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Hate mail from God haters

After exposing the fact that retardation is nothing more than demonic possession, I have received countless emails from God haters. Most of these are from atheists, sodomites and the parents of retards (Satanic beings). 559 more words


When the Truth Hurts, Label it "Hate"

Today as we celebrate our freedom (of speech) we’d like to take a moment to address those who seek to defame Crumbling Town as, in their words, “a hate site.” 590 more words

Homeless Trash

Dear Crumbling Town, "Your Honestly a Complete Moron"

In yesterday’s blog post, we featured the story of a tweaky-looking nomad and his considerable collection of bicycles. We presented our readers with this question, “If anyone has the real story about Rehoming Bike Man, please let us know.” 581 more words

Homeless Invasion

The joy of hate mail....

Well I called it. Knew last night as soon as I posted the latest episode of MoM (6-22-15) there was going to be some backlash. It’s something I’ve gotten quite used to since doing podcasts for over 2 years now. 152 more words


Hate mail and the good Christian woman

“Hate mail” and “good Christian woman” are not phrases usually found in the same sentence. Good Christian women certainly do not write hate mail, and heaven forbid they should act or speak in a way that warrants receiving it. 819 more words

2015 U.S. Open: Day 2

Crispy And Crusty

Thanks to the USGA and the cooperation of Mother Nature, Chambers Bay is right where course set up wizard Mike Davis wants it right now……dry and more dry. 994 more words

Tour Talk

It's true. I reported on a breaking news story a year and a half ago because I'm fat. 

“turns out your article in slate about boulder is complete horseshit. 6 women philosophers in the department have come out in scathing opposition to the retarded investigation that was carried out on their department.

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Hate Mail