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Cabal fails to install network.

If you get the following error while running cabal install network in the Windows console

Configuring network-…
setup.exe: The package has a ‘./configure’ script. This requires a Unix… 44 more words


Benchmarking Haskell with Criterion

Lately, I’ve been working on parallelizing some Haskell. I’ve been furiously coding away, but at some point you have to stop “optimizing”, and see if you’ve actually accomplished anything. 710 more words


Spam Fighting at Facebook - Marlow

Fighting Spam With Haskell

This is an interesting article from Simon Marlow at Facebook about deploying Haskell to deal with spam and the like. It’s always great to get a peak into the development process at large, sophisticated companies like Facebook. 17 more words


Darcs binaries for OSX with Homebrew

Recently I’ve updated my Darcs homebrew build to Darcs 2.10. You can install it with

brew install http://darcs.covariant.me/darcs.rb

The formula contains a context (--exact-version… 6 more words


Testable IO in Haskell

By Andy Friesen

At IMVU, we write a lot of tests. Ideally, we write tests for every feature and bugfix we write. The problem we run into is one of scale: if each of IMVU’s tests were 99.9% reliable, 1 out of every 5 runs would result in an intermittent failure. 1,012 more words