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This goes for Michelle & Barack Obama too.

Graphic from Tell Me Now



The world is full of haters. I use to question why they hate but then realized that it wouldn’t matter. Some Ppl are born miserable. I actually feel sorry for them. 16 more words

Positive Vibes

A not so pregnant pause

I’m not pregnant!

People are going to have to stop assuming I’m pregnant! When I was bigger people knew I wasn’t pregnant they just could tell I was fat! 143 more words


“We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.”

I wish I had the power to change my enemies. Or to destroy them. In my opinion, both are equally satisfying.

I would know if I did, because when that kind of power is attained, you seem to forget about the insignificant things in life, such as your enemies. 1,096 more words


Love the Haters Too - Stay Optomistic!

Wow! The study in John 15:9-17 has been great! And I know that I can learn so much more from these verses…And now we are finishing up the last little bit of this study in John 15, focusing on verses 18-20. 566 more words


Listen up Nephila the Bully!!!!

Enough is enough! Stop your hate! Get over what YOUR HUSBAND and some woman did to you already! 

Don’t you realize how pathetic even your “friends” on here think you are??? 185 more words


To all the haters out there.

We’ve all been there.
Maybe we’ve been the hater.
You know the feeling, you meet someone after a while…
Bumping into them in the mall. 79 more words