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Lover Of You

Stop spending so much time
Thinking about the haters
And more time being
With the lovers
Of you.

Lethargic Ramble: There's nothing wrong with English dubs

Disclaimer: This is going to come across as an incredibly mean-spirited post and may contain a minor hint of anger and intolerance. It is not my intention to offend anyone with the content of this post and I’m merely trying to get my point across.  2,259 more words


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: If people genuinely don't like you, be concerned!

Darling it beats me…
I don’t understand why you are so concerned about those who hate you when there are a million and one people that love you! 547 more words

'Fat Activists' Actually Told This Plus-Size Model That She Should Go 'Kill Herself' After She Lost 250 Pounds

Rosie Mercado is a plus-sized model who, over the course of three years, altered her diet and lifestyle and lost roughly 250 pounds. Such a transformation (when done in a healthy and conscientious way) is incredible, and truly awe-inspiring. 467 more words

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Haterade (Poem)

People often wonder
What life is really worth

Even more they complain
About all on God’s Green Earth

They hate and they hate
And never stop to wonder Why? 171 more words


Do you love Line Mari's 'Haters'?

Musical princess of Norway, Line Mari, is quickly working her way into the UK music scene with her new single, ‘Haters’.

Following her previous release, ‘Crush’, Line Mari goes one step further with ‘Haters’, crafting a beautifully melodic and considered piece of indie-pop that makes for truly enjoyable listening. 237 more words