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Haters Gonna Hate (And Some Other Things That Are Similar)

Every time I hear the phrase “haters gonna hate” I really enjoy it. (And I hear it a lot.) It’s such a great response to horrible things like being mean, cynicism, and jealousy. 97 more words

Nonsense & Bullshit

Zgrom ili Živ je Lemmy, umro nije

Iscrpljenost mi se uvlači u pore. Kao zmijska košuljica je prirasla za mene, neželjeni mladež koji svi vide, koji se ocrtava u mojim podočnjacima, u nesigurnom hodu, u blagim padovima koncentracije, u drhtanju ruke kada usni prinosim cigaretu. 625 more words

Haters Gonna Hate

Is That All You've Got?

Well, my online stalker is back with a vengeance. At least January was free from his grubby little clutches. But back he is. And it’s back to the Police for me. 274 more words



*Anhedonia is one of the main symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD). It is the loss of interest in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities.
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Haters gonna hate...ahhh, whatever

I have issues with the self-indulgent notion, “haters gonna hate.” Who came up with this BS, anyway? My issues with the statement are fairly straight-forward and somewhat sordid, so let’s get started: 875 more words

Insanity (aka "current Events")

Love Ourselves First!

Everyone I know wants to be loved by a guy or girl that somehow does not even know they exist.

Of course , not me. I’m a wildflower growing in the sun and rain , exposed to elements and completely solitare except for a few companions that survived the harsh winter. 104 more words

Be Happy