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There's a little Haskell in your Javascript

This may seem a little strange, but althrough Javascript is a dynamic language, with very loose typing (automatic convertions, equals signs that only works on arrays/numbers/undefined/nil), lots of things that are “falsy” by default, with the new promise-based approach of Javascript, the language is borrowing some very interesting concepts from Haskell. 1,101 more words


Free Monads: from the basics to the implementation of composable and effectful stream processing

In the previous post, we introduced IdrisPipes, a library for composable and effectful production, transformation and consumption of streams of data in Idris. We talked about the motivations behind this library, its API and its model, and some of the features it offers. 2,972 more words



Today was… The day of productivity! Woo! But my headache kills me again so I’ll keep this short.

In the morning and before noon, I managed to make plenty of progress on my C# Windows Form Application project. 88 more words

How to run Haskell program

  1. Run CMD in the same category, where your .hs file is. (Shift+Right-click)
  2. Type:
    • ghci
    • :l filename 
    • :r
  3. Every time you want to run the program, when you updated the code, type :r…
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How to install GHC (Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler)

  1. Download the installer from GHC download page
  2. Run the installer. It will be found under the directory ghc-version_number/bin
  3. Add this directory to the $PATH environmental variable to run GHC from command line.
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SDL2 and Haskell on OS X

Having recently posted about how easy it is to use SDL2 with C, I decided to see if it would be equally as easy to do the same thing with Haskell. 1,140 more words