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German law takes initiative in countering hate speech on social media

Source: Religion New Service

By Tom Heneghan | December 8, 2017

PARIS (RNS) The internet has been called “the world’s biggest sewer,” where hate speech and fake news are polluting a global source of solid and valuable online information. 805 more words

The Muslim Times

Importance of Free speech

Perhaps no single political act can sabotage creative discovery in science, philosophical exploration and the health of a democracy than the suppression of freedom of speech. 315 more words

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Inside the Trojan Horse of the Speech Police

Determining when speech is hateful or harmful is the Trojan Horse of political correctness. In the name of social justice and diversity, good people are being coerced to happily follow the path of political correctness, yet they are destined to drown in a sea of oversight and oppression. 273 more words


Safe space, free speech and hate speech

No trans woman should have to hear that trans women are a threat to cis women, without robust rebuttal, ideally by allies rather than ourselves. In particular in universities, where trans women are in their late teens and early twenties, where they live on or near campus and spend much of their time on campus, they should be protected from the idea that we are a threat, either ourselves or that violent men will pretend to be women in order to assault women, if we get recognition. 476 more words


Ethical Issues Journalists Face Today

A report published earlier this year by the Ethical Journalism Network analyzed the most prevalent ethical challenges journalists must acknowledge in the current political climate. One of these is how to accurately report on hate speech and intolerance within the confines of the freedom of speech. 183 more words


It's Your Right to be Hateful: Anti-LGBTQ flier causes first amendment debate


Back in October, an offensive flier was posted on Cleveland State University’s campus. The flier encouraged LGBT people to commit suicide and depicted a person with a noose around their neck, LGBT suicide related statistics and a quote that read, “Follow your fellow FAGGOTS.” The flier was quickly removed by university officials, however, not because of its offensive language, but because, “proper posting procedures were not followed.” No group has taken responsibility for the poster, but a campus group called, ‘Turning Point USA’ has been accused – they deny any connection to the flier. 501 more words

The Hates and the Hate Lots


Are you a hater?

Perhaps a hate preacher of some variety?

I’m veritably overflowing with hatred. Perhaps, to some limited extent, I even strive to spread hate. 836 more words