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Zoilos the Jealous Zealot: Aelian on a World-Class Hater


Zôilos of Amphipolos, who wrote against Homer, Plato and others, was in attendance at a speech of Polycrates. Polycrates wrote a diatribe against Socrates. Zôilos himself used to be called the rhetorical Dog, and he was this kind of man: he had a beard though he shaved his head and he wore a coat above his knee. 46 more words


Blogging bullies and silly fights.

Honestly I don’t get people that get hysterically riled by something someone writes. Two of my favorite blogs were attacked recently. Harsh Reality and Lucky Otter. 296 more words

Galesmind Fables

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More about blogging bullies and stalkers in this article from http://Galesmind.com from all the way back in May! I can't believe this one passed me by. After you read Gale's article, here's another interesting one from Psychology Today called Deleting the Blog Bully Here's one more: Prepare Yourself for the Blog Bullies. THIS IS A MUST-READ and so good I'm adding it to the Blogging header. Bottom line--Bullying is inevitable, even if you try hard to always be PC. If you can't handle bullies, don't blog, but there are ways you can protect yourself.

10 Probable Reasons Why Opinionated Man Attracts Haters

Disclaimer: These are only my guesses. Leave me be.
  1. With the reputation of OM‘s haters who blackmail him with personal stuff, original fans of OM fear that haters will threaten them too as a result of supporting him.
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You look disgusting

If you haven’t seen this video yet, please, take a moment and watch it:

I was a bit shocked. I do hear about haters and hate in the web, probably saw couple not very nice comments but but I never realized this problem is so huge. 94 more words


Kanye West: Is the Joke On You?

Now I don’t want to assume that Kanye West is a satirical genius laughing in our faces while we whine like babies at his actions, but looking closely at some of his lyrics I am going to assume  that Kanye West is a satirical genius laughing in our faces for a moment. 933 more words

Writer's Blog

Give'em Grace

Complaint, grumbling, and fault-finding, are all part of life. Even after you’ve been handed buckets of candy, it is easy to grumble. Some how the sucker in your mouth isn’t sweet enough, as your mother takes pictures. 592 more words