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How to Hatch a Dragon Egg

As the holiday season is upon us, I have noticed many packages that look suspiciously like dragon eggs pass from one to another. I’d like to see everyone enjoy their new dragons, but not everybody may know the means with which you must hatch that egg. 784 more words


Winter chicks...

The tell-tale shell!  It’s so cool how the chick unzips the egg much like we would take the lid off a hard-boiled egg.

Snow White was all about rolling her eggs out of the nest today.  285 more words


Hatching & Cross- Hatching

Hey all!

I hope everyone’s been awesome.

In this post, we’re going to be exploring hatching and cross-hatching. If you’re going to draw with me you’re going to need a few things. 196 more words



As one of our first homesteading projects, we decided to start with gardening and chickens! We have done lots of thorough research and have begun plotting a large garden to begin a Back to Eden Gardening Method. 724 more words


Part 2, Project 2 (Still Life) – Exercise 4


For this still life, I placed a cushion, a photo album and a plant on top of a chair and illuminated the composition from one side with a white lamp. 464 more words

Still Life

Section Drawing

The following week in our Architectural Communication Techniques course we learned how to produce a section drawing. The drawing idea is actually based on the orthographic drawing principles however line weight (hierarchy of lines) line type and line quality in my opinion plays far more important role on sections because things we cut must be always drawn bolder than the things we see. 133 more words

Arch 111