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I don't need anyone.

I hate this entire race. All we do is tear each other down. We discriminate against one and other, kill each other, rape, molested, bully ect… We are a destructive waste of space.

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It is 2:45 PM. He was supposed to be here by 2:30 PM.

I was glad that he chose a later time, because I had work to finish. 645 more words



I’ve shared in a previous post, that my mother and I never bonded. We have an unusual relationship. Similar to two people who went through a war together, both tremendously hurt by said war, both have so much to say to each other but, one keeps avoiding the other. 1,221 more words



You’re a reminder of my vulnerability.

So I avoid thinking about you, about us. Thinking about us means it was real. Pretending that you never existed is easier than accepting who I became. 154 more words

Love _ Hate

Have you ever had a love hate relationship with someone or felt like you have had one?

Have you ever liked someone and then out of nowhere it changes to not wanting to have them around you? 640 more words