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"What I Said" / Memorable Fancies #1700

[“…irreducibly multiple meanings which continuously determine each other.” – Judith Butler]

When she repeated what I said, it didn’t sound at all like what I’d said. 26 more words


Don't you hate it when....

People cant see there face from their nose?!

In general I would not consider myself a people person. I have become every good at seeming confident and outgoing when I’m not, its  a skill I’ve had to learn to survive. 898 more words


Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing

It just happens when our mind wants to cling on to the known and the familiar. It happens to the extent sometimes we fail to live our life. 53 more words


Randomly Assigned

So, you were born. If you weren’t you obviously wouldn’t be reading this post. You exist, just like the other 7 billion people on Earth. And though you may feel triumphantly proud of some of your human features, it was so very random that you’ve no right to hold pride about any of them. 124 more words


~NJM Quotes~

Death is inevitable, love immeasurable, hate consuming ,want never ending~NJM~#Quotes

Bipolar Disorder

As a Matter of Fact

Your love is the best experience I’ve known
holding my hand thru the good & the bad
or only a phone call away
You raise my spirits to new heights… 54 more words


Another Great Gift Idea For The Liberals In Your Life

These are selling like hotcakes. Fun with practical, therapeutic benefits. And everyone knows, busy hippies are happy hippies!

Merry Christmas!