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To See Or Not To See?

Perception. We only see what we want to see. Ever look at the exact same thing as a friend and saw completely different things? “That’s a horse.” “No, silly. 348 more words


Art. #11: The Bashing Basher Bashes Another Bashing Basher

Are you a basher? If yes, what kind of a basher are you depending on your reason for expressing hatred towards a person or a group? 507 more words

Personal Development

Judging! Wait!! But Why? :-( :-O

Now, now now!! I always wondered if people had same impressions about me the way I had about them! Why do we ‘judge’ someone even without knowing what made them act/think like that or something? 386 more words

The Art Of Letting Go

You remember how as kids we let go of all the toys that stopped working and caused more harm than good? You need to start doing that again, but this time with people. 65 more words


filling the world with likes

I am sure you’ve come across ‘haters’ and trolls in your time using the Internet.  While the temptation might be to write back, using expletives and anger, there are better ways that stop the haters which I have used successfully- 147 more words


Failure., Big Failure.

Recently I made a mistake. I allowed my emotions, frustration and feelings take the best of me.
My mistake has cost me even more frustration and a loss of peace of mind. 109 more words


News Alert

News Alert: Haters are on the loose. I repeat haters are on the loose. We’re under attack. Proceed with caution.

Haters??? Who are they? What do they do? 141 more words