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Good vs. Bad

There is a good girl and a bad girl.

So close, like sisters they share everything.

Depending on who they’re around is who they decide they want to be. 178 more words


Iconically us

Fortunately I’ve never been a sucker for happy ends, the fade to black since in life it’s bullshit. A Hollywood born abortion that somehow can’t fall off the silver screen amidst the fumes of the highway. 159 more words


Censorship: Are You Getting To Hear Everything?

What do humans truly hate and fear? Right up there would be knowing they’re wrong and having to acknowledge it. This is why books are censored because they point out the flaws and issues within a society and can often not only show the faults but also the way it could be improved and who really likes being told they’re wrong and shown how they’re supposed to be doing things? 389 more words

Hillary a Shark Looking for More Political Bait

Don’t let yourself be used for political bait.

Those liberal politicians are grooming you for hate.

When the truth is you’re only bait.

And just like the bait in a pond disappears. 33 more words


A letter to the next girl he loves

” Maybe he’ll be good to you and love you like he was supposed to love me, but I don’t think he knows how yet. So be warned, he’s too easy to love. 271 more words

Math (Interactive Poetry)

My friend Cassidy at The Outpourings of my Heart got a little clever with me this week and gave me the words – Add, Your, Comment. 86 more words


Woman tied man to his bed and set him on fire after offering a massage

A man nearly lost his life after a woman offered to give him a massage. According NBC 10 in Philadelphia, the Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, resident decided 173 more words