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Pain is Good

Ok this blog post is not about S&M. Fortunately or unfortunately for some….

I am talking about psychological as well as physical pain. Just like a back pain signifies that we need to rest our body and when a fever confines us to bed for a couple of days, psychological pain is telling us something. 459 more words

Living in a bubble

In 2013, Chris Rosati who had ALS, hatched a scheme to steal a Krispy Kreme donut truck. The plan was to “go around and give away the donuts,” 653 more words


Dear Pen Pal (Chapter 4)

Continued from Chapter 3…

From: sameer.bhatia@somemail.com
To: littleanjana@anothermail.com

Date: 5th April, 2015

Subject: Dear Pen Pal…

Hey kido…

Just got back from office 20 minutes back and I’m already on my laptop continuing on some office work. 578 more words


He (a younger man)

He didn’t know how could he ever see

His doubting self had clouded up his view

And who am I to tell someone like he… 99 more words




Like vultures

Circling their prey

Preying on

The weak-

The dead


Don’t have to be


-Kel Dayheart


I know it’s you calling my name, the unmistakable cadence of your voice and the subsequent thrill it ensues; a thrill only you have the ability to stir, or so I thought. 311 more words

My mother

I don’t really know why, but by the time we shared the house in Bulwer Street Pietermaritzburg, I was aware that I didn’t like my mother. 253 more words