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Pets-Zebra Finches have entered my life!

March 23, 2015, my husband surprised me with a pair of beautiful Zebra Finches. They were born December 24, 2014.  It was only 24 hours before the female, Bonnie, laid an egg in the bottom of the cage. 154 more words

Little Owl's Egg

Little Owl’s Egg
Debi Gliori and Alison Brown
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Baby Owl’s response to Mummy Owl’s announcement that the egg she’s just laid will become a new baby owl is anything but positive. 271 more words

Picture Books

Hatching Your Own Chicks

[ reposted from my Cappers Farmer blog: http://www.cappersfarmer.com/blogs/falcos-poultry.aspx ]

Hatching out your own chicks using an incubator can initially seem to be a daunting task.  My preference is to allow hens to hatch their own chicks, but you may want to use an incubator until you have a few great broody hens willing to do the work for you. 559 more words


Inktober, Day 6

This is my first Inktober piece of the year.  I’ve been meaning to draw and post more, but alas, that wasn’t entirely possible due to the usual craziness here in Millie’s World. 13 more words


The Only Chick

The latest broody hen hatched out just one chick.

Unfortunately, she decided she was NOT done sitting on the rest of her eggs, and insistently refused to get up and start mothering, for several days (!). 158 more words


More Silkie chicks

Another box has started peeping – the peeping in that end of the greenhouse is my first clue there’s been a hatching.  Mother hen is maintaining eye contact from the background. 128 more words


The Chick Cycle, and Hen-in-a-box

First comes the broody hen.  Usually I find her staunchly defending her post on at least twenty eggs, spread out like a feather pancake futilely trying to cover them all. 422 more words