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Dash and Beep

Dash and Beep are two of the many new members of the Chicken Empire. Little Molly sat very determinedly on 4 eggs and out popped these two. 260 more words


No, I Didn't Forget

Today we revisit an old story. I didn’t forget, you know. I’ve been completely slacking  building the suspense. Now I can share the secret.

Remember the Red-Footed Tortoise eggs? 534 more words


Baby animal magic!

I have been trying to find that quote about not working with animals and children, but all I could find were quotes was about how much people love working with animals and children. 144 more words

Magical Monday

The Microsoft parable and the lost operating system of the Church of England

Once upon a time Microsoft dreamt of a Windows controlled world with every computer sold enabled by their operating system.  Such was the power of this dream that even when the iPad was born, Microsoft would not make its Office software available to this tablet world lest it damage the Windows dream.   302 more words

God Reflections

July 24, 1934: Seriously, Are You My Mother?

Ornithologists at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, having precious little to do in 1934, hatched – or rather engineered the hatching of, since they didn’t actually sit on the eggs themselves or do much of anything other than whisper words of encouragement to those actually sitting on the eggs – the very first ptarmigans in captivity. 249 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

It's nearly time!

This weekend you should all be watching this web Ustream TV live feed…THIS WEEKEND!

Ostrich Egg – Cam Live!


If you are long time reader of mine you will know a couple of years ago I fell in love with little Pip. 77 more words

Funny Fact Friday

Two Moms, Three Babies

Yesterday we had two mother hens and two chicks and a bunch of unhatched eggs. But then we looked in on them we saw that one of the eggs in the left behind nest was hatching. 411 more words