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I'm Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Chewing Gum

Hey, you know who you are!  This is for you!

Buy up a bunch of this gum. We have a feeling you’re going to be handing it out as an unsolicited gift a lot.   28 more words



LOVE is blind….

What does the above line mean??Does it mean that people are blind when they are in love??No….

Well Love is a grrreat feeling which one experiences from within the heart.It is the time when the whole  world around you seems to look a beautiful n magical one,where even your foes seem to be good to you.When look at your soulmate violen starts playing and leaves n flowers start falling slowly upon you(just like in a Bollywood film!!) . 218 more words

Hate you.

Recovering your old

deleted photographs

From my phone

Cryingly repeating

Two words only

“Hate you!!”


To the one I lost.

To the one that I lost,

Tonight I watched a meteor shower with a boy. He was a very nice boy- more than nice, he was charming and funny and kind, and we ran barefoot under the stars to dance to our favourite song at the party, and he lent me his blue velvet jacket and pulled me up onto the wall to sit with him. 287 more words

Teach Me to Forget

Rather than regret it
I’d rather forget it
But there’s something about you
Because every time I try to
I end up loving you more… 58 more words


Friend, I hate you

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Why do I hate you my dear friend…? You disappoint me with deeds end.

You ignore our friendship for no reason, taking my words for granted buds tension… 150 more words