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Jennifer Lawrence calls Malarkey on Fight Gossip

TMZ reported that director David O. Russell was screaming at Jennifer Lawrence  on the set of the movie, Joy.  TMZ said a studio rep said the screaming was just to get Lawrence pumped up for a scene. 64 more words

Jennifer Lawrence And Director Involved In A Screaming Match

Uh oh! There seems to be some trouble behind the scenes of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie!!

According to TMZ, Jennifer is set to star in the new movie… 114 more words


Oscars: All-time, five people have been thanked more than God in acceptance speeches. Who are they?

You see it more in athletics than at entertainment awards shows, but there’s a general rule among many in the world that when something good happens to them individually (or to a team they’re part of), they need to thank God in some way. 212 more words

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Jimmy Kimmel Post Oscars Show: Stars Pay Tribute To Kimmel School Of Perfect Acting


Jimmy Kimmel Live’s post-Oscar show paid tribute to acting coach Jim Kimmel, of whom it’s said almost every Academy Award winning actor owes a great debt — including Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, Lupita Nyong’o, Harvey Weinstein, Mila Kunis, Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Aniston, and Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Matt Damon,  John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt.

Part 2 of the tribute:


Publicist Guild Awards Winners Announced

The International Cinematographers Guild has announced the winners of its 52nd ICG Publicists Awards at its annual luncheon at the Beverly Hilton. Among the honorees, Columbia Pictures’ … 176 more words

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THIS Hollywood Icon Is The 'Most Thanked' Person In Oscar History!

I’d like to thank the Academy, and my mom and…

The website Vocativ combed through the footage of the Academy Awards through the years and compiled a list of the top people who have been thanked during acceptance speeches. 91 more words


Publicists Guild Honorees Bob & Harvey Weinstein Know How to Score Wins

Following in the footsteps of such Hollywood legends as Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, David Selznick and Jack Warner, the Weinsteins have always understood the vital role publicity plays in the filmmaking equation. 235 more words