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I cannot give myself to you

without him being there

and it’s not easy

nor is it fair

and  you’re so understanding

in the moments… 49 more words

Burgers for Better or Worse

When I look at a pig, I enjoy the fact that I can point to it and say, “there’s the prosciutto.” I’ve taught Little Miss Fussy where the bacon comes from as well. 638 more words


I talk too much 

I talk too much and laugh too much not becuase I have some ADD or something’ but becuase I love to share my thoughts alot , because I hate people too much and the people that I don’t don’t respond so I hate them so at the end i’ll hate every one on this earth after that I’m gonna destroy it . 74 more words


Life flows too slowly in me
So i speed it up, i set it right.
Tomorrow i kill myself
But tomorrow turns to another day… 112 more words

Berlin Broken #103

It is summer, it is hot,
We are chilling at the parking lot.

This heatwave I cannot contain,
The burn is causing pain.

You’re just like a flame, 10 more words


WizTweet #40

If we love everyone in the world but hate only one, then that is not love. But if we cannot hate anyone or anything, anytime, then that is love! 244 more words



Have you ever been hated? Like, “hold a grudge, nasty hate, brewing for years and years” hated?

I didn’t know I had been until a couple of weeks ago… And, believe me, it’s not nice. 1,051 more words