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Why To Love Your Haters | Robin Sharma


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The Psychology Of A Hater

Have you ever hated on someone?

Has anyone ever hated on you?

I bet you can answer yes to both of these questions.

Don’t lie.  Everyone has been a hater from time to time, and everyone has been a victim of a hater.  184 more words

What Haters Lose

I’ve been targeted  by a man for 31 years in May. He’s a relative with too much time on his hands and very little to do but follow my life, read this blog and send attack emails in hopes of causing injury and angry reaction. 878 more words


Belittled because of skin.

Its four days before I release my model portfolio on online, and i have already started receiving comments like that dress wont suit you, you look dark in red and can’t cant or shouldn’t. 145 more words

LIFE 101

1984. Lewisville Park. My dad and my brother in the background. (I never liked Nike!)

I would walk through the same paths in rural area where I grew up living in country on 400 acres, being lonely where my life was destroyed there, my father asked me why I would stand hopeless in the middle of the family’s property one day when I was visiting there about seven years ago, the search for the remain of my fatal happiness, I could not explain to my father why I walked into the familiar flashes of my own negligence.

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