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Alternate life boy-me is living the dream

Lol. No. Not at all. Boy-me’s life doesn’t seem so great either.

So my email address, which I will not leave here, is just my first initial and my last name. 328 more words


Authentic Heritage: Responding to Borderline Hate Mail

by Jake Levine

        Of all the articles I’ve written at The Drew Acorn, “We Are Still Here” is the last one I expected to get a response from. 800 more words


The Weatherman

The weatherman stood in front of his green screen, no longer caring.

Nobody paid attention. He presented his statistical analyses of what will likely happen, but everyone read it as “this will happen,” despite his careful wording. 134 more words

Short Story

Typical Examples of Christian Fundamentalist and Conservative Evangelical Hate Mail

Whose Head Would the Jesus of the New Testament Bloody?

Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are famous for sending out hate mail to assorted people they dislike. 1,003 more words

Hate Mail #1: The common cold

What the hell. That’s what I have to preface this with.

It’s winter, and you’re prevalent everywhere. You’re invasive, and you don’t even ask for consent before entering my body! 150 more words

Hate Mail

Kingston synagogue targeted by anti-Semetic hate mail

Less than a week after Kingston’s Jewish community gathered in Market Square to celebrate Hanukkah, the religious group was targeted by ant-Semitic hate mail Monday. 353 more words