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The Echoes of the Oppressed: Holocaust Memorial Week 2018

This week is Holocaust Memorial Week; a morbid reminder of the horror that humans are capable of, but tinged with a glimmer of hope, in that we may be able to stop another such calamity by learning from those who have perished. 670 more words


it amazes me
that in the age of the internet
where knowledge, and the ability to be informed
is at the tip of your fingers… 182 more words


Poisoned From Within

A fool with a close mind and clenched fist
oh that beleaguered heart sin can’t resist.
When pride corrupts the sweet taste of live
then give into your hate and don’t think twice. 35 more words



My heart is bounding too damn fast
I feel it wanting to jump out of my chest
Anxiety poisons all of my veins
My brain twists and turns in constant pain… 24 more words


Be prepared for 2018 news: part 1 -- hate in Washington DC

2018 might well end up being the most historic year — or one of them — in recent American history.

We need to prepare ourselves for it, because Big Media won’t be reporting on it fully. 1,649 more words


I hate you Goodreads. I really, really hate you

(Source: thenextweb.com)

This is a cautionary tale, and one that could have been much worse.

I’m an avid reader. You can often catch me, … 847 more words


again a day....

again a day of which I don’t know if to hate you or to like you…