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Let Love In...

Originally posted on Ben Carson’s Facebook page (1/16/17)


Hate and other opiathes 

Hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 

The stronger you hate someone the more harm it does to you and sometimes despite your better judgement there is nothing you can do to stop that because the mere existence of some people in your daily live make it hard not to feel enraged. 852 more words


I try hard to stay out of political fights, especially when those fights are more about character assassination than party platform and issues.

The problem, however, is that no matter how hard my brain tells me to stay out of it, my mouth ignores my brain. 292 more words


Musical Monday: MLK Day

Click here to listen to “M.L.K.” by the King’s Singers

I admit this might be more of an editorial piece than a musical one, but I find that listening to the above song while reading is a very calming experience. 367 more words


Amor Vida : Love Life Day 15

I can not hate!

Some people fall in love and go overboard with the feelings for the person whom they love and yet there are also people who go crazy mad with hate towards same people they used to once love. 799 more words


Top 3 of Marriage

Everyone loves their spouse…that is why you got married, but little do you realize all of the annoying that comes with marriage. The good obviously outweighs the annoying by leaps and bounds, but there are still small things that get under your skin! 1,224 more words