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The Clown Prince of Chaos

This is a small discussion on the Joker represented in the film ‘The Dark Knight’.

One of the most interesting characters (or we can say, the most interesting character) among supervillains is ‘ 711 more words


Do You Believe in Harvey Dent?

Remember The Dark Knight?  Who can forget Harvey Dent’s tragic line, the one which foreshadowed both his own downfall and the character arcs of so many of those around him: … 757 more words


Comparative Opinions: Hush

Yesterday Holly gave her review of Batman: Hush, which is one of those comics from the canon of Batman. I’ve been working my way through various Batman comics, in a not-particularly-chronological fashion, but Holly’s only read a couple along the way. 1,111 more words


Detective 819 - more dead villains, and Jason Bard looks for answers

Robinson, Kirk, Clarke and Faucher deliver chapter 5 of Face to Face in Detective 819 (July 2006).

Orca, one of Batman’s more recent enemies, has gone missing, and the police and Batman believe her to be a possible victim of whoever is killing the villains.  209 more words

DC Comics

Detective 818 - the death of Scarface, and Jason Bard begins

Robinson, Kirk and Clarke continue with Face the Face, part 3, joined by Wayne Faucher, in Detective 818 (June 2006).

Magpie, a minor villain, is the latest one found dead, again with two bullets to the head. 321 more words

DC Comics

Detective 817 - One Year Later

After the conclusion of Infinite Crisis, the entire DC line jumped ahead one year, with the skipped year’s events detailed in the weekly miniseries 52.  James Robinson scripts an 8-part storyline, Face the Face, covering Batman’s return to Gotham after a year’s absence, running through both this book and Batman, starting in Detective 817 (May 2006).  230 more words

DC Comics

Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face: Gotham's White Knight

Aaron Eckhart could have been Batman.

He has the square jaw and intensity of Batman, the charisma, charm, slick confident attitude and good looks to be Bruce Wayne. 1,336 more words