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The Victim.

Imagine getting up then traveling to a place without a destination. Then, you wake up in a place unknown and all of a sudden every problem or worries you had still followed you. 773 more words


Know the Facts

Once you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, do the research. I advise you to get as much information as you can before your next visit to the doctors office. 564 more words


A Whole Bunch of Whiny Crybaby, Pity Party Waa-Waa-Waa...about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

I am in the middle of a Hashimoto’s flare-up. I have a headache that goes from the top of my head right down my spine to my butt, and I have had it for three days. 402 more words

My Journey

Since every body is different, I will share my journey with Hashimoto’s. As soon as I began to understand what I was dealing with I learned how to try to tackle this new reality of mine. 422 more words


The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed in February 2014 with hypothyroidism at the age of 27. Both my mother and father have thyroid conditions (my mother has hypo and my father has hyper). 342 more words


Braving the Waters: My Autoimmune Story

In search for a picture to help embody the message of this post, I came across this picture of a whitewater rafting adventure I took with my husband and a few of our craziest family members.   944 more words

Addison-Biermer Anemia (aka Pernicious Anemia) and its relation to POTS symptoms

Here in the Midwest, it’s 23 degrees below the average temperature for this date. It’s soup weather. It turned out it was also a good day to catch up on some correspondence and research. 644 more words