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Indoktrination ist #nichtegal, aber auch #nichtnützlich

Das bezieht sich auf meinen letzten Post. Tr;dr: Wenn die Politik missliebige Meinungen respektive das “Pack” oder die Untermenschen mit bestimmten Weltanschauungen gezielt diskreditiert, ist das nicht so prickelnd. 592 more words

Facebook and YouTube are rewarding users for policing online hate speech

Facebook and YouTube have long allowed users to flag offensive content. In response to the rise of propaganda from extremist groups like ISIL, German xenophobes… 479 more words

Entartete Meinungen sind #nichtegal

Heiko Maas und die anderen möchtegern-totalitären Kommunisten in der SPD und den anderen linken Parteien zensieren ja nun offensichtlich schon seit einer Weile mit scheinbar zu wenig Erfolg facebook. 1,115 more words

Law Enforcement Will Use Algorithm to Scan for Hate Speech On Social Media

Law enforcement will use an algorithm to scan for hate speech on social media. “Police in the US may soon be able to scan social media to predict outbreaks in hate crime, using a computer program being developed at Cardiff University….An algorithm will automatically identify cyber-hate on Twitter in specific regions of the US and look for a relationship between online hate speech and offline hate crime.”

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Racism= Policing The States Mind

British Dictionary definitions for racism





the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others…

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Hate Speech

Anti-Defamation League Creates Post To Combat Online Anti-Semitism – Forward.com

Makes sense, with hopefully some broader lessons for combatting hate speech of all kinds on the Internet:

The Anti-Defamation League has created a position dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism and bigotry on the internet.

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Dear Justin

WARNING: Post includes vulgarity and hate speech.

Dear Justin Woodard,

I am a white female in college, and I have been surrounded by your story. When I first received the screenshot of your snapchat, my jaw dropped. 1,107 more words