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Quote of the Day

There are poisons that blind you,
and poisons that open your eyes.

– August Strindberg –


Abstinence of Love

One of the most difficult things to deal with since the history of human existence, is an expectation. We learn from expectation, it’s a necessity to progress. 349 more words

With Trump as Their Leader, Republicans Are Escalating their Wars on the Majority

Long before Trump became their illegitimate president, Republicans had a number of goals to alter our nation from remaining a ‘democratic republic,’ and change it to a plutocracy. 868 more words

It's not in my cup of tea ...

Well I don’t have many friends but one of those people whom I call as my friend is Christin (aka Fat Platypus) and he loves black tea (which I think is someone connected to the fact that he belongs to the spice country – “Kerela”) but I hate it because he takes it without any sugar. 13 more words


April 22nd, 2018

The poets are only the interpreters of the gods.

– Socrates


Mom and Don

My mother never had any common sense when it came to men. When she divorced my ex-step-father, she started hanging out with everyone who would talk to her. 1,409 more words



Another attention grabbing heading. What’s the big deal. If someone’s born a man and feels like a woman, or vice-versa, what’s wrong with them undergoing surgery and treatment to realign how they look with which gender they identify as. 304 more words