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Day 205: Drawing a Day

This soy bean in pen hatching was a quickie…


Recently-hatched Common Loon Chicks Stay Close to Parents

The first few days of life for Common Loon chicks can be quite precarious. As soon as their down dries, the chicks are quick to leave their nest and enter the water, where they are not as vulnerable as far as land predators are concerned. 107 more words


Please let the nightmare end!

So I left the farm yesterday. When I left it was peaceful, and mello, and everything was great. I left the farm for 9 hours total, just 9. 422 more words


The Miracle of 3 Eggs

I always enjoy seeing baby animals, so I’m very happy Mother Nature rewarded me with such a beautiful gift: 3 new gorgeous tenants and a very busy mama bird, which works on emptying the bird feeder at an impressive speed. 68 more words

Garden Stories

When in doubt, do a Kaonashi

Just thought kaonashi would be a perfect hatching subject. Therapeutic hatching :3 6 more words

Ink Drawing

Chicks and Tractors

Chick hatching season is upon us and, so far, we’ve got 11 new chicks bopping around the farm.

All the hens seem to go broody within weeks of one another, so we tend to see a sudden drop off in egg production every May and June. 513 more words