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Ways to Learn a New Programming Language

Every programmer should be learning a new programming language on a regular basis. That’s every three, six or twelve months. For me, I like to vary my languages by paradigm. 656 more words


How to install Haskell (Platform or Stack) in 2018 on Linux?

I am trying to learn Haskell from the book Learn You a Haskell by Miran Lipovača. Both the book and haskell.org recommends installing the Haskell Platform… 1,887 more words


Hutton ???

Abstract :: We discuss the importance of typing, side-effects whose absence give possible efficiency theorems, evaluation schemes allowing infinite structures, and functions that can act on arbitrary types. 2,904 more words


Python's Weak Performance Matters

Here is an argument I used to make, but now disagree with:

Just to add another perspective, I find many “performance” problems in
the real world can often be attributed to factors other than the raw…

965 more words