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When I was studying philosophy in college, we used to hear a lot of complaints from students about philosophers–German ones, in particular–and their translators who avoided using plainer, simpler words and sometimes even made up words to convey specific points. 844 more words


Southbank Riverwalk Officially Reopened - Floating Party Barge May Be Next

The Southbank Riverwalk reopened February 26th after a $17M renovation. There were several delays in getting the project started, but Jacksoville’s Haskell Company oversaw the project to a successful finish. 151 more words


Warby Parker

I’ve had a pair of Warby Parker glasses for about two years now. I had them before they had any flagship stores, when they were just a website and a bus traveling around, city to city, bringing adorable eyewear and spreading the word about their awesome business. 662 more words


Personal Note

I understand the formatting for these post have been somewhat awkward the first not even necessarily concluding and second awkwardly doing so through a PONKAN8 gallery outro (god I love PONKAN8…) I’m not necessarily putting a high degree of effort into theses post as I have other matters to attend to; however I will attempt to fix this and the stiff and pretentious manner in which I have and am currently speaking in (for whatever reason) as it would kill whatever satirical elements I would/will attempt to implement.( It’s not as tho I do not posses a sense of humor I just lack the ability to successfully implement them cause… this is not something I do often) 25 more words


Checking Our Heads With Liquid Haskell

Consider this function:

headInTail :: [a] -> [a] headInTail l = (tail l) ++

Pretty straightforward, right? It takes a list, extracts the head and sticks it in the tail. 1,132 more words


Haskell on Yosemite (OSX 10.10)

Haskell on Yosemite (OSX 10.10)

Nearly all my development has been done under linux. Only occasionally have I worked under osx. This is all to change – osx is to be my primary development platform. 807 more words