Love, February ~ Day 7

I don’t believe any series on love would be complete without a love goddess being invoked at least once.  So today’s rant post will concern Hathor, the love goddess of ancient Egypt. 300 more words

Friday Finds

Time for a new feature. Every first Friday of the month I will share links to some wonderful Pagan/ Spiritual items.

First up is DeBaun Fine Ceramics… 123 more words

Gods & Goddesses

When I close my eyes (in meditation)...

I see eyes open to awareness

restrictions letting go

as a patriarch’s staff is laid down

I see golden wombs growing light

and wings emerging out of clouds… 56 more words


Cowgirl Hathor

This is my portrait of the Egyptian goddess Het-heru, or Hathor. She’s commonly described as Egypt’s resident love and fertility goddess, which would make her their equivalent to the likes of Aphrodite, Oshun, or Freyja. 65 more words


Secrets from Mexico

Way back in the Autumn, as the leaves fell (or were untimely ripp’d from their trees) there was rather a lull in the production of blog posts.  823 more words

Price Break: Joy of the Sun

This necklace has been in my shop since August.  I’ve marked the price down (from $135 to $100) in hopes of it finding a good home. 131 more words

Devotional Jewelry


Did you know that the English word (Love) originated from the Ancient Kemet word, MRY?  So names, such as Mary and Marie mean Love.   Merry Christ-mas? 146 more words

Treasure Hunts