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Peg Fitzpatrick: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

From Peg Fitzpatrick: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram . “Hashtags on Instagram? Use them or bag it? That’s the question that Instagrammers face each time they post a photo on Instagram. 39 more words

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【Philippines】What is PR whose theme is Travel×the Philippine national beer "San Miguel" ?

Magandan arau! (It means “Hello” in Filipino)

I’m Ken who is a local correspondent in Philippines. The Philippine national beer “San Miguel” promotes themselves with PR whose theme is Travel×Beer on SNS. 420 more words


Pick. It. UP!

Dear teenagers and husbands, is there a deficiency that wives and mothers are not privy to? Something that says “I used this washrag, now I must leave it here on the counter for days and days until somebody else moves it” 802 more words

Instagram's New "Swipe Left" Feature (The Good & The Bad)

Ever sat down & stared at your phone, trying to decide which of the 5 angles of your burger looked the best? Hate spending time editing your day-trip photos to collage them the best way into frames? 775 more words


Instagram - Hashtags

If you’ve been living under a rock you are probably thinking, “What is a hashtag?” Well, originally it was a pound button on telephones. Now it is used to shout out messages on social media. 426 more words



I always find myself laughing and admiring this generation. We are beautiful, so full of life, and yet so easily corrupted and drawn into things. The things we do, the trends we set, the places we go, how we choose to run our lives, and even the news we hear can honestly be summed up in a simple hashtag. 521 more words