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Ghisallo! it was a hot day to be out walking, and the Feed

In case you are wondering, the Lady Ghisallo is my personal feminine deity, a pre-Roman mountain goddess whose worship survived mostly intact at least into the 8th Century in the mountains north of Rome, when a nobleman set upon by bandits retreated into one of Her temples and was granted sanctuary by the bandits, who respected Her temple. 812 more words

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Quick note. 

Note to self: never let anyone bring you down. Be strong, stand up, & dust it off. Those bitches ain’t worth any of your time. Ignore ignore.

Haters Gonna Hate

I wrote about my new pool in this post and how even though it is a little bit tacky, white trash seems to be the new normal and, “ 358 more words

White Trash

Haters gon hate! 

Hater. The “word/term” just makes you want to laugh out loud doesn’t it? How is there such a thing…or person? The meaning is absurd, but apparently there are people out in this world that can be described as a “hater”. 224 more words

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Haters Gonna Hate…Especially When They Lose

On The Twelfth Day of Equality
The haters gave to me…

“The Confederate flag isn’t a symbol of racism, it’s a banner of pride in our heritage.” 617 more words


Hey everyone,

Its my mom’s birthday tomorrow and I thought I would just take this day to say…

mother’s day has gone by but everyday should be a day to appreciate our moms. 140 more words