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October 2016: "Moving Day"

Content Warning for: being an Eight Cicadas spin-off. Also use of homophobic slurs, rape mentions, general nastiness? Happy Halloween, baby!

“…so I gave you the flashlight, and you can use this dolly to make it easier.” Shark pointed to the metal cart. 2,093 more words


Sims 4 Geschichten: Familie Harwood Woche 1

Der nächste Haushalt ist von Maxis und besteht aus Hilary Harwood, stolze
118 Tage alt. Was? Wer soll den da noch Babys kriegen? Und den Haushalt… 631 more words

Sims 4

Book Impressions: To the Ends of the Earth: 100 Maps That Changed the World

“How can maps – mere pictures on paper or impressions in clay – change the world? … Through history, mapmakers have played on our instinctive belief in the truth of maps. 495 more words


Art+Tea with Larry Bell

Taos is privileged to have as one of its residents world-renowned artist Larry Bell. Larry’s work has been associated with the West Coast Minimalist movement called Light and Space. 1,516 more words


Have We Forgotten The Enclosure?

In the last line of my LS3/5A blog post I wondered how far we’ve really come in the last four decades or so of electro-acoustic engineering. 572 more words

Art+Tea with Agnes Chavez

Agnes Chavez is a new media artist, educator, and co-director of The Paseo Taos.

The Harwood Museum of Art is featuring Agnes’s installation entitled  1,290 more words