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Syrian refugees pepper-sprayed in Vancouver

Last Friday someone riding a bicycle pepper sprayed a group of 15 Syrian refugees at a welcome event in Vancouver, Canada. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. 113 more words


Darfurian refugees' cars in Anchorage vandalized with written threats

A week ago on Sunday adult male Darfurian refugees living in Anchorage, Alaska awoke to find malicious messages painted on two of their cars and the car tires deflated. 994 more words


Refugees in Tucson face underemployment, prejudice and racism from the community

A recent newspaper article explores the plight of refugees placed for resettlement in Tucson, Arizona. It seems that the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is placing refugee professionals such as mechanical engineers and doctors in entry-level jobs such as dish washing. 380 more words


Refugees in Rochester, NY still under attack

It’s now been almost two years since this blog reported on attacks occurring on refugees in Rochester, NY.  The US refugee program has not solved the problem and continues to resettle refugees to this known dangerous site.  392 more words

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Students rally in support of refugees in Concord

Students from Concord High School rallied yesterday in support of the refugees targeted with abuse last week. An article in the Concord Monitor has the details: 114 more words


Third case of threatening notes left at refugees' homes in Concord

Another case of insulting notes have been left at the home of another refugee family in Concord. The notes said that the refugee family members are “inconsiderate assholes” who receive everything for free and that they needed help getting kicked out of their apartment. 343 more words