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Deep Sky

A new season, a new project, just likely old times. 428 more words


Category Theory III for Programmers (Part 1 & 2)

The most interesting “Category Theory” (范畴论) for Programmers course III by Dr. Bartosz Milewski , a follow-up of last year’s course II.

Prerequisites: 257 more words

Modern Math

Simple expression evaluator comparison between Haskell, Rust, and Common Lisp

Consider a simple expression language that consists only of the four basic mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The idea of this exercise is to implement an evaluator for such a language in Haskell, and then compare it with literal translations (as far as possible) into Rust and Common Lisp. 697 more words

Common Lisp

Playtime with Lisp!

Since it has been a while that I have updated my blog, I thought of resurrecting it (in a manner of speaking) by playing around with some Common Lisp. 654 more words

Common Lisp

Not-learning is a skill too

To be successful in tech, it’s well known that you must keep your skills up to date. The onus is on each individual to do this, no-one will do it for you, and companies that provide ongoing personal development are few and far between. 583 more words


A thought experiment: Category Theory and Quantum Computing

This week I’m taking a break from my regular Haskell posts. A few weeks ago I posted about High Level Quantum Assembly using Haskell and that got me thinking about what a high level quantum computing language might look like. 1,966 more words


Google Sheets and Haskell

This week, I’m playing with some web programming in Haskell. I don’t have much experience with accessing web services in my day job so I decided learn about them by making a little flash-card app which accesses the… 1,799 more words