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A Different Perspective: Hasidic Judaism

One thing that’s different about Israel than any other place that I’ve been to is its sweeping variety in so many different aspects. You can drive through the entire country North to South in less than six hours, and in that short time see lush green farmlands, rising mountains, metropolitan cities, hilly forests, barren dessert, tropical oases, sandy beaches, and old ruins. 1,721 more words


Why I wear a beard

Well, it’s not a decision I have to make every morning, like deciding if this is short sleeve or long sleeve weather, it just grows there. 268 more words


Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant...Really?

I read the entire Divergent trilogy and have been sitting on it for months because I really did not want to write this review.  I have mixed opinions about every single book, so I knew this would not be easy to write.  1,107 more words

Book Review

Zelig (1983)

Woody Allen’s mockumentary about a man who’s so good at assimilating he actually transforms into different people. Mia Farrow is Dr. Fletcher, the doctor intent on finding out what it is that makes Leonard Zelig (Allen), the human chameleon, tick using hypnosis and reverse psychology. 145 more words


"Aren't you hot in what you are wearing?"

So I can in a Kosher restaurant on my street. The man who works there is helping me with my sugar.. being very cordial. He said, “Aren’t you hot in what you are wearing?” I replied, “No, I am used to it.” I turned to him and said, “You seem like a nice man can I ask you something?” He replied, “Sure.” “Why do people in this neighborhood hate me? 181 more words


I am glad I am not Jewish! Ahamdulillah!

Can a place or people make you hate yourself? Well, yes. I am a born Jew. I reverted to Islam. My family was never very religious. 269 more words