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Throwback Thursday ~ Jesus Wants You to Be a Hater

Originally published February 26, 2015

Hater. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. If you disagree with someone, you’re a hater. If you believe the Bible when it says something is a sin, you’re a hater. 666 more words


Slumdog "Wannabe" Millionaire

Dear youth,

You believe you could do anything you love
You believe you could rebel against your parents
You believe you could earn money without education… 190 more words


Today's Stupid Liberal: HowardPaulAnderson @plainpersin

These are the asshole hypocrites who accuse us of hatred.

Maybe this post should have been named, Today’s Douchebag Liberal. 79 more words


Stop Hating! 6 ways to stop being a hater and build your own life

We all have had at least one of these people in our lives. We usually ignore them, until they cross a line. We don’t understand their purpose or motives, but we allow them to exist in our lives nevertheless. 1,294 more words


Side Note

“Good Morning Kennesha,
I have received a copy of your CV through Teach Away and understand that you already interviewed with our director, Dr. ___ in January. 328 more words