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Would Ted Cruz have been a Worse President than Donald Trump?

Any informed and intelligent American is fully aware that Donald Trump will be remembered as the worst president in our nation’s history. He is already an embarrassment to any America who loves his or her country. 521 more words

Hate Crimes are Worse.

The recent horrible story of four black Chicago youths torturing a mentally challenged white teenager focused our attention on hate crimes.  First, was this a hate crime?   238 more words


How to Truly Make America Great Again

Many people are calling for us to give Trump a chance; to not condemn him for what he said on the campaign trail, and for what he’s done since he won the election:  for the Twitter rants and for the nominations he’s made, appointing people who seem both unqualified for the office assigned, and who in many cases have long espoused views in direct contradiction to the roles of the departments they have been proposed to head. 655 more words

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"Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine"

I’m a 37 year-old heterosexual French woman raised in a traditional Catholic family. I barely traveled during the first 15 years of my life. My whole education took place in a private school in Paris. 853 more words

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Family Members Of Charleston Victims Confront Roof In Court

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — One by one, family members of nine slain black parishioners confronted Dylann Roof for the last time Wednesday, shouting at him, offering forgiveness and even offering to visit him in prison as he awaits execution for the slaughter. 695 more words

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