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My First Hate Mail

So this is my very first post. I’ve kept a few blogs here and there but I’m going to go at it this time. My girlfriend is a blogger extraordinaire and she’s inspired me to give it a try. 294 more words

Fine Ass

Teamster lackey: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

This blog remains largely immune from hate mail, probably because a) it’s readership is miniscule and b) the topics so arcane that few crackpots can work up the energy to put crayon to paper in order to fire off a misguided missive. 480 more words


Friday Favorites #3

This weeks Friday Favorites include mean comments, interesting jobs and beautiful photos. 825 more words

Friday Favorites

Same-Sex Couple Threatened Ahead of Wedding

After the Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the right to marriage throughout the United States, there has yet to be a stop to anti-gay remarks and discrimination towards the LGBT community. 194 more words


Anita Hill Believes Feminists Can Learn From Angry Men

Pictured above is Kerry Washington from the upcoming HBO film, ‘Confirmation’ about Anita Hill.

Anita Hill, who is no stranger to to public criticism and hatred, has the opposite idea for female writers who have been told “Don’t read the comments”. 254 more words

Black Girls Rock

Hate Mail

A word to the wise, my team and I read it, but don’t put any thought into it. As a matter of fact, you will likely get some form of social media connection notification from us if you send us some type of disrespectful, presumptuous, and down right immature message in any way. 271 more words


Hate mail

Someone close to me got ‘hate-mail’ last week. It reminded me of a piece of  paper I found when I was cleaning the attic a few weeks back that I saved from a long time ago. 203 more words

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