Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, takes a stroll amidst the fields of Aaru (which was essentially the Egyptian conception of heaven). The staff she’s carrying is called a was-scepter, and it’s believed to represent power and authority. 14 more words


Home-My Message from Hathor

Good Afternoon!

I have floundered in my desire to articulate the profound and overwhelmingly beautiful experience from a few weekends back that left me with an expansive heart and tears of joy streaming down my face. 1,233 more words


Hathor at the Temples of Philae

This is our entry in Where’s my backpack?’s Travel Theme: Cream.

In late February 2013, we took a cruise up the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan in Egypt. 143 more words


Ishtar, Hathor and Aphrodite

Work in progress; an illustration for Daimonic Essence by Dana Varahi. Frankincense, said to have been burned to honour the goddesses Ishtar, Hathor and Aphrodite; also to have been the food of the phoenix.


The Booty Blog: 3. Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication

By: Lilith

During my journey into anal and as a sex store clerk I’ve discovered one very important thing… Lube is key. Unlike the vagina, the anus, or any parts of your bum do not have a self-lubricating system. 1,042 more words


Review - SUTIL by Hathor - Best Lube Ever?

By: Lilith

There is a small but strong cultural idea that if one needs lube during sex, then someone (often the woman) is doing it wrong. 826 more words


Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018

Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018 (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

The series of the “Egyptian Gods Calendar” continues with the year 2018. This is a year where February has no Full Moon phase. 195 more words

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