The validity of religious experience

I’m going to say something that I think some of you monotheists might have trouble with. But here goes: All religious experiences are valid.

Hang with me a minute. 286 more words

Hatshepsut’s Temple.

One of the places where I have carried out initiations has been in Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple at Deir el Bahri. Initiations seem to happen there naturally, perhaps because she was a server of the Goddess and a Priestess working with Earth energies. 785 more words


The Goddess Hathor

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Alena Hennessy who had been the tutor for the lesson on quick, intuitive painting.  It was another lesson in working intuitively and this time our inspiration was to be our Muse or a depiction of a Goddess whose characteristics or qualities seemed to speak to us. 337 more words

Words from Hathor

In light of recent Anubis/moi drama, and aware of my special gift for overthinking things until I invoke panic attacks, it seems like a good moment in my life to remember back to my first meeting with Hathor. 114 more words

What Is My Life

Praise prayer to Hathor

We play the tambourine for Your Ka,
We dance for Your Majesty,
We exalt You
To the height of Heaven.
You are the lady of Sekhem, 191 more words


For thousands of years, Hathor was one of the most beloved goddesses of our mystery country. Her attributes and powers broadened over the centuries as she mingled with and absorbed a number of other deities.  120 more words

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