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The script our parents give us

To the problems I can relate
My family was in a sad state
Let’s call a halt
To blame parents’ faults
We’re obliged to master our fate.
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Thinking thyroid, learning history

Here’s something that we should note
For a diagnosis I’ll throw in my vote
When it comes to life’s stress
The immune system’s a mess…
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Imperfect & Flawed

Hi there. I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve wrote here. There have been many times that I could have wrote here but I guess I was just choosing to keep my feelings to myself. 839 more words


It was scary at first, knowing I would lose pieces of my body, but at least I had my mind. Now going forward, seeing myself go through daily activities I might end up losing that too. 297 more words

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Case Report: Woman in 40's with low TSH (hyperthyroid) with hypothyroid symptoms

Case Report: Woman in 40’s with low TSH (hyperthyroid) with hypothyroid symptoms

One of most difficult clinical scenario is a patient with low TSH number (which indicates someone is in hyperthyroid state) with hypothyroid symptoms. 231 more words