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I'd Say If You Asked Me What I've Learned From All Of This It Would Be Nothing

I’m still me.  I still do what I do.  I will continue to be me.  I will continue to do what I do.  No one can force me to change who I am.  47 more words

Matthew Berdyck

Blog Aus Nord: DEAFHEAVEN - "Sunbather"

Black metal has always been an extreme music genre I didn’t mind, but have never really delved in to. I am an old man: 34 years old, misanthropic, had a stroke, and stuck in my ways, but with time comes some openness and experimenting. 499 more words

Black Metal

Taylor Swift's top 5 enemies

Taylor Swift is a record- breaking pop star who is extremely talented at what she does.

But she also has been known to get herself into trouble with other celebrities. 32 more words


A Message To My Haters And Critics

So a post and video like this was long overdue!  I have grown tired of those on social media and the internet who either call me bad words, take advantage of me, bully me, or do anything that hurts my feelings.  96 more words

Geek Alabama

A YouTuber That Inspired Me

This is a video I made back in May or April, its about a YouTuber That inspired me. If you know Jack Septic Eye, yes I am talking about him. 378 more words



I was thinking yesterday about a term I hear proliferating these days. As is usually the case, it started with young people and now seems to be spreading to everyone. 408 more words

Social Commentary

Don't Get Bitter, Get Better

I was thinking tonight (instead of sleeping) about what I want to do with my life and about all the haters who have helped me get here. 795 more words