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British Police Priorities

Britain may not be able to stop massive child-sex rings, but By God, they’re going to throw the book at people doing stupid things on YouTube… 306 more words

USA: Muslim students living in fear on campuses

March 19, 2018

One in three Muslim students are living in fear of Islamophobic attacks or abuse on campus – and women who wear traditional garments are most concerned for their safety, a report has found. 1,015 more words


Breaking Down Barriers

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, March 19, 2018

Breaking Down Barriers

The Apostle Paul talks about barriers several times in his letters. Not only about breaking down barriers between people, between Jews and non-Jews, between male and female, slave and free, but also between us and God. 454 more words

Austin Serial Bomber Escalates With Deadly Tripwire

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The hunt for the serial bomber who has been leaving deadly explosives in packages on Austin doorsteps took an even more sinister turn Monday when investigators said the fourth and latest blast was triggered along a street by a nearly invisible tripwire. 672 more words

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Politicians Insult Women, Claim Jews Control the Weather

These idiots are writing laws. Small Government Stupidity, from Comrade Misfit.

There is an interesting discussion happening in the comments at the link above. 79 more words


🌞 👑 Ep.503 #HateCrime Explosions in #Austin (Music courtesy of EpidemicSound,com) - SoundCloud

Listen to Ep.503 #HateCrime Explosions in #Austin (Music courtesy of EpidemicSound,com) by The SunKing J Podcast #np on #SoundCloud


Breaking News: Police confirm fourth explosion in Austin Texas

AUSTIN — Officials are responding to an explosion in Southwest Austin Sunday night, Austin police confirmed at a press conference.

This latest explosion is the fourth in the month of March alone. 449 more words

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