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Hate in heart

Confusion clouds my mind I have

Only my words…..

To comfort me

It’s not me

This I know

You ……

Do you know

What you have… 574 more words


We Stand Together

First up, this post may seem a little off-topic but in a way it’s still relevant so please bear with me!! A couple of nights ago, a suicide bomber decided to blow themselves up as people were coming out from a gig at the Manchester Arena, which has a 21,000 capacity. 1,073 more words




There is something I have experienced. Life, fate, and people themselves take away people from you. Always. But, yeah, although it’s unfair, but you’ll get maybe lesser, but people, who care about you farther down the road. 428 more words

They Don't Recognize The Value Of Life

That’s been my first impression when terrorists go after large crowds.  I was wrong.  Terrorists know full well the value of life – that’s why they go after large crowds. 312 more words

it wasn't meant to be that way

She  hesitates to call  herself

human these days.

That  stone bruise of loss,

the lingering sting of reality

filleted by the bludgeon

of love and hate… 39 more words



We have been commanded to love our enemies.

When we refuse to pray for them,

we are holding hate in our hearts.

LET IT GO. 6 more words


Let Her Die

This month marked the one year anniversary of my past relationship with the white trash slut Jessica McInturff and till this very day, I still hate her, her family, and her children and wish them nothing but misery and death for the rest of their years.   203 more words