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B/U/B/B - Hate Culture

B/U/B/B – signifying the act of being Beaten Up By Boys, think about what ‘punk’ is for a second. Sit back in your cushioned chair, stroke your whiskery, pubescent chin and question it, what you got? 258 more words


God's Word to You September 3

Welcome to God’s Word to You

God’s Word to You today is found in Psalm 119:64

64 The earth is filled with your love, Lord; 100 more words

Friday Fictioneers - The Fall

“Mr. Bradley, you may address the jury with your final statements.”

“Thank you, Your Honor.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the evidence has been presented. 102 more words


Thoughts at 12:40 A.M.

I really wish that people bashing feminism would understand that it is so much more important and necessary than they think it is. Not just for women, but for… 144 more words


Not a poem. But read and consider.

Okay, so I’ve recently had quite a few people bring to my attention why exactly I hate people as a whole and in general. Before you rip on someone for no reason, treat them like shit, say something insulting, or just generally try to ruin their day, please consider this. 124 more words

How do we Love God?

How do we love God? Searching through the Bible, I am finding how difficult it is to discover the answer to this simple question. While there are many verses relating to “love” and “God,” they are generally focused on how God loves us! 797 more words



A fool I was
But not no more
The moment the awakening
Shook my soul
Selfishness consumed you
Took for granted
My everything
I broke I left… 64 more words