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Grow Your Own Chickens

This is “Hatch”. Yes, not a very imaginative name for my first-ever hatched chicken, but whatcha gonna do? Pictured here, he’s almost 3 months old, and will continue growing for about a year. 1,171 more words


Exercise 4: Shadows and reflected light

I used a chrome cafetière and a white ceramic coffee jar spaced enough apart to leave a good space.

After first quickly working out basic dimensions I then used quick sweeping marks with a medium pressure to lay down basic mid tone values. 322 more words

Part 1

AP Portfolio


Time to be short, sweet, and straight to the point.

I’m working on an AP Art Portfolio this year. The pictures below are some of the pieces I might consider putting in the portfolio, but it is not finalized yet. 115 more words

Doodle-Ventures: new beginnings

Election Day is finally here! If you feel like it’s been an eternity since all this U.S. election talk began, that’s because it kind of has been — maybe not exactly an eternity but 597 days can start to feel pretty close. 248 more words

We've Got a Sitter

Frodo is sitting on eggs once again. It doesn’t take long to get that hen broody! This is her third broody phase this spring already. When she lays, she lays very well. 1,127 more words


Pets-Zebra Finches have entered my life!

March 23, 2015, my husband surprised me with a pair of beautiful Zebra Finches. They were born December 24, 2014.  It was only 24 hours before the female, Bonnie, laid an egg in the bottom of the cage. 154 more words