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Today we went through a lot effort to be on time for a movie at Seattle International Film Festival but what happened next felt like “betrayal”. 7 more words


My target time to arrive at the hospital was 10 am and I am here 10 minutes early. I feel I could’ve spent more time at the charity breakfast for IDAHOT I was attending. 28 more words


I was supposed to meet Charbel for our workout at 11 am. I arrived and was ready by 1059 am. Did I arrive #ontime, and at what expense? 8 more words


We arrived to Whistler at 910 am (on time-ish) with no arrival target time thinking the ski slopes would open at 9 am. Upon arrival we discovered that the slopes open at 10 am. 18 more words


We arrived on time to pick up Andrea and they said: “Oh wow! You are so prompt, I like that.”

How do people, like us, with very poor time-management skills, make it on time? 11 more words

WHAT ARE HADITH - HADEETH - الحــــــديـث

WHAT IS HADITH?   الحــــــديـث  

The Hadith is the record of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  The sayings and conduct of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) constitute the Sunnah.

2,468 more words

Wah... Kalimat ini Sebabkan Dosa Adam Diampuni

Setelah melakukan dosa di Surga, alkisah Nabi Adam as minta ampun kepada Tuhan. Tak banyak yang tahu, bahwa sesungguhnya Adam menyebutkan sebuah ‘kalimat’ yang disuruh Allah, agar taubatnya dikabulkan Sang Pencipta. 599 more words

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