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The Midwife of Hope River-by Patricia Harman-Extraordinary Story- Don't miss it! 5-stars

Patricia Harman’s writing is so vivid and authentic that I had to remind myself that the book was fiction.

The Midwife of Hope River is a compelling historical fiction novel that takes place in the 1930s, in the coal mining communities of Union County, West Virginia. 532 more words


Lesbians in the News 28/03/2015

Lesbians in the news

22/03/2015 – 28/03/2015

Lesbians in China – #FreeTheFive:

Li Maizi, formally known as Li Tingting, was arrested for “causing arguments in the street” in the leadup to International Women’s Day. 1,169 more words

Hate Crimes

Crtica o posrbicama, Turudiću i zakonima protiv budala

Previše je posla, nemam vremena pisati… ali moram biti pošten i prema sebi, pa priznati da nije samo to razlog. U velikoj mjeri me jednostavno napustila volja. 1,382 more words


Review of Kurt Brindley's The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor

Review of Kurt Brindley’s The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor

Paul Xylinides

Before I begin this review, let me first recommend to anyone whom it persuades to read The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor, that after doing so they further benefit themselves by looking again at their copy of Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor that I shall, however, quote from extensively. 1,443 more words


Kurt Brindley reblogged this on KURT BRINDLEY and commented:

Well, the giveaway period for THE SEA TRIALS OF AN UNFORTUNATE SAILOR has ended and I am happy to announce that we gave away more than enough for us to hold the drawing for the Amazon FIRE HD Tablet...provided everyone who grabbed a free copy of the book writes a review and we have fifty (50) valid contestants entered into the drawing by 11:59PM (EDT), Saturday, April 4, 2015, that is. Piece of cake, right? Right? Anyway, that will be the last Amazon Giveaway I will be able to do for a while, as I have ended my exclusivity with Amazon and from now will be selling my books on just about all major outlets, via Smashwords. It's nice to get back to Smashwords. I really dig the laid-back vibe they have. I like how they've positioned themselves as the David to Amazon's Goliath. Besides, it seems the glory days for Indie Authors and Amazon are over and it is going to take all venues to find one's market. We'll see... As you can tell, I reblogged my favorite Indie Author, Paul Xylinides' review of The Sea Trials. I continue to encourage you to visit Paul's sites - paulxylinides.com and theliteraryreader.com> - and to check out his writings. I'm certain you won't be disappointed. Thanks, Friends! S.H.I.T. - Sure Happy It's Thursday!

Georgia ‘patriot’ reportedly planted pipe bombs in park to sow fear of Muslims

I would like to point out that there are more important issues than Jolie’s ovaries…..

I am beginning to despise the word “PATRIOT”…….it is a word being batted around by cowards that want to use the concept to feed hatred. 83 more words


365 Days of Photos - Day 83

Some of you may recall back in February I visited a local community garden. Having lived in Texas for 16 years it did not surprise me to see plants growing in the garden mid-winter. 170 more words