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Judah Maccabee (Jewish Biography as History) First Lecture of the Fall 2015 Lecture Series!

We begin the Fall 2015 Lectures in Jewish History series with a presentation on the life and work of Judah (Yehudah) Maccabee, famed military commander of the Hasmonean revolt. 12 more words

Jewish History

Josephus' Mother

The family from which I am derived is not an ignoble one, but hath descended all along from the priests…to be of the sacerdotal dignity, is an indication of the splendour of the family…I am of the chief family of that first (priestly) course also; nay, farther, by my mother, I am of the royal blood; for the children of Asamoneus, from whom that family was derived, had both the office of the high priesthood, and the dignity of a king, for a long time together…Life of Flavius Josephus…

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Agrippa vs. James son of Mariamne III

Worms in Agrippa’s Golden Apple

The first worm in Agrippa’s dream of being the “King to Come” was, of course, his grandfather Herod. He was in the same dilemma of all the grandchildren of the Queen…proving the priest’s with their genealogies and abhorrence of “strange women” right. 1,269 more words


Mary called Magdalene

Later gospel writers and church fathers seemed annoyed that there were so many women named “Mary” in the New Testament. Lists were often made trying to nail them all down…a hopeless task. 1,291 more words


A Small Apocalypse

We are now entering into what many Christian writers have called “the lost years.” Except for one legendary episode in Luke that I will look at later, the two birth stories, Matthew and Luke fall silent. 944 more words


Archelaus son of Malthace

Matthew, as noted, has Mary and her son visited by the two “wise men”—“wise men” in Josephus for the same timeframe were early rabbi/teachers with Hasmonean names and a philosophy of martyrdom and rewards in Heaven…and it is just possible that Matthew wanted us to know that they supported Mary and her son….

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