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Baby bluebirds

Each person who looks into a nestbox gets a magical window into the life of a bird. This glimpse can give them an appreciation and respect for birds they would never get otherwise.- Karen Louise Lippy, Bluebird_L, 2002


Guinea Keets

Two of our guinea fowl hens have been sitting on a humoungous collection of eggs for weeks, assisted by Zita, the white chicken. Recently, some of the eggs started hatching, but this gave rise to great confusion. 240 more words



  The emperor penguin is the biggest of all penguin species – it stands around 120 cm tall and weighs up to 45 kg. Its body and way of life are very well adapted to the extreme cold weather in Antarctica where its… 502 more words


Photo story: Process of introducing chicks of selected strains in Ethiopia

The African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project’s chicken hatching and brooding facilities in Ethiopia are located in the Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Centre of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) whose entrance is pictured above. 198 more words


Pastels - For the Birds!

I do love drawing birds, and today I wanted to share this fat little fellow hopping around in a bit of snow. I did have a lot of fun drawing him, but this post isn’t actually about birds. 370 more words


Baby Quail!

Yayyy!! Success!! My little quail hen has finally done it!! She hatched two babies all by herself! :D I am so pleased! It is very rare for coturnix quail to brood, but mine did it last year (see my post… 143 more words