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Incubating Eggs, part 4: The Hatch!

Hatch Day is officially over!

Everyone who is going to hatch is hatched.

We have 18 more baby chicks!

*Of the eggs we had left at day 18, only one didn’t hatch. 474 more words


Incubating Eggs, Part 3

We made it to day 18!

The day 10 candling confirmed that the all those Minorca, and two other eggs, did not develop. While I am disappointed, it might have been a good thing. 312 more words


Signs of Life

Spring is just around the corner! The signs are everywhere from the tulip bulbs poking through the mulch to the increased egg production from the ladies! 152 more words


Flipping magic: on the turtle trail in Barbados

Watching turtle hatchlings make it to the sea is just one of many good reasons to visit Barbados in low season


First Hatch 2018: Final Count And Recap

The first hatch of the year was an unusual one: the bulk of the batch was shipped Cream Legbar eggs – and shipped hatching eggs typically have a low hatch rate (for a number of reasons). 555 more words

Homesteading / Farming

In The Incubator: Chicken Eggs On Lockdown (Hatch #1)

It’s hatching time! We have several incubators here on the farm and we like to keep them busy – we typically hatch eggs during spring, summer, and fall, so we’re starting a little earlier this year. 441 more words

Homesteading / Farming

Spring Flowers and Fowl!

The secret to a great flock of chicks is great eggs! Today I will be sharing a little bit about an industry secret used in hatching broilers and broiler-breeder flocks to help you this hatching season! 529 more words