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Wanting what God wants

It’s been a challenging few weeks. Life has felt a bit stagnant and I have found myself getting very distracted. My prayer life feels diminished, my bible study time similar. 296 more words


End of Term

The stream, below the waterfall, hidden in the bottom of a steep tree-banked valley, receives only dappled sunlight on the shining wet rocks. A heron rises into the air from the shadows, a ragged flying dinosaur, neck snaked back over its body, legs an afterthought hanging behind. 1,178 more words

John Damien


Before the birth of summer’s death there flows
a northern hint of autumn’s doleful hymn
upon the dancing streams of playful airs
that whisper lullabies to root and grain, 80 more words


The Increase in the Harvest

In November of 2013, I wrote a blog about the harvest called, “It’s Harvest Time!” Beloved, it truly is harvest time! How long this harvest will go, we do not yet know. 1,509 more words

End Times

Get Ready to Run With the Lord!

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus!

Jesus is getting ready to take His bride by the hand and run with her across the land. Keep your eyes on Him! 287 more words


A Humble Farmer's Measure

What ray of thought
What golden path of sunlight
Should embark upon this narrow course
With nary a flinch or miswhisper?

In a fertile field awake with color… 107 more words


The Second Harvest

It’s now mid-April 2015 and things are progressing in the Bonsall grove.  The spring bloom is pretty much done and now we wait to see how much of the fruit will set and remain on the trees for the duration. 334 more words