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Duck Mama

I’m all for devoted mothers but this was special. Mama Bear kind of special.

We live on a hobby farm and at one time had a brace of Moscovy ducks. 279 more words


Backyard Chickens: Candling Eggs

So you’ve got chooks and a rooster and you want some chicks. But how do you know if the rooster is doing his job?

The way to check eggs to see if they are fertile is called “candling”. 122 more words

Urban Farming


My last dragon for my first nest, Nemo! The first one to also receive a name, although they will all get a name.

Nemo on Tris’s Artful Stories


Who's in Rabbit's House

Class assignment. We had to depict a seen from a story, so I went with Who’s in Rabbit’s House. It was my favorite tale as a kid. 67 more words

Day 274: Drawing a Day

More sketching in the park on a great fall afternoon chatting with my friend while our babies were playing around us…pretty blissful :-)

Since we were sitting close to a little oak tree, this hatching drawing is what I ended up with. 51 more words


Unicorn event 2015

First things first, I’m a realist the unicorn limited items! They look fabulous! Though showing them days before releasing them was a bad move… A bad move… 164 more words


Day 273: Drawing a Day

This is an impression of my foot resting on a cushion at the end of a long tiring day, in pen. I had a lot of fun just relaxing making all the hatchings, and expanding the drawing from foot to clothing to cushion to the pattern on fabric, as my fancy took me on this journey. 16 more words