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One Less Blog to Read

Well, I’ve started deleting my blogs from 2016. Some of you will be wondering which of them are under the knife this time, but just wait and see if you have guess correctly! 363 more words


Pit Bull Victims Harassment, Ashley Elizabeth Schiano Sends Harassing Messages

Ashley Elizabeth Schiano Stalks and Harasses the father and family of a child killed by pit bulls.

Stop by Ashley’s profile and tell her how you feel about this:  15 more words

Hate Mail

The Homewood P.O., & Radical Kindness

(I posted the following to Facebook just over a week ago, a few days before I started this blog. Now that this blog exists, I thought I’d say it here too.) 937 more words


Back in October 1999, Columnist Rick Reilly wrote an article in Sports Illustrated mocking cheerleaders and cheerleading.  Link is below.


As the father of a cheerleader, here’s my response: 791 more words

Lingerie haiku

Gonna slip into
Something super sensual
And send him hate mail.



Hate Mail O' The Week

It’s been a long time since I had some post-worthy hate mail, but this one is definitely worthy of your consideration.

This one comes from Las Vegas troll “Your Worst Nightmare,” which I guess is supposed to frighten me, and it would if this person was the incarnation of my actual worst nightmare: Hillary Clinton doing naked jumping jacks on my table while I’m enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. 271 more words

Hate Mail

The Shutters 2016: Golf's Whiny Bitch of the Year

Also Known As The Ian Poulter Award

The professional golf season for 2016 is over. The weekend hacker season will be soon for those of us in cool climates. 1,312 more words

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