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Putting Yourself Out There

Living with a rare condition can be hard enough, but its even harder putting yourself out there! Should i say hi my name is  … and i have a rare condition/ disability called Goltz syndrome? 414 more words

Guys against makeup

Rant time!!! I love doing little rants to blow off some steam. It helps me laugh it off and dust off the situation because sometimes I take things a little too seriously, and that’s no fun. 137 more words


Despite all my rage...

Have you ever felt trapped somewhere…caged? Like the feeling of walls closing in, people bearing down on you, nowhere to run kind of trapped? A place where your emotions take over, and you are defenceless to them.This was today. 552 more words


Welp, Gamescon is a week gone and we have the name and quite a few details about the next expansion of WoW. Missing the most vital answer, of course – when’s it releasing? 1,267 more words


Like it or not

In “Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice,” Naomi Wolf suggested that women quit speaking with “vocal fry” — that back of throat rattle that, to some people, makes the speaker sound lazy, whiny, or vapid. 875 more words

Writing & Publishing

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and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

i had to jump in and do an actual impromtu and spontaneous post today because i am having so many feels and i didn’t think that i could feel this many feels at once. 525 more words