Sixth aquarelle : Isis

Sixth aquarelle : Isis

22 August 2017

Yesterday I had an inclination to paint the Goddess Mother for my sixth aquarelle. Though she is meant to be golden brown, I wanted to use my Naples Yellow that was laying on the palette so changed the tone of her skin. 197 more words

mythic meanings

I was falling asleep while the black helicopter was flying by…I listened to a music.

I was in the ship of the Andromedans.

One of the best friends of Alexander was Diogenes, once he told me that both of them could exchange places today and no one will notice. 669 more words

Creating the Future: Cat's Angel Message for August 2, 2017 

Creating the Future: Cat’s Angel Message for August 2, 2017 

 August Theme: Prosperity- Abundance- Creative Problem Solving

I am always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning.. 304 more words

Daily Angel Readings

Flirty Hathor is Flirty

Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and beauty, casts a flirtatious glance as she strolls through the heavenly Field of Reeds. Because when my muse is otherwise on the fritz, I seem to default to portraits of beautiful Egyptian (or other African) ladies. 11 more words


A few Egyptian goddesses

Isis, who is perhaps the most famous of all the Egyptian goddesses, is casting one of her magic spells. According to Egyptian mythology, she apparently got her powers after learning the sun god Ra’s “secret name” (since the Egyptians believed learning a person’s secret name would allow you to control them magically), but for the most part she would use them for benevolent purposes such as healing and protection. 266 more words


This Old Thing?

Another vintage dress from my collection – hieroglyphs and female figures, including Hathor, in a black, olive/gold, and white colorway. A relaxed fit with casual open neckline above fabric-covered buttons, empire waist, and front slit at bottom. 21 more words



Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, takes a stroll amidst the fields of Aaru (which was essentially the Egyptian conception of heaven). The staff she’s carrying is called a was-scepter, and it’s believed to represent power and authority. 14 more words