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Tu cum te descurci cu haterii online?

Hater. Un cuvant tare artagos. Cine sunt ei, cu ce se ocupa, de unde vin si cum le raspunzi? Fiecare raspunde diferit la toate aceste intrebari. 868 more words

Lol if you think pot helps with legimate anger issues you're insane! to the sluty wannabe  trophy wife! you're single bitch validate that or dont claim it! 

It helps with the bi polar part not really the anger thats a whole complex issue requiring mountains of therapy!

You can’t order me to like evil ass people, i really will kill john McCrea one day of ontario out in orilla onatrio for being a women beating peace of shit! 57 more words


How Haters Think

They can never just say “I’m a jealous, insecure fuck! Please acknowledge me and give me your approval!” No, that would be too easy. Instead they’ll indirectly prove to everyone that they have penis envy. 230 more words


Hipstery times

Fashion gives us the power to stand out one way or another, or just smoothly blend in with the crowd. It can make us invisible to others, it can make us attractive, or it can make us look pitiable… 461 more words


See What America Hates Most, State By State

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One thing that always brings people together is a specific, intense opinion. It feels good to rally around something positive (“Carly Rae Jepsen is the best!”) but there’s also a dark, transgressive thrill in bonding over a negative (“Ed Sheeran should go live on the sun!”). 263 more words

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