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Tamago-Yaki, it's Sunshine on a Plate!

Tamago-yaki is a perfect way to ease in to a lazy sunday morning, and seems especially good when the sun is shining!  The name translates literally as “grilled” or “fried” egg, created by rolling thin layers of egg mixture flavoured with soy and sake, and sweetened with sugar and mirin. 552 more words


U-don think it's easy to make Udon?

My latest cookery course endeavour was a fresh noodle making class with Reiko Hashimoto, possibly the first of its kind in London, for I’ve yet to come across anything remotely similar.  602 more words


Japanese Coleslaw

A lighter and more fragrant alternative to traditional Coleslaw, from Hashi Cooking.  Perfect for grilled meat or fish.  Feel free to mix it up a bit by using different vegetables – normal radishes are lovely, as is red cabbage or a little fennel bulb or celeriac. 165 more words


BBQ Chicken Yakitori Skewers

Copius amounts of sunshine, a BBQ and a few of delicious recipes from Reiko Hashimoto’s ‘Hashi Cooking – A Japanese Cookery Course’ make for a good evening.  312 more words


Hashi Cooking

I first came to hear of Reiko Hashimoto through a glowing review by The London Foodie.  Convinced that this would be the introduction to authentic Japanese cuisine that I was looking for, I signed myself up for the 4 week Gourmet Cookery course in Jan/Feb this year. 2,049 more words