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Deques, Queues, and Lists in Swift with indirect

Recursive enums have finally arrived. Woo! The first thing to do with these is to make a recursive list:

public enum List<Element> {
  case Nil
  indirect case Cons(head: Element, tail: List<Element>)
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Darcs rebase by example

Darcs is a patch-centric version control system. In Darcs, there is no “correct” linear history of a repository – rather, there is a poset of patches. 2,025 more words


Open Source Extravaganza!

I’ve been quiet here lately. That’s what happens when a heavy workload blends into a long vacation.

To help myself get back in the swing of this blogging lark, I’m made today an “open source dump”. 519 more words


Real helpful, Pandoc...

Pandoc is an open source markdown conversion tool. It can convert between many formats, such as LaTeX, HTML, Markdown, and many others. The project I’ve been working on recently has a book written in Literate Haskell/LaTeX, and uses Pandoc to convert this to PDF. 181 more words


Social Saturday

Looking for a fun time to relax with friends and families? Well then come out to Monmouth Park for the Haskell coming in August 2nd. 9 more words

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