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Prairie Moonrise

I almost never point my phone’s camera at the moon anymore because all previous attempts to capture a decent image have failed. When this scene appeared above a southeastern Alberta farm, I had to try one more time. Just love those backlit clouds.


Penumbral Eclipse

The full Harvest moon of 16th September 2016 was a bit special.

It coincided with a penumbral eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon lines up with the sun and the Earth, with the Earth’s shadow (umbra) shading the moon. 79 more words



A Photo a Week Challenge: Glowing

Two photos of the full Harvest Moon seen through the trees. Definitely glowing!


Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

In Seeds of Memories, you start off Wandering to a new town – Chestnut Town, finding an abandoned farm. You learn from a Sprite named Rowan that the town forgot about the farm, leading to the Harvest Goddess losing all her powers. 131 more words

Mobile Game

Friday Favorites: Simulation Games

A list of my favorite sim games, in no particular order.

1. Civilization us an incredible series of sim games created by Sid Meier and his development studio, Firaxis. 530 more words

Animal Crossing

#SkyCandy of the Week: Harvest Moon rising

Each week on the blog, I’ll pick one viewer photo for the #SkyCandy of the Week award. The prize? Pride! On this 1st Friday of the Fall, it’s only appropriate to highlight this stunning shot of the Harvest Moon rising over the Santa Catalina Mountains. 124 more words


Last Days of Harvest and Gwyn's Feast

The Autumn Equinox forms a gateway between the light and dark halves of the year. Balance is always tentative and fragile. A pendulum must swing, the days process, at this time marching from light into darkness, like the summer fay will soon. 479 more words