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Teach Me to Forget

Rather than regret it
I’d rather forget it
But there’s something about you
Because every time I try to
I end up loving you more… 58 more words


Friend, I hate you

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Why do I hate you my dear friend…? You disappoint me with deeds end.

You ignore our friendship for no reason, taking my words for granted buds tension… 150 more words


I dated a guy for 3 months to find out he was dating someone else

Lessons will be repeated until you learn from your mistakes.

I had a challenging year when I dated a number of people. I was looking for love when they were looking for sex. 742 more words

Hate Male

I am so not into you-

I think your a weirdo.

I throw up in my mouth a bit

Each time I have to see you. 99 more words


Gugudan - Hate You (미워지려 해)

Woeoeoeo Hating Hating
woeoeoeo woeoeoeo wo Hating Hating
Woeoeoeo Hating Hating
Woeoeoeo woeoeoeo wo Hating Ige mwoya nega nal bulleo nohgo 274 more words

The insurance companies are fucked up discriminating victims

I don’t give a damn that I say this. I don’t care that people I know work in those insurance companies. I even worked in one of them at some point. 531 more words

Bad Things


Love you.
Hate you.

Looking at me.