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Elizabeth daughter of Aaron

Luke began his birth story for Mary with a birth story for “Elizabeth daughter of Aaron”  meaning a daughter of a High Priestly House if not the High Priest himself. 1,113 more words


The Princess Handmaid

Pheroras’ wife fascinated me: A handmaiden/maid servant who married a Tetrarch and who had a prophecy that the kingdom would come to her and her children when Herod died. 1,254 more words

Queens Of Israel

The Handmaiden Prophecy

So we know from the last post that an Essen prophet predicted that a young Herod would grow up to be the king and certain Pharisees were making prophecies with life and death consequences during the last days of Herod about who would inherit the kingdom from him. 1,103 more words


The Virgin Prophecy

Josephus, writing well after the Jewish war with Rome in 65-70 A.D., looking back with hindsight, blames the destruction of their nation on an “oracle” which seems to state that a world leader will be born in Israel.

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The Virgin Mary on Trial

Having just noted the trials and legal debates around the abuse of the virgins Mariamne III and Herodias in the last post, it is worth mentioning that there is a late tradition that Mary herself was also put on trial. 1,436 more words


The Virgin Orphans on Trial

Herod betrothed his grandchildren by his son Aristobulus son of Mariamne the Queen as he should, to those that would enhance their position with Rome. If he didn’t, Caesar would object…Rome will continue to honor Hasmonean royal blood until the end (65-70 A.D.). 1,185 more words


Mariamne III the Virgin Orphan

King Herod had his two sons by Mariamne the Hasmonean Queen executed in 7 BCE clearing the way for his Idumaean son Antipater to be his first heir but… 949 more words