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This is murder

Unreal: Vet Dies at VA Hospital While Nurse’s Aide Played Video Games

Nothing is too good for a United States Military Veteran. And in this case, that is exactly what he received – NOTHING! 104 more words


Political Leaders - No Such Thing

One thing citizens of the United States always seem to forget are the first three words written in the Constitution of the United States… “We the People.” The rest of the founding document details the limits we placed on a strong central government. 142 more words


Scalise to Speak at Anti-LGBT Convention

This man is from my state and when I heard he got shot, I didn’t care. Still don’t care that his life was on the line. 110 more words


Responding to Bigotry

WARNING:  Offensive Remarks Used for Illustration Purposes The Southern Poverty Law Center has developed an award-winning anti-bias guide entitled “Speak Up!”.  Hundreds of stories of bigotry – in …

Source: Responding to Bigotry


Dear Dreamers

US Code Title 8 Subsection 1325 (a) defines the elements of improper entry by aliens into the United States.

Regardless of how “Dreamers” landed on the shores of the United States, they are still illegal aliens – non-citizens of America – without the constitutional rights enjoyed by citizens, or the privileges granted to documented foreign residents and valid visa holders. 324 more words