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Andrew Austin HINCKLEY

Austin is my second cousin four times removed; we are related through William and Margaret (HANEY) WESCOTT, his great grandparents, my fifth great grandparents.  We is also my ninth cousin once removed through his eighth great grandparents, John and Elizabeth (BIRCHARD) ALCOCK, my ninth and twelfth great grandparents.  530 more words

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Rejection Sampling


Suppose you want to sample from the truncated normal distribution. One way to do this is to use rejection sampling. But if you do this naïvely then you will run into performance problems. 475 more words


Weighted-Edge Graph

Weighted-Edge Graph is not in scope of the standard Haskell library Data.Graph. The most graph applications, such as short path optimizations by Bellman-Ford, or… 731 more words


Functional Doubly Linked Lists

It’s often been said that functional programming just isn’t cut out for certain tasks. File IO? Please… Databases? Forget about it!

I’ve always figured that the humble Doubly Linked list was on this list. 619 more words


Zipping two lists in Haskell

Studying a pure functional programming, such as Haskell, can be an eye-opening experience. The standard library in Haskell provides a zip function, which combines the elements of two lists into a single list of tuples. 169 more words