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A Thousand Masks (Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne - DC Comics)

Title: A thousand masks
Fandom: Batman (Comics)
Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, Gilda Chen, Silver St. Cloud
Rating: Mature/Low R
Length: 7600 words
After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new year. 8,256 more words


Batman 398 - will Circe help cure Two-Face?

Moench and Mandrake conclude the Two-Face/Circe story in Batman 398 (Aug. 86).

While Catwoman and Batman discuss their relationship and partnership, and the effect it is having on Robin, Jason Todd falls in love – or at least into a serious crush – and begins to finally understand why Bruce and Selina are acting the way they are. 247 more words

The Man Who Laughs: The 20 Greatest Joker Moments, Part I

Arguably the most popular character in all of comic book lore is the Batman. For every great hero there needs to be a great villain, and for Bats, that is the Joker. 1,531 more words

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Good News, Everyone!

I didn’t want to jinx myself. Surely, it’s too good to be true. I was afraid that if I said anything, the very next day it wouldn’t be the case anymore, like a birthday wish. 517 more words


Batman 329 - Two-Face listens to Gilda

Wolfman, Novick and McLaughlin dispense with the mystery right away in Batman 329 (Nov. 80), revealing right on the cover that the villain in the story is Two-Face. 229 more words

"Civilization, in other words, must be grounded on a lie" - Slavoj Žižek

Just sharing something I read and found really striking today… An article that starts off by relating Julian Assange to the Batman’s “The Dark Knight”… as interesting as it may seem the article shifts away from this comparison… Still couldn’t not to post it to you guys to think about it for a second… I hope you’ll have the smile on your face just like I had when you read this first paragraph: 342 more words