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Hate Has No Redeeming Qualities

Hate will only poisin the mind of the person who uses it to accomplish any goal in life.

Concentrating on hate with your conscious mind will send messages of hate to your subsconsious mind, and since your subconsious mind doesn’t have the capacity to hate, it will help you to mirror the characteristics of the person you are so hell-bent on hating. 82 more words


We all matter. 

Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas. That is all just in the last few weeks. I feel for the people in blue. They put their lives on the line to serve and protect. 58 more words



grow up,
wake up and smell the roses

everyone has left you
everyone will leave you
no one ‘has time’ for you.

endless apologies… 33 more words


The Greek Swindle

Crap. I was taken.

Let the buyer beware. That’s a good axiom to follow. It’s why I recommend reading the ingredients of the food you buy. 619 more words


Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness:Lawlessness Grip Of Death against The Disabled Community.

The Morning Sun Rises, like the Lamp Of Life Across The Sea, to the Highlands Of the Mountains, Looking Unto Me.

With the Warmth of the Sun, Pelting down on me, I am Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness, which in it’s Haste Seeks to Kill Me. 402 more words

Raped Of Justice

Slowly at First, Then All at Once

You didn’t want to admit it, but his name stuck in your head. His face pops in-and-out of your head.

You can’t focus.

You get anxious. 159 more words


Blog #9

I HATE the word FAT.

My friends probably have noticed whenever they describe someone as fat or chubby in a negative light, I usually reply with “Don’t say that”. 401 more words