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Hatching Chick Craft

Spring is here. Thank the good Lord! To celebrate, we opted for a craft I’ve been excited about for months. Mateo’s fascinated about the idea of animals hatching out of eggs. 452 more words

Spring Means Chicks: Remembering our First Hatch

Our obsession with poultry started last April when we incubated our first five eggs in my classroom, and amazingly all five hatched! Three turned out to be roosters, they all turned out to be exactly what we were missing in our lives. 536 more words


Hatching Your Own Chicks

[ reposted from my Cappers Farmer blog: http://www.cappersfarmer.com/blogs/falcos-poultry.aspx ]

Hatching out your own chicks using an incubator can initially seem to be a daunting task.  My preference is to allow hens to hatch their own chicks, but you may want to use an incubator until you have a few great broody hens willing to do the work for you. 553 more words


Make a wish!

Our baby transformed into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly and is off to explore the world.