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PragmataPro 0.825 – more pros!

Thanks to the numerous suggestions arrived, PragmataPro now is even a more complete professional typeface:

— Added Extra Bow Drawing symbols suggested by Dmtri Nesteruk… 199 more words

Type Design

Mutual Recursion demo in Rust and Racket (inspired by Haskell)

This is a quick post on a Rust version of the Haskell evens and odds program demonstrating mutual recursion (as shown in Hutton’s book).

First off, the Haskell code: 421 more words


A bit of play with Rust macros

Here are a couple of macros that I wrote up on a slow evening. The first one provides a nice literal way of creating maps, and the second one mimicks Haskell’s list comprehension syntax in a rather crude manner. 699 more words

If programming languages were "Game of Thrones" characters

People compare programming languages with almost everything. Knowing about the upcoming arrival of the new “Game of Thrones” season, we decided to imagine how programming languages looked like, if they were characters of this serial. 457 more words

Tips And Tricks

Learning Haskell gave me a whole new outlook on programming

A while back I decided to learn Haskell as a counterpoint to Ruby/Java etc that I was more familiar with previously. I am very grateful for the new perspective that learning Haskell has given me. 226 more words

Software Development

Parallel and Concurrent Haskell 


1-1: Introduction

Everything in Haskell is PURE (function), including side effects (print, I/O such as open files, update data, …)

“Pure”: f (x) = a, regardless of ‘x’ value may change, always returns the result ‘a’ 147 more words

Modern Math

10 things Idris improved over Haskell

The 1.0.0 of Idris has been released just a few months back, just enough to start trying out the language and some of the possibilities dependent typing offers. 1,674 more words