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A day in Haskell

So, I have started looking into Haskell. I would like to record my progress over here. It seems like a mathematical language but I have to follow the syntax. 334 more words


Literature Review of Differentiation and Zipper

Intro and some background

The zipper is not quite a data structure, but a way of constructing data structures using a functional cursor. The zipper allows for the traversal of a data structures (primarily in functional programs) and can efficiently update its contents. 1,162 more words

Category Theory

Myths programmers believe

I’m fascinated by misconceptions. I used to regularly host pub quizzes (aka trivia nights in some parts of our blue marble), and anyone who’s attended a few of my quizzes know that if it sounds like a trick question, it probably is. 1,250 more words


Smart Contracts, Luke, and Music

A recruiter for DFinity, a nonprofit cryptocurrency company working in Haskell, reached out to me the other day.  I did some research, read their… 648 more words


Frustrations with applying Haskell so far

Wow. Haskell is a great language (apparently). It’s brilliant type system and infallibility (is that a word?) by design make it a powerful to-blah blah blah. 183 more words


High Level Quantum Assembly using Haskell

I recently watched an interesting video on the Computerphile YouTube channel by Robert Smith of Rigetti Computing about their quantum computer instruction set. You can read about their instruction set… 2,514 more words


Making an Ecosystem Simulation in Haskell (Part 3)

In this final part of  my series on making an ecosystem simulation using Haskell, I’ll discuss how I represented the behaviors of creatures and how they interact with the world. 1,191 more words