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Chicken Fiasco---Newborns

Update: We did lose one chick. Down to 6.

Hey Everyone!

All the chicks are born that we’re gonna have in this batch. Out of 13 eggs, we got 7 chicks. 423 more words

Winter is coming.

We have been preparing our barn, coop, and pasture for winter. With -40 degree and colder weather it is easy to lose livestock. My husband and nephew made a new sheep fence with electric fence that is closer to the house so watering won’t be as difficult in winter. 890 more words


Our Salmon are Hatching!

Some salmon eggs in both of our classroom incubators are beginning to hatch. Take a look at a few of our new alevins!


the azure three

amidst the patch of patient pumpkin
grows a wee waiting watermelon
they all await the shifter’s seven
hoping for to the hatching hasten

a bed of twigs a hedgehog haven… 249 more words


Quails Hatching!

Hey Everyone!

Well, we finally had some quails hatch! Yesterday (Oct. 27th) was Day #20 and we had our first chick hatch. He struggled, but he made it! 132 more words



Sunset brings orange sky,

Mosquitoes hatch in old tire,

Bats fly from deep cave.

by John Patrick SeekampĀ  2015


What's the matter? The food ain't that bad! Inktober Day 10

Another one down! Was stumped with what to draw for the “alien” prompt, but then felt foolish for missing probably the biggest “alien” movie around! (Sorry… 8 more words