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Last of the Hats

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Could it be better? Yes.

Am I unhappy with it? Aside from the hair….no.

Was the cat a major hindrance today? Absolutely. I love him, but I can’t sit at my desk and do anything without him hopping up, walking on my work, rubbing under my chin, or taking stuff (pencils, keychain, buttons, paper clips) etc. 24 more words


Linux Firewalld Zones and Services

Zones are pre-constructed rulesets for various trust levels you would likely have for a given location or scenario (e.g. home, public, trusted, etc.). Different zones allow different network services and incoming traffic types while denying everything else. 988 more words


Red Hat CentOS Linux Firewalld

A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic. 1,076 more words


New pattern "Out-of-the-blue"

My new pattern “Out-of-the-blue” will soon be published. At the moment, I am looking for testknitters. If you like to participate, here is the link to ravelry: 258 more words


Knitted royal crown hat with faux ermine trim

This is so fun. How can you live without have a hat like this? I love it. Alas, I cannot find shopping details for it. Autumn / Winter 2017. 27 more words