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message me again and throw me into another bout of crying;

shaking so hard i can’t breathe.

i stick my fingers into the back of my throat… 40 more words


Young men today.

Young men today are faced with the single greatest challenge that young women are just not: Disposability.

Marriage, today, is an incredibly bad choice for a young man, while being an incredibly favorable choice for a young woman; this is not talked about, because men are expected to deal with the fall out of this outcome… We constantly hear about these #Metoo movements surrounding women and their traumatic experiences, but when it comes to woman being favored in divorce proceedings and men being left in financial ruin, there is no #Metoo attached and nobody mentioning anything about this disposability. 153 more words


Day 83: The weight cycle

Ok, so first of all just a quick notice- I now have over 50 followers which is something that I dd not think would happen to me anytime soon.I started this blog as a means of getting what I felt out of me. 255 more words


Love your enemies

Love your enemies, and be good to everyone who hates you.  Ask God to bless anyone who curses you, and pray for everyone who is cruel to you.  495 more words

How it feels to be dead?

By: Tanya Singh

I’m finding a way as the lights fade
To crawl away from the hole I made
It’s just like being taut in wires… 318 more words

Judas's Lament

Despite what the scribes tell you, here’s the truth –
He let me go, I was the second snake –
The Fall he purposed just for triumph’s sake – 117 more words


Is it Hateful to Warn People of Hell?

Often times, when talking to a Christian brother or sister, we hear the phrase, “the gospel.” There seems to be some confusion surrounding this commonly used phrase. 2,279 more words