The last thing I wanted was to be packed in tightly like a sardine. Or worst yet, have someone sitting next to me so that when I inadvertently brushed against the other’s arm while making sure my seatbelt was tight and secure, a conversation would begin—one that would last during take-off, cruising altitude and landing. 698 more words


When you switch from a zombie survival app to Harvest Moon and you hesitate to leave the house…

Reopening/My Secret Li'l Hobby

Wooo, so sorry guys! I haven’t been on in so long…but I’m back, I swear! So, I must reveal something…I consider myself a Wiccan and practice Witchcraft. 79 more words

Geeky Stuff

Harvest moon

And in the haze

Of summer’s last sigh

She lay content

On bed of wild wildflowers

Under the harvest moon

Wondering if he saw it too 6 more words


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Last but not least, our final feature for the day. This sweet little poem by forgottenmeadows has a wistfully, hopeful tone that makes the approaching autumn feel like a new start.

Harvest Moon

Shimmering Shadows,
Winter Wonderland, Red Glow,
Snowflakes Glimmering,
Crimson Moon, Slowly Rising,
Kneel And Pray, They Are Coming.

Creative Writing

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The second feature of the day! This poem is by 93BNMILL. I really love the imagery used in this one.

Harvest Moon

A quiet evening by the ocean

Just the two of us

As I sit alone, her reflection on the water keeps me company

Her colors, dancing in the tidal pull… 24 more words

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Today's features all revolve around poetry. This one by Alisa Hutton is the first. Reading this, I really felt I was sitting on the sand gazing out over the moonlit ocean. This month's theme is Harvest Moon. If you'd like a chance for your work to be featured, let us know!

Video Game Spotlight: Stardew Valley

Not Harvest Moon?! Blasphemy! No, no, dear reader, that is not the case. I adore all the farming simulators that encompass Harvest Moon, as well as the many DS+ versions and even spin-offs like Rune Factory. 620 more words

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