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T’ka b’Shofar Gadol l’cheruteynu

The meaning of the title “Blow the great shofar, to announce our redemption”.

Sitting at my computer for a few moments, waiting and wondering what the upcoming… 2,115 more words


KolRabi Sedra Ki-Savo - When Our Enemies Rejoice

This following prediction, of all the horrible pronouncements in this week’s Sedra, is one of the most painful
– As Gd rejoiced to do good for you and make you great… 188 more words


KolRabi Sedra KiSeiTzei - clothing maketh the man, and the woman

Men’s clothing and peripherals may not be upon a woman,
and a man may not wear a woman’s clothing
– all who do this violate Gd’s sensibilities… 190 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra Shoftim - Who Goes First

The command to prepare the Cities of Refuge is introduced with the following verse, “When Gd will cut down those nations whose land He is giving you and you will occupy their cities and their homes” … 118 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra ReEih - Loyalty

Some Torah laws appear inconsistent. Wearing clothing which combines wool and linen is prohibited, and yet the Cohanim wear such clothing whilst serving in the Mikdash. 352 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra Eikev - Mission Awareness

Therefore Levi, unlike his brothers, has no portion in the land. Gd is his portion

Rashi explains – because they are designated to serve the altar they are not available for agricultural work. 111 more words