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Day 1

Just a few warm up exercises I read about here.

Connecting dots was definitely the hardest one for me, especially when connecting long lines from the bottom-up or left to right. 59 more words

Caricatures and Self-Portraits

To prepare ourselves to create a self-portrait caricature we were to look up three well known caricature artists and imitate one of their works each. This would help us develop a feel for the style of a caricature, for when we went to make our own. 260 more words


Housekeeping and More

A fun commission created as an advertisement for a friend’s business. I’ve never had more fun drawing bubbles.




Here’s a few videos of a quail chick hatching and wobbling around right after. ¬†Fun stuff!

A New Journey

A little less than a year ago, two crows decided to make their home on a palm tree outside my window. Three adorable crow babies grew up right in front of my eyes. 309 more words