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More Silkie chicks

Another box has started peeping – the peeping in that end of the greenhouse is my first clue there’s been a hatching.  Mother hen is maintaining eye contact from the background. 128 more words


The Chick Cycle, and Hen-in-a-box

First comes the broody hen.  Usually I find her staunchly defending her post on at least twenty eggs, spread out like a feather pancake futilely trying to cover them all. 422 more words


Look Who's Hatching

Written by Alice Brown. Brown is a recent graduate from Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Family Relations and was an intern for Jaci Foged. 304 more words


Under the feather curtain

They’re hatching!

Let’s see who’s under that wing…One little baby.   Let’s look farther under the feather curtain…A  whole mess of chicks and shells… This damp little guy was still attached to his shell with a piece of the shell membrane wrapped around his leg- yikes!All free.And all the broken vacant  shells cleaned out from under Mom. 


When she becomes a mother.....

The appearance of an alligator is frightening, to say the least. And if it opens its jaws to reveal all those sharp teeth, then it is danger personified! 390 more words

Birds And Animals

From Eggs to Pullets...

This time last year I was undertaking incubating and hatching my first ever batch of Fertile Plymouth Rock Eggs, today as I eagerly await an order of French Maran Fertile Eggs to add a second heritage chicken breed to my flock I have been reminiscing about last years virgin hatching. 1,242 more words

Ethical Animals

Freshly emerged

Our zoo has a butterfly house during the summer months and you are able to watch new butterflies emerge on an almost daily basis.

Here is one such new butterfly.