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Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli

Monday Morning Musings



1. Mother of Californian woman ‘shot dead at random’ by illegal Mexican immigrant who had been deported FIVE TIMES condemns officials who let him stay… 1,147 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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We see our world crumble apart

The challenge is, not to hate

Though some of us have no <3

The good also is fate




Do you live in a place where you’re depressed, with barely any family, no friend, but can potentionally have a better life OR do you live in place where you have to deal with a little extra drama, but you have all your family, and still have the same potentional to succeed but just have to put more effort, and be happy? 251 more words

I Love/Hate Social Media

I love social media. It lets me share my thoughts, ideas, and sarcastic remarks with friends, family, and peers. It lets me see what everyone else is up to today. 145 more words


Poem - Furrowing Melody (Cut By The Song)

The burden runneth over

it’s abundance maketh full

spring trap placed to boulder

the string set to pull

cavernous jaws loose the carol

her plunder brought forth to plow… 97 more words


Did We Know Us?

Did we ever know each other?

When the days were bright

When we looked out at the world

When we thought we knew

Did you know me? 356 more words


The Year I was In Love - Chapter 3: The Wall

“You need a rebound,” Vanessa ripped me out of my daydream.

We were at the gym where I worked as a personal trainer. She was kind enough to meet me here for our daily workout. 3,207 more words