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Vittles the Everyday Way: Mini Meatloaves & Cheesy Hashbrowns

As I laid down last night, I got to thinking about what my ‘real’ first post might be and I decided that since we’re still getting to know each other, I’d start it off with an everday meal idea! 358 more words


Good Morning Casserole

Making an awesome breakfast for people on the weekends always starts the day off right. This morning my husband was sleeping in a bit so I took advantage of the quiet am to make up this recipe using stuff in the fridge and freezer that needed to be eaten. 431 more words


Hash browns

Hash browns

Brought to Europe from South America in the 1600s, potatoes found their way into Italian gnocchi, French gratins and Spanish tortillas. Have even more fun with them by flipping up this worldwide favourite. 133 more words


recipe: classic breakfast

Breakfast has long been touted the most important meal of the day, and for good reason; it’s your kick-starter, your fuel for the day, that which determines, to an extent, how you will feel for the rest of the day. 475 more words


Meat Lovers Skillet

If there is a major carnivore in your life, stop everything you are doing and make this. They will pretty much love you forever and request it on any occasion celebrating them. 428 more words


Brunchin' is a habit (Farmer's Daughter)

For those of you who don’t know me.. (I’m sorry) brunching is one of my favorite past times. For those who do know me, I’m only sorry for all of the mouth watering… 206 more words


Classic (or not) Eggs and Hashbrowns

I love eating potatoes.  The way potatoes crispen when fried or even the skin that develops on a potato wedge when baked.  To me, this is one of the most amazing foods.   475 more words