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How I feel about bandwagons, and why it takes me so long to jump on them

I just started the first season of “Gilmore Girls”, because it’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while before they announced the special on Netflix. 818 more words


black and white, buster keaton, haters gonna hate Gif For Fun

black and white, buster keaton, haters gonna hate Gif for Fun at your Time


💕The Butterfly Diaries. 💕                                                                                                         * Haters gonna Hate. *

Hey guys. It’s Fae. This weeks post is about Haters\Bullying. Bullying is a major issue which teens face now a days. Whether it be bullying in school or Cyber bullying, It is existent all around the globe. 761 more words

Bettering Your Self. Dealimg With Critisism

Tuesday is the new Saturday.

I RULED today. I OWNED everything.

I gave two presentations to large audiences who loved me and after knowing me for 2 weeks are starting to think I’m an actual celebrity AS WELL THEY MIGHT. 111 more words


Things I am looking forward to.

I don’t think I’m moving to the US, I am a lot more expensive than he thought I was going to be. I think he was being a bit naive about the size of incentive I would require to disrupt a London-based business and move somewhere in the US that isn’t within 60 minutes of a major international airport. 124 more words


[pitter patter, let's get at 'er]

MY OH MY. What a year it has been.

The last time I blogged (September 29th, 2015 to be exact), I mentioned my blog would not become one solely about weddings, and that I would post planning updates and budget tips, perhaps throw in a few glam photos of all my wonderful wedding crafts (like actual lifestyle bloggers would do). 910 more words

Students in same school district hit by trucks after getting off bus in two seperate incidents

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN) — Just two weeks into the school year, video has been released of two Austin Independent School District students being hit by trucks in separate incidents seconds after they stepped off their school bus. 412 more words