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Dear George, I'm heartbroken

The depths of my soul know that you don’t want me anymore.

We broke each other and we can’t fix each other like we used to. 80 more words


The Perfect Night

There was a boy and a girl named Romi…They were really close and they used to text for hours and hours,they enjoyed each others company..And while they talk not even a single sad thought crosses their mind..Everything was going great..But one day there was no message from the boy..Romi thought that he must be busy that is why he did not message and she started doing her work again..But as the day went by she became restless and was worried about him…Yet she did not call him even though she wanted to as she had her own reasons…But she texted him”Hey wer r u the whole day?”…She waited for the reply but in vain..She was thinking about him while in bed and she slowly drifted to sleep as she thought…She woke up the following morning and checked her phone…She saw that he had seen her previous message but did not reply to it..But Romi was happy to see at least the fact that he has seen her message..So she dropped a little message but full of love”Hey Dear”…And as the day went by she checked her mobile…She saw that he had seen the message but no reply…She started to really get worried..It was a long day at work and when reached home she was dead tired..She completed all the rituals like taking bath,family time,having dinner and other things..But she noticed that she was not feeling the same as usual..Even though it is her daily routine she was feeling like something is missing and up came the boys face and the time spent together texting in her mind..That night while in bed,she was dead tired but could not sleep…She rolled and changed position on the bed but she simply could not sleep..The thought of the boy filled Romi’s mind and they more she avoided and tried not to think about him the more and more she ended up thinking about it..As your mind works like that if you try not to think something you are already thinking about it by telling your mind to not to think about it…And Romi burst out in tears…Tears uncontrollably flowing from her eyes..She checked her mobile still no relpy or any message from the boy…She got up from the bed she opened the window and started staring at the moon..Her usually charming and mesmerising eyes now drenched and moist with tears but still beautiful enough to get lost in it…Romi shouted at the top of her lungs”Whyyyyy??” And started crying..It was only then Romi realized how much the boy meant to her…It was midnight she was still crying looking at the moon..And suddenly she saw a shooting start..She quickly made a wish”Where ever you are please reply me” and as soon as she completed making her wish,she heard her mobile’s message tone..She ran towards the mobile and picked it up with anticipation and she was in cloud nine as she saw it was a message from the boy..But Romi’s happiness was short as she was shocked as if she has seen someone she loved the most die and tears started flowing again as she read the boys message”Hey Romi…But I feel that we need to stop talking to each other”…..Romi gathered her thoughts and tried to relax by breathing deep..When she felt a little better but still with tears in her eyes she replied”Why would you say that???? 1,569 more words


WHAT DOES GOD HATE? Do you have a lying tongue…? (Part 2)

“16There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 17Haughty eyes, a lying tongue…”

The bible tells us that the tongue is one of the things that men have not been able to tame.  825 more words



turn it off . . .
bombings here . . .
there . . .
every fucking where . . .
men in blue . . 153 more words

What's On My Mind

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The power of Poetry

An Open Letter to Halloween...

When it comes to priorities I’m pretty set:

  1. School/Interning
  2. Working Out
  3. Eating
  4. Everything else
  5. Things I hate
  6. Halloween

If there’s one thing that messes with your week more than an exam it’s a pointless holiday that requires actual effort and planning- … 627 more words

Truths & Tales

Serious Trump Supporter?—Then Own It All

A New York Times headline today says, “Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins.” You can find it here: http://nyti.ms/2dO9GIY.

Threats of riots, violence—the typical Trump rally activity but conducted nationwide—is apparently what that means. 389 more words

U.S. Politics

FUCK you.

for abandoning me
for making feel less than
for making me believe that you love me
for lying to me
for those times you’d go out and leave me worried… 75 more words