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Relapse (Profane Language)

Its 7:00pm and everyone is promptly gathered and in place around our dining room table.

We all join hands and bow our heads in silence as my mother asks me to say our family prayer. 1,384 more words

~Knowing Pain~NJM~

Emotional harm, Physical waste

Uneasy feeling bitter taste

Fastidious fear cry your last tear

Instigate Trifling

Presence so stifling

Negligent actions

Daunting infractions

Militant persuasion… 63 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Divided We Fall

Okay, so I’m trying to finish Bone Deep and get a real understanding of what I’ve gotten myself into with this book – not only are there skinwalkers, but there is a powerful, Native American medicine man in this with Eva and I really wanted to know a few things. 3,450 more words


Alabamiana: Thomas Reed vs. the Confederate Flag, 1988

In February 1988, when a black Alabama state representative named Thomas Reed was arrested for trying to climb a fence around the state capitol and remove the Confederate flag that was flying on top, the Civil Rights movement had supposedly been over for twenty years. 891 more words


I Can't Stop Thinking About How Much I Hate Big Ben

Everyone has those athletes that they just hate. They could hate them for their off the field issues. They could hate them cause they envy their success. 223 more words


The Confession

*In continuation with the previous read*

They planned to watch a movie the next day at his home. She wished that night to be shorter, while he wished to make the next day memorable. 609 more words


America in distress

  1. Aaron Kyle McLeod
  2. Angelique Ramirez
  3. Kimberly Vaughan
  4. Cynthia Tisdale
  5. Sabika Sheikh
  6. Chris Stone
  7. Jared Black
  8. Shana Fisher
  9. Glenda Ann Perkins
  10. Christian Riley Garcia

These are names of the ten victims slain last week in the Santa Fe High School shooting. 483 more words

Donald Trump