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Generating a Byte Array Key with Bash and Haskell

I know I’m going to forget how to do this in the future and it’s probably something I’ll re-use to help me generate 32 byte keys in the future. 93 more words

Functional Programming

Haskell Lectures Monad

“Monads are NOT about side effects. They are about composition. There are ways to express side effects using pure functions. But if you want to compose them, you need a monad”. Watch this video:

Modern Math

Functors and applicative functors

Chapters from 9th to 11th in CIS 194 formed nice bundle of related lectures, so I tackled them as a group. 439 more words


CodeWorld Video Presentation

If you’re interested, I gave a presentation on CodeWorld at BayHac a few weeks ago.  The video is now available.



Interacting with the world

8th lecture of CIS194 finally explained how to interact with outside world. Up to this point I have either written stand alone functions or integrated them with pre-existing solution that did the interaction with files. 613 more words