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Joakim Noah Is @TheDayParty's You Big Dummy Award Winner Today!

Now you know…We do not play when it comes to people hating on the Land!

Joakim! You hate and have nothing to show for it bruh! 194 more words

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Queeny Cameron Has a New Hate Speech, Anti-Semitic, Racist YouTube Account

Direct link:

Here is Queeny Cameron’s shiny new racist/anti-Semitic cyberbully account on YouTube:


Art of Thy Hater

I watched this 2-minute video by Tom Bilyeu from Inside Quest called “You’ll Always Have Haters, So What?” It got me thinking… Now it has me typing. 465 more words


Open Letter to any ill-wisher

I must admit people like you bother me. You suck energy more than how an icky leech sucks blood from a host. You appeared out of nowhere and suddenly ruin everything. 897 more words


Desperate for my Attention, eh?

Clearly someone wants my attention. Normally I wouldn’t give the time of day, but enough is enough.

Yeah, I’m talking about Melishee.

I think after seeing the blog post she wrote about me ” A taste of her own medicine”, and deleted, and is now denying she wrote that horrible shit about me and my family. 847 more words


Jeg hater livet. Jeg hater det.



Boo-boo: (n) a minor mistake.

I think maybe you’re a little confused.

It’s understandable since you don’t necessarily know all the rules that have been established by my thinking. 198 more words

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