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Jesus Wants You to Be a Hater ~ at Satisfaction Through Christ

Did you know that the Bible actually tells us to hate certain things? Not people who disagree with us or people enslaved by sin- that’s the world’s definition of being a hater…But as Christians, the Bible tells us there are certain things it is good and holy for us to hate. 59 more words


Let 'em hate...*shrug*

Loss, Lost

Affect, Effect

There, Their, They’re

Your, You’re

These are but a few of the most commonly misused words in the American English language. 824 more words

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My First Post - Origin

So I decided on the name of this blog by adopting a name someone used to try and upset me, bully me consistently when I was first coming out. 189 more words


Haters of Peace comeback

Huhuhu~ aku bisa gila, Oh My God, I hate this moment. After a long long long long time, the moment that I hate the most just come back. 169 more words



I have a huge confession to make. It’s not easy for me to say this, but I’m really trying to turn over a new leaf this year and I think that, if I get this out of my system, I can go ahead and do the things that I really want to do with my life. 2,014 more words

Daily Blog #15 - Is Shaming the New Hating?

Remember hating? Of course you do, it still exists. It’s where unpopular opinions or criticisms are considered to be “hating”. For example:

“I don’t watch ‘Scandal'”? 645 more words

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