Inktober Day 5 Video

Hello all,

Here is a link to my video that I made for my inktober drawing yesterday.

The “witch prompt” for yesterday was “Egyptian” so I got hold of a good friend of mine from my classics class for some inspiration. 26 more words


Soul Sun-g

Betty Wright – Tonight is the Night.  (Sexual)



Mystery of Hathor: The tattooed godess

It is believed that the worship of Hathor dates to pre-dynastic times and in fact, she may represent many of the earlier original female deities such as Bat, Sekhmet, and others all combined into one figure. 1,171 more words


Finding traces of Ethel Colman

Today was the final day of Heritage Open Days, a great weekend in Norwich with loads of visitors.  I took the opportunity to start some research into Ethel Colman, daughter of Jeremiah Colman of Mustard fame, and my first female Lord Mayor of Norwich, holding the post from 1923-4.   224 more words



Time for the message for the public, live by example. It is time to stop complications. It is time to give in to your soul, and trust that you are where you need to be, right now. 113 more words


Review of "Gods of Egypt"

* * C

I went into Gods of Egypt with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. While certainly not a great film, it was watchable, and in places, quite good. 244 more words


Seth & the Seed Goddess

Extract from “Ritual Year In Ancient Egypt”

Although the goddess Hathor is known as the bestower of human fertility, there are traces that this quality extents to animals and indeed crops. 373 more words