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Symbolic Closed-Form Fibonacci

Let be the two-dimensional complex vector space of sequences adhering to the Fibonacci recurrence relation with basis .
Let furthermore be the sequence shift endomorphism represented by the transformation matrix… 211 more words


Haskell Stack build error

While trying to use stack build command , the following error is received: Network.Socket.recvBuf: does not exist

This mostly occurs when you have a very slow connection or Haskell version mismatch


Beginning Haskell Week 1

After many many attempts at trying to pick up this language, I’ve decided to attempt to use this as a place to write down my thoughts and learnings as I work through this book from start to *hopefully* finish. 16 more words


Polynomial Value in Haskell

While working on a project that analyze some signals in Haskell I found that I need a simple function polyVal that evaluates a polynomial at specific values. 92 more words

Functional Programming

unload modules in Haskell

Wondered how to come out of Haskell main prompt in GHCi,

Just type :m

m is short for module


On my compiler project in Haskell

Back in 2013, I took a compiler course in Carnegie Mellon. It was a difficult course, but one that taught me a lot about perseverance and systems engineering. 430 more words