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Limbaugh and Priests Against Women

“…Limbaugh has a decades-old persecution complex about women who hold any power in our society, and he feels no compunction about attacking them in extremely personal ways — even sexually — when they make him angry.” – … 257 more words

War On Women

So Much Sex!

Charles Blow has an OP-ED in the New York Times (3-2-12),  Santorum and the Sexual Revolution, where he quotes Santorum saying:

“It comes down to sex.

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War On Women

Patrinazis Vs. Feminists

This is how I see the Limbaugh Vs. Fluke rivalry. I expect that this is how Limbaugh, Santorum, Romney, Issa, and the rest would like us to see it (without the the Nazi part) – the restoration and elevation of Patriarchal values. 1,362 more words

Sandra Fluke's Statement

The Testimony Chairman Issa (and RL) Doesn’t Want You to Hear

Sandra Fluke was blocked from testifying on the topic of the contraception compromise of the Obama administration. 316 more words

War On Women

Rush Limbaugh Makes Me Sick

Media Matters “Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down on Insults”

Of course – I am sure he is happy about that -> making all sensible people in the country want to puke. 212 more words

War On Women

Rapists & Victims

Rick Santorum thinks that rape victims who become pregnant should have to “make the best of” it. That resulting children should be seen as “gifts from God” 588 more words

War On Women