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Hello World!

Welcome to my newly started blog. I am Hasan Ali, an entrepreneur from Pakistan. I started this blog to share my life experiences I get by doing cool new things and to get some writing skills. 121 more words


15th Ramadan: Birth of Sayyidina Hazrat Imam Hasan ('Alaihi salaam)

Imam Hasan (‘alaihi salaam) Leader of the youth of Paradise, Grandson of the Prophet ﷺ, was born on the 15th of Ramadan.
Sayyidinaa Imam Hasan ibn Ali (‘alaihi salaam) the oldest son of Sayyidinaa Imam ‘Ali Asadullah Karam Allahu wajhahu and Khatuna Jannah Sayyidah Fatimah az Zahra ‘alaiha salaam, was born in Madinatul Munawwarah. 201 more words

Ahlul Bayt AS And Sahaba RA


Here is a refreshing perspective on terrorism and it’s background ideology.  The full article may be found at Front Page Magazine.

The Orlando massacre is not “homegrown extremism.” 1,223 more words



Today we arrived way too early to the ferry to Salt Spring Island because we were given an inflated target time.

Is it a good strategy? 6 more words


Today we went through a lot effort to be on time for a movie at Seattle International Film Festival but what happened next felt like “betrayal”. 7 more words


My target time to arrive at the hospital was 10 am and I am here 10 minutes early. I feel I could’ve spent more time at the charity breakfast for IDAHOT I was attending. 28 more words


I was supposed to meet Charbel for our workout at 11 am. I arrived and was ready by 1059 am. Did I arrive #ontime, and at what expense? 8 more words