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A New Journey

A little less than a year ago, two crows decided to make their home on a palm tree outside my window. Three adorable crow babies grew up right in front of my eyes. 309 more words


Bald Eagles Hatching in Ft. Myers

Bald Eagles Hatching in Ft. Myers

By Kelly Dean

There are quite a few birds of prey in Florida. But none like the bald eagle. 148 more words



eclosion, not explosion.

the butterfly doesn’t emerge soaring,

the butterfly literally

crawls out.

and its wings,

they’re all scrunched up,



when the butterfly emerges, 324 more words


I have heard quail chicks being described as looking like bumblebees. They really do remind me of bees, being so tiny and having brown-and-yellow stripes. Also once they have recovered from the effort of hatching, they zoom around the brooder like busy bees! 290 more words


I'm An Egg Making (And Hatching!) Fool In Pokemon Sun

Allow me to tell you a tale of pocket monsters and sharing. And learning. And then doing.

Buckle up.

A good friend of mine bought Pokemon Moon when it came out. 689 more words


Study for "Discovery"

On my last post, I shared some thumbnail sketches and a longer study for “Fort”. My featured drawing today  is titled “Discovery” and it is another comp based on the thumbnails. 228 more words

Sunday Sketchbook Feature

Chick Brooder & Broody Hen Ideas

At the start of each year those who hatch begin to plan what breeds they are hatching and when (if they haven’t already got their list together already). 99 more words