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3.1 - Data Modelling

Data modelling is crucial to designing apps. Whenever data is to be handled, it has to be in systematic. Most of the apps handle system data, user data and likewise. 495 more words

8.1 - Final Week

The Hasura Internship has been an awesome experience for us. If not for it, we wouldn’t have built a website on our own. We learned new things, discussed our doubts with other interns – it was fun to work with them. 168 more words

7.1 - Bricked Phones - User Testing and Feedback

It’s the seventh week – time to deploy our site online, for other interns to try! We hoped for the best outcome – we were confident that the fellow interns would appreciate our efforts. 219 more words

1.2 - The App Prototype

It’s time to present our prototype of our app idea – Yeah, that idea of ours called Bricked Phones – which is yet to be conceived. 512 more words

1.1 - Three Screen App Idea

The first week of the internship! The excitement of building an app is just overwhelming – more if it the first time you are doing it! 285 more words

6.1 - Bricked Phones - Screen 3

We call our third and final screen of our app as Write Review screen. If a user wants to share his experience of a phone, he can do so on this screen. 162 more words

5.1 - Bricked Phones - Screen 2

The second screen of our site is the Phone review screen, where a user is redirected to when he selects a phone on Home page, i.e the first screen. 174 more words