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Book Impressions: To the Ends of the Earth: 100 Maps That Changed the World

“How can maps – mere pictures on paper or impressions in clay – change the world? … Through history, mapmakers have played on our instinctive belief in the truth of maps. 495 more words


Art+Tea with Larry Bell

Taos is privileged to have as one of its residents world-renowned artist Larry Bell. Larry’s work has been associated with the West Coast Minimalist movement called Light and Space. 1,516 more words


Have We Forgotten The Enclosure?

In the last line of my LS3/5A blog post I wondered how far we’ve really come in the last four decades or so of electro-acoustic engineering. 572 more words

Art+Tea with Agnes Chavez

Agnes Chavez is a new media artist, educator, and co-director of The Paseo Taos.

The Harwood Museum of Art is featuring Agnes’s installation entitled  1,290 more words


March Short Story: Eyeliner

August 5th, 2000

He knew he had to find it before even thinking of stepping out that day.

Harwood had an elaborate morning routine. Some of it was normal, like brushing his teeth, but he was the only man he knew that wore makeup. 1,481 more words


Matrimonial Misogyny & Cameo Cannibalism

Of past contemporary existential post-modernists, few have ever managed to capture and reflect Australia’s ever shifting cultural identity with such diversity as Gwen Harwood. Through her various works published between the early 1940’s and dawn of the new millennium, many largely unimpeded social issues common of the era were given original and often critical engagement that they may not have seen otherwise in the public limelight. 1,230 more words