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Fractals and Monads - Part 3

I promised more examples of using monads to draw fractals.  Let’s do some!

Today I’ll explain a simple method to draw lots of fractal pictures with minimal code, using the idea of Kleisli powers I introduced in the previous part. 2,064 more words



Thanks for the responses to my previous post about finding roots of polynomials; I now have some new avenues to explore. But today I want to write about something completely different. 683 more words


Finding roots of polynomials in Haskell?

tl;dr: There are several Haskell packages one can use to find an individual root of a function on a certain interval. But I’ve had less luck finding a suitable package for finding all the roots of a given polynomial. 716 more words


Learning a New Language

Generally, every program I write, regardless of what useful thing it actually does, and regardless of what programming language it is written in, has to do certain things, which usually includes… 245 more words


GHC: can't find a package database

In case you’re using the nix package manager your nix build fails with:

these derivations will be built:
building '/nix/store/7xk0m6r07x85rwlh01b3wvq8bbzwbw1n-purebred-'...
Build with /nix/store/cclv7n6jr311i5ywwkms1m3iz4lsg37j-ghc-8.6.3.
186 more words


Google Developers Publish Haskell Training Material

Software Developers working for Google can spend 20% of their time working in personal projects with some degree of relation to the company – this policy allows the creation of innovative products and helps to keep employees motivated. 22 more words


Understanding Functor

Writing down below for my future self. Will feel lucky if other could make sense of it and find it useful.

Functor is nothing but a “type class”, and any instance that implements the functor means it supports applying function to its contained element(s). 692 more words