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Fantastic Maps' tutorials

There are quite a lot of interesting tutorials on drawing maps over at Fantastic Maps.

Most of them are about overland mapping, but there are also some for the ambitious dungeon mapper. 15 more words


Mage Lab

Having played lots of Ars Magica in the past, mage labs are especially dear to me.

This is a simple underground lab, with a meeting room, a trapped hallway, the lab room and the mage’s sleeping room. 24 more words


First try

Here is my first try of a very small dungeon map. I created it mainly to try out my newly purchased Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch tablet. 52 more words


King of the flock

Meet Elvis. The king, the boss, the top dog …er rooster in our flock of thirteen chickens.

Elvis is a blue Maran. It took me a little while to be sure of this, he looks nothing like the three other Marans that we have. 257 more words


Countdown to hatch day

Things are getting interesting with the duck eggs – between yesterday afternoon and today, all the eggs pipped externally, within just a few hours of each other! 863 more words


Incubation - Day 26?

I am a bit concerned now, as according to my calculations, our 5 duck eggs should be already entering the hatching phase (26th-28th day), but although they are still alive (I can see them moving inside when I candle the eggs) they have not pipped internally. 666 more words

Feeding And Care

Where to Start.

Where oh were to start… Our turkeys have decided to turn on us. Now instead of coming up to be pet they come up strutting only to try pecking us. 431 more words