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Vampire Kisses

Oh yeah! Interview with the Vampire just came on.

Aimée and I saw it in Coeur d’Alene when it first came out. We were seated next to a couple of sweet 12- or 13-year old girls. 57 more words


How to explain White Supremacy to a White Supremacist

I am still trying to cope with the event in Charlotteville. I have been quiet on my blog; haven’t said much, haven’t read much. I try to understand what happened and the more I try the more I feel lost.  616 more words

Writing And Prompts

Why monuments are't our biggest problem...How Nelson Mandela Got it Wrong...and Why Racism Will Continue.

True history is a record of verifiable facts free from the prejudice of man. It must contain both his honorable, valiant, and noble deeds which ignite pride and gratefulness, as well as the deplorable and incomprehensible works of darkness that evoke shame and horror. 1,889 more words

Overcoming Loneliness

When Hate Comes Out: A Sermon in the Wake of Charlottesville

In my sermon this week I chose to address the hatred and violence on display in Charlottesville last week were clear and present signs of the reign of violence and hate that grips the world. 283 more words

Daily Dose 8/21/17

“To act is to be committed, and to be committed is to be in danger,” James Baldwin

Daily Dose

Take Off Those Blinders!

I have frequently mentioned that I do not care for anything organized because I am afraid of the mob mentality rearing its ugly head. Actually, I think this occurs in more than just organizations. 527 more words


Don't Lose Faith

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You Are Enough!!

  1. Self-limitations usually grip you with fear or hate.
  2. Find ways to exhibit love.
  3. Growth requires you to expand your comfort zone.
  4. 43 more words
Rays Of Light