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​The Virus of Hate Speech

​The Virus of Hate Speech

By Kayode Komolafe

In a recent discussion of the virus of hate speech that is plaguing the public sphere, a lawyer was reported as saying that there are more important issues worthy of attention. 1,159 more words

Christie Blatchford: We already know how to silence the cranks, do we really need M-103?

Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Goldstein asked, in the pro forma manner, “Do you wish to enter a plea of guilty?”

Eric Brazau paused then replied, with exquisite care, “I… 934 more words

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Free Speech or Hate Speech?

The following news story from about a month ago (Jan 2017) tackles the argument: do publishers, in this case Simon & Schuster, get to decide what is published despite a clear concern that the book may contain flagrant hate speech? 286 more words

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Forbes: How Twitter's New Censorship Tools Are The Pandora's Box Moving Us Towards The End Of Free Speech

Forbes: How Twitter’s New Censorship Tools Are The Pandora’s Box Moving Us Towards The End Of Free Speech. “Earlier this morning social media and the tech press lit up with reports of users across Twitter receiving half-day suspensions en masse as the platform abruptly rolled out its decade-overdue hate-speech filter to its platform. 138 more words

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It was provided by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to inform us how many hate groups in each state and I will provide the link below.

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