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Contra la catalanor.

Abans de convertir-me en membre honorari de l’Escola Diplomàtica de Javier Clemente jo era diferent, refotudament diferent. Vejam, per ser sincers, jo era una cosa més rara. 980 more words


Constructive criticism at its best

Got my first cave troll today. Perfect for this rainy day. The smile on the second comment looks out of place But both made my hubby and me laugh though so thanks Dalia for making our day. 9 more words


I Generally Prefer My Pasta Without the Faux-Scholarly Bullshit...

I move that we strike the word “hater” from the general lexicon…for too long, it has been a “get out of jail free” card for those too lazy to substantiate their argument based on facts…it’s basically a quasi-hip “grownup” version of saying “no taksies backsies” or “nuh-uh” or “I know you are, but what am I?”, and rational intellectual debate among the lower caste has suffered for it…seriously, “hater” should not be a word that anybody with a modicum of “fancy book learnin” would even dream of using…when somebody is in the wrong, those of us with the capacity for rational thought actually present a fact based argument to prove our case, while those who speak in that weird southern twang (even though they aren’t from the south), reek of pot at all times, and are always talking about how “big” they’re going to be “someday”, can only reach into their tattered back pockets, and pull out the “hater” retort…just because a person doesn’t worship most modern, pretend “hip-hop” “artists” (regardless of how many highlighter colored sports cars they drive , imbecillic face tats they have, or food grade gold blunts they insist on filming themselves smoking and upload to facebook), or feels that Tom Brady is a cheater (I mean, seriously, just because everybody in sports media is under that guys strange psychosexual hold, doesn’t change the fact that every single one of his rings is tainted) is a “hater”…in fact, pointing out the absurdity of a situation using logical argument is the antithesis of “hating”, but then again, maybe I’m just “hating” on an ineloquent, unintelligent, one word response that’s supposed to be a catch all rebuttal to any argument, no matter how bolstered by fact??? 357 more words


Cover Reveal - #Selfie by Cambria Hebert

#Selfie releases on May 18, 2015!!!

       Hey Librarians! I have another Cambria Hebert Cover Reveal for you guys!!! Today you guys get to see the cover for book 4 in the Hashtag series, #Selfie! 424 more words


Because i feel like being a smartass

While its not my ex-best friend but her friend that decided to keep up the drama and be all nosy and shit . I give you this gem. 16 more words


"You're a Hater."

What is a “hater?”

An “overused word that people like to use someone else expresses a dislike for a certain ” -Urban Dictionary

Opinions, everybody has them, but many cannot digest others’. 238 more words