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Criticism: You Suck

Artists, athletes, teachers, geologist, those people who refill the soap at self-service car washes: all benefit immensely from criticism.  358 more words

Press Pause: Mindfulness In Its Fullest Part 1 - New Years. And How To "Deal" With It At The Gym

What’s the hype about meditation, mindfulness, and other airy-fairy, hippy-talk such as manifesting, affirmations and positive self-care, self-talk and all this be the best version of yourself business all about? 915 more words



How do you deal with haters?’

My friend and I was having our casual talk at the cake house across the street when she suddenly asked me these question.  683 more words


Death to Haters - Sticker Design

Sticker Design x Concept based on the idea that we all are surrounded with haters and the only way to move on is to forget about them and focus on your own life.


Virtual Sticks and Stones...

If you can’t take the heat… You know how the rest goes. It can turn pretty nasty, pretty quickly, out on the wubbliyo wubbliyo wubbliyo – so poster beware! 754 more words


Tell It Like It Is Thursday (Haters & What They Lack)

I have taken knowledge of what people tend to lack in society today, which is an essential stipulation of life. It is significant because without it you will not experience the beauty of life. 474 more words

Quick Quotes~ "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Hello and welcome to my new series! Quick Quotes is a weekly discussion about a particular quote, Bible verse, or piece of wisdom. I hope that this will give you something to think about and ponder on. 184 more words

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