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A Comprehensive State-To-State Guide To America's Love/Hate Relationship With Nickelback

It’s one of today’s most pressing questions, dealbreakers, and tastemakers: What is your position on Nickelback? I personally don’t know anyone who likes Nickelback, but that might be because according to… 465 more words

Web Culture

Shake It Off (AH Remix)

Paco goes in Taylor Swift’s Shake it off *enjoy*

Song: Bad Breeding - 'Burn This Flag'

  Hate Hate Hate Records are set for a new release this month with Stevenage’s finger-burning punks Bad Breeding – and ‘Burn This Flag’ is a thrilling, incensed attack on the modern state of Britain; a political charge that’s as potent as that of the punk bands of the Thatcher era. 147 more words

Three Beams

Tacos Aren’t Cultural Appropriation, They’re Delicious

That depends, are you delicious?

Are tacos hate crimes? No wait, come back. Tacos are a pretty great way to get your salt/fat/meat daily allowance while celebrating a proud culture who’s chief exports are cocaine and decapitation. 289 more words

Hate Hate Hate

My Shitlist 4/6/14

Things I hate at the moment…

Flip-floppers: you know the type. The ones that say they hate or like something, then turn around in their message after. 1,040 more words

Comments I've Left on Yahoo News Stories

On Drake:

Hey Wheel Chair Jimmy, go fuck yourself.

On the so-called ‘gay agenda’:

They want to shove dicks down your throat. That’s the ‘gay agenda’. 140 more words

Hate Hate Hate