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Haters Gonna Hate? Now You Can END Jealousy!

Catch today’s episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani rips the mask off the beast of jealousy, then shows you how to deal with it – regardless of whether you’re on the giving OR receiving end of jealousy!

Kendal the Unicorn #12

The unicorn blinked at the letter taped to her door. She sighed, crumpled it up between her hooves and tossed it over her shoulder. She stopped and turned to look out at the street, watching the crumbled paper roll away in the breeze. 42 more words

Kendal The Unicorn

When the roll is called up yonder, or queer confessions of an ex-evangelical

Just a few months ago I was trying to explain to a friend who lives in the U.K. the weird hypocritical dogma of the typical American fundamentalist Christian, and wound up mentioning that although I disagreed vehemently with many things that Billy Graham preached, I always felt his basic faith was sincere. 1,343 more words


An Open Letter to My Haters (But Mostly Great Aunt Ruth)

It’s that time of year again– it’s almost my Great Aunt Ruth’s 91st birthday, whoop-dee-fucking-doo! Yes, I’m glad the old coot is still kicking– literally, she still goes to kickboxing twice a week, it’s crazy! 296 more words


Haters gonna hate

You don’t know me.

I can’t stress that enough.

You are merely a bee,

Trying to comprehend the cosmic stuff

Above. Go ahead insult me. 34 more words