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258. When the Haters Hate

Lamentations 3:46-50 NLT  “All our enemies have spoken out against us. (47) We are filled with fear, for we are trapped, devastated, and ruined.” (48) Tears stream from my eyes because of the destruction of my people! 287 more words

Fear NOT!

On Problems.

The one thing that I have learned in life is:

“Only share problems with those that can actually

do something about them.”

Therefore I seldom share my problems with… 180 more words


Who Am I

Could this be a dream?
I see that the grass
Has turned blue,
And the sky has
Turned green with envy.
But what does that mean? 79 more words

I Take Writing Seriously


Haters can be so dumb.
I wonder if the guy who made the sign was in a hurry, careless, or just genuinely ignorant of the mistake he made. 115 more words


BVB Haters Rant

Hey, beautiful! Today something happened to me, and it just struck some anger in me, so I’m just gonna rant here for a second. I’m sorry in advance if you guys don’t like rants, but I just need to cool off, and this is the best way to.  709 more words



There is a special place in hell for women who hurt other women.

Responding To Every Call