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Stop Acting Like High School Girls

There is a stuckness in time due to female insecurities and jealousies., due to our wealth and beauty-oriented world. As a result, “haters” are born, because they lack something that is perceived valuable. 136 more words


And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate -Taylor Swift

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate -Taylor Swift

If you think losing weight is going to make things magically better, THINK AGAIN. The same people that didn’t like you beforehand, they still won’t like you. 751 more words

Gastric Bypass

Dear Haters

(I write a weekly column for the Kansas City Star newspaper and this is the column I wrote this week in response to the “you suck” emails I have received.) 986 more words

Hate Emails

Hard Timing It.

Somebody, somewhere down my block –
must’ve disagreed with the job I got
made a poor-sport’s jealous decision
to go ahead and drop the dimes in, 341 more words

Original Poetry

Let 'em hate...*shrug*

Loss, Lost

Affect, Effect

There, Their, They’re

Your, You’re

These are but a few of the most commonly misused words in the American English language. 824 more words

Meaning of life - seek

Date stamp – Tuesday January 20, 2015

Tuesday January 20, 2015
Wednesday January 21, 2015

It’s another grand slam entry, but will I finish it? Probably not, I’m beginning to attempt this possibly in one sitting, but that never works. 302 more words