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A Batting Average of .055

Dear Drumpfkins, get used to watching your beloved leader make and break promises.

He doesn’t care about you and he never did/has/will. He said what he needed to say so that you would cast your vote for him and now he doesn’t need you anymore. 318 more words

Harvey Dent

A Debacle of Firsts

January 20, 2017 draws near and with it begins the Drumpf Administration.

As the first steps are taken for this mockery of American politics as it is inaugurated on the steps of the Capitol at noon, this specific blog post pauses to ask what other firsts will be achieved after Comrade Drumpf takes the oath of office. 213 more words

Blame Game

Playing Batman as Full-on Cheesy Hero in Telltale's Series

I have a soft spot for playing a hard-ass in video games. Anytime I get dialogue choices and moral decisions in games like Knights of the Old Republic… 976 more words


The Four Corners of Drumpf

We’ve been away for a while and we’ve been keeping our powder dry.

There has been so much slapstick and missteps concerning the incoming Drumpf Cabal, that we could have spent every day posting to this blog, but we have jobs and families and the holidays – and we know where our priorities lie. 741 more words

Blame Game

Aaron Eckhart

Autographed Picture of Mr. Aaron Eckhart.

(An American Film & Stage Actor. Aaron Eckhart Gained Wide Recognition As George in Steven Soderbergh’s Critically Acclaimed Film Erin Brockovich (2000), And in 2006 Received A Golden Globe Nomination For Best Actor For His Portrayal of Nick Naylor in Thank You For Smoking. 21 more words


LEGO Batman or How Billy Dee Williams got his voice back!

Guess who got the raw end of the deal (or face) in the back in the day Batman franchise? Billy Dee, that’s who!   179 more words


Billy Dee Williams to Voice Two-Face in the 'Lego Batman' movie

Billy Dee Williams is finally getting to play  Two-Face. Williams played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Tim Burton film but never got to play his villain alter ego Two Face.  31 more words