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Being little.

The other day, I made a post on my Tumblr stating that I can’t be little around other littles. I never expected to get hate over something so trivial but I received these anonymous messages: 249 more words


So I Take My Pills, a poem

So I Take My Pills, a poem

The energy that boils and froths inside

That creates the universe and insights new under the sun

I AM BECOME LIFE; the beginning of song and of magic: of hilarity, of social capacity…

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Nobody gets it.

Apparently not everyone gets my self deprecating sense of humor. Sometimes I say mean things about myself, but isn’t it better to laugh at yourself then at others? 1,339 more words

The Knot Master, a poem

The Knot Master

I am become the Knot Master

Watch them melt under my fingers

Shoes, zippers, social disasters

I unknot them all

When I was teaching, even at the middle school ages kids still needed help fixing knots in their shoe laces, getting their zippers unstuck, but, probably the most significant and frequent of them all, they needed help fixing fights with their friends.

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Can't Hate 'Em All: Duke Basketball Players We Should All Actually Like

There might not be a more hated team in America than Duke Blue Devils basketball. They seem to have players with every new class who we love to loathe. 680 more words


Hair Chop...for my sister

Hair Chop…for my sister

When you’re a teen

There’s a difference between

Going to the salon to do the Big Chop and doing it yourself in the bathroom because you’re pissed at your parents and you’ve decided take it out on your hair.

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115 out of 120. I should be stoked to see that.

So why does it burn me up so. fucking. much.

Backstory: all quarter this professor has made remarks disparaging me- basically for being a good student. 682 more words