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You and your 'Tube Channel

I have to be honest, I am one of those students who go on YouTube binge watch when I am supposed to be studying.  I always have video playing in the background, the truth is, I hate silence.  1,363 more words


On Using #Hashtags

Do you even know where to start? Or what words or phrases you should be using the hashtag to increase #traffic?

  1. The number one rule to follow when using hashtags, do not overuse them ever.
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#MeToo? #ByWho?

Everyone is saying that what Harvey Weinstein allegedly did is not uncommon in Hollywood.  Everyone says that there are many, many others, and that this is still going on every day.  453 more words


Is It Just Me? 

You guys use Twitter? Everyone have a Facebook account? Anyone ever hear of WordPress?

If you’re a writer of any sorts, or you’re like me and pretend to be one, you’ve rooted around your social media applications (or SMAs as the kids are calling them these days) for writers’  319 more words


Me Too

Hashtags and social media in general are great tools to bring awareness to issues that people want noticed. The way a hashtag works, is that you are basically highlighting a word that is important to the post, and then many people are able to click on the hashtag and see what others have written about that word or topic. 360 more words

Social Media

The unexpected, paradigm-shifting power of #MeToo

I thought I was already fully awake.

I’ve known for nearly 20 years that those born wealthy had a head start compared with me in my chosen career. 1,078 more words

To the Silent Types: I Raise My Glass in Honor of You

I have stories that would make the devil cry. I have the kind of stories that are unique in varying degrees, and it spans throughout my entire lifetime. 608 more words

Monstrous Anomalies