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"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."

Today as I was driving in the car with my friend I asked him, “Hey, have you ever had someone be jealous of you? Like, could you recognize it?” He shrugged and said, “I mean, yeah.” I asked him how he did this. 1,407 more words


Obsession hating someone

There is people have made hate groups against someone, video’s, writing about someone dislike, and also attacking on social media, etc.

Here is my thoughts: This pointless, pretty sad, waste of time. 72 more words


Crazy Bitter People

Okay so I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months and am still figuring this whole thing out.

I have met so many supportive, kind and truly loving people. 211 more words


21. Be the Example

As I sit here on the verge of sad tears because I’m officially an old and irrelevant junior and happy tears as I reminisce on this year.. 549 more words

Your Blessings

This is a prelude to my next post on love. There’s no reason to envy or desire things, characteristics, or the lifestyle of another person because we all have our own specially made, divinely handcrafted, success and beauty. 41 more words

Growth And Progress

Odă celor de partea cărora stă doar dreptatea

Exista o indiferență reciprocă între oameni și dreptate, în sensul în care ambele categorii se ignoră pe cât de mult posibil iar atunci când se cuplează, se cuplează în moduri nepotrivite. 431 more words