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Oh my aching body!

Well that was three and a quarter hours that I will never get back! Yes, people, that’s how long it took me to pin the charity quilt together. 281 more words


Getting ready for winter.

Another week and already we are nearly halfway through April. This year is going so fast! The 100 Day Project has encouraged me to do a little bit of stitching everyday and it has paid dividends. 360 more words


Being a Domestic Goddess.

This week finds me in a very good mood. It’s been over a month since I’ve had a visit to the hospital and I’ve been pain free. 711 more words


It’s all about the quilt

Exciting news today! My labels arrived from The Dutch Label Shop and I love them. I’m going to use them on my quilts. All I have to do is add a date to them with permanent fabric pen. 483 more words



IBM relied upon the ideological state apparatus in order to successfully roll out their “parallel communication path” (Harwood, pp47–48). Noyes was aware of the power of getting individual buy-in from “the inside out”. 216 more words

Let's not forget about this Bill Kristol fellow - accuses Fox News and Carlson

For whatever reason, Bill Kristol has been rehabilitated by the lefties and now is making appearances on MSNBC and CNN. Sadly, even Fox has succumbed to him. 261 more words


Getting in the Christmas mood.

Just a quick post today. I finished the Christmas bunting that I had made too small for the WAQA Christmas party. 163 more words