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Our Fifth Grade Curriculum: Spelling

I couldn’t find a lot out there on How to Teach Spelling and How to Spell, so hopefully if someone is searching, this will help!  1,049 more words


Haskell Strong Password Checker

I’m following a series of Haskell lecture materials by Nishant Shukla. If you’re new to Haskell and having troubles learning it properly, maybe you should try it. 218 more words

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Week of May 18th

Listening: Onward Into Battle by Vanir. This album ABSOLUTELY ROCKS, especially “Raise Your Horns”. It’s like if Amon Amarth were a little more melodious and palatable. 442 more words


Hasteroids, Part 1

Long ago, when I was first learning C++, I wrote an asteroids game. It was a mess and the code has been lost, which is probably for the best, but I did learn quite a bit in going through that exercise. 2,462 more words

Interpreting Free Monads of Functor Sums

Find the source file for this post here. Really, that gist is formatted way nicer than this post, so I recommend you read it there. 1,867 more words

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Currently Reading: "Homotopy Type Theory"

This is the kind of thing you cannot skim or read fast. I’m doing about 5 pages a day which means I’ll probably wrap it up in about three months. 292 more words