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Black Lives Matter classified as hate group by FOX news.

Black Lives Matter movement, started from the unrest in Ferguson Missouri when a young, unarmed black man was shot by a city police officer has been vocal in their disdain for police brutality that is often aimed at black and brown citizens and have now been accused of being a… 218 more words

Black Lives Matter

Black Li es Matter

Remember the “V” is silent in the “black lives matter” movement. ┬áIf you don’t think it is a hate-filled racist movement, try telling them “All lives matter” and observe the response.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Little Girl Lessons

Eany meany miny mo
Catch a . . . .
Oh no, momma no!

These muddled lessons
Rhymes and poems
Bend and twist
This mind I own… 60 more words

Peace Be Gone

Peace be gone
You make that be
Soured by hate
Your acts do be

Rotting grime
Judgmental bliss
A thorn filled smile
Be how you kiss… 69 more words

Hate Group

Hate Groups; The American Terrorists

Any group that holds the objective of ridding the world of, or bringing harm to an entire group of people, based on their ethnicity, color or religion; any group who has a history of lynching men, women, and children, or of stomping on the heads of infants; any group of people who continue to murder innocent humans, is a “Hate Group”, or in other words, terrorists. 24 more words

Suspect Arrested After Alabama Church Shooting, #BlackLivesMatter Silent

During a church service on Sunday morning, all hell broke loose when a black man entered the sanctuary, sat down, and then pulled out a gun and began shooting. 36 more words


Republic Women Federated Welcome PJI's Hate Leader Dacus

Today 1AngryOldLesbian.org shined a spotlight on Brad Dacus and his SPLC-designated hate group Pacific Justice Institute. The Estero Bay Republican Women Federated brought Brad and his hatemongering to a luncheon at the public Morro Bay Golf Course. 20 more words