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KollRabi Sedra Shemos - Would You Argue with Gd?

What should I tell them when they ask me, “What is His Name?”

And HaShem answered Moshe, “I Will Be What I Will Be”; and He said “So you should tell the Children of Yisrael – ‘I WIll Be’ sent me to you.” … 141 more words


KolRabi Sedra VaYiGash - Protect the Priests

Yosef coerced the entire Egyptian population to buy their food until their money was exhausted, then trade their beasts, i.e. sign over ownership to Pharoh, and then their land. 175 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra VeYeiShev - The Most Meaningful Kiss?

Yosef, betrayed by his brothers, escaping death just by the skin of his teeth, to be sold as a slave, is transported to Egypt in a caravan carrying a load of spices and perfumes rather than its usual load of tar.  121 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra VaYishlach - Entwined with the Opponent

And YaAkov remained alone and a man locked him in battle until the dawn

YaAkov did not start the fight, he did not want the fight. 166 more words


Kol Rabi VaYetze - It ALL Belongs to Me

Self-centered people cannot be sorted out. Even Gd can’t sort them out.

YaAkov deceived his father in law, Lavan by absconding whilst Lavan was away. 187 more words


KolRabi Sedra Toldos - the "Clean Environment"

The intense rivalry between YaAkov and his twin brother Eisav was evident from their conception.

Rivkah knew this, and their destiny, from the Divine revelation she sought… 188 more words


Kol Rabi, Sedra Chayei Sara - When Does One Know?

Eliezer sets his famous test – She who upon request for a little water, will understand that I am weak and embarrassed to ask other than for a little sip, and will reassure me that she will provide full measure for me and my beasts – this is the woman who is suitable to be a progenitor of the great nation that Gd has destined to emerge from Yitzchak. 55 more words