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Media Law- Freedom of Speech

The air is poignant, the sweet taste of freedom is rifely wafting through the air marking the end of a tumultuous era. Echoes of freedoms songs become the legacy of a ‘new’ South Africa. 758 more words


Pope John XXII quote about the love of Christ

Today’s Lenten quote about love/compassion:

This one sentence is so packed with meaning for me that I hardly know how to write about it in one entry–but here goes: 279 more words


A Mother Speaks: The Pain of Having a Child Who's Being Bullied.

Over the past couple of days we have spoken to a teenage girl and a teenage boy about bullying. If you missed those perspectives, you’ll definitely want to check them out… 1,467 more words


Attorney explains why SAE's hateful speech must be protected

I considered writing a blog post about the recent story of the University of Oklahoma expelling members of the SAE fraternity for chanting racial slurs. I was going to write about how even though I hate the hate speech, the students should not be kicked out of school by a public University (a state actor under the Constitution) for their expression. 184 more words

Free Speech

20 Feminist Headlines That Would Count As Hate Speech If They Were Written About Jews

As a nuclear power, and with an economy chugging along at close to $300 billion USD measured in gross domestic product, there is no question that Israel has become a global powerhouse. 1,110 more words

Expelled for Hate Speech? A Constitutional Question

Recently, a racist and hateful song led the University of Oklahoma to expel two students and shut down the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house. Now constitutional scholars across the country are throwing out their opinion about whether the students can be expelled for hate speech. 530 more words

Constitutional Law

Academic freedom – what we can’t choose not to say

On 20th March, the University of Kent held a symposium on academic freedom to mark the centenary of the AAUP 1915 Declaration of Principles on Academic Freedom. 2,161 more words