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Of Semicolons and Sadness

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of Haskell. If you’ve been following the blog, you likely are aware of this. However, I’ve been feeling the itch to try something different. 1,551 more words


The Yoneda Lemma

This is part 14 of Categories for Programmers. Previously: Representable Functors. See the Table of Contents.

Most constructions in category theory are generalizations of results from other more specific areas of mathematics.

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Choosing a practical functional language (WIP)

I initially picked OCaml for my commercial project because

  • it’s imperative
  • fast
  • number of promising libraries were already written in OCaml (it’s a security project)
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How to get minor GHC version from custom Setup.hs

Haskell Cabal is an advanced build system which can produce self contained shared library with few lines.
It’s necessary to list GHC’s runtime system to be able to dlopen the library: 167 more words

Moving from Multiparameter Type Classes and Functional Dependencies to Type Families in Haskell

In my first post on the bitx-bitcoin library I mentioned how I solved one particular problem with the help of MultiParamTypeClasses and FunctionalDependencies. Well, as it just so turns out, apparently that wasn’t necessarily the best way to do it. 1,318 more words


Meeting new people at ICFP

This afternoon I’ll be getting on a plane to Vancouver for ICFP. I’m looking forward to seeing many friends, of course, but I also enjoy meeting new people—whether or not they are “famous”, whether or not I think they can “advance my career”. 75 more words