Hymn XX: To Antinous and Serapis

Great Serapis, Osiris-Apis, Wesar-Hapi-Ankh,
whose Son is Anubis who is also Hermes,
bless your grandson, beautiful Antinous,
he who is one with Osiris, enthroned with the gods… 77 more words


"The Goddess Hathor: Iconography"

We are very glad to present you the study
“The Goddess Hathor: Iconography”
dedicated to the iconography of the Goddess Hathor

(click on the image to open the link) 121 more words

Texts And Studies

Hathor & the Fox Base Colors

Here are the base colors for Hathor and the Fox. The hardest part of this poster will be the trees and the snow. I will have to put the snow on each tree branch separately towards the end. 42 more words


Hathor & the Fox Inking

Here is the inking of Hathor and the Fox. The inking was done by my friend Alvarex.


Baby Shower Ancient Egypt Style Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…A fun way to sample new books and find new authors! 521 more words

Hathor and the Fox Drawing

Here is the 8th poster in the series. It’s called Hathor and the Fox. If you’ve followed the blog from the beginning you’ll notice that I’ve changed Hathor’s design around. 60 more words


Beacon Hill. 29 March 2009.

29 March 2009.

Finally we went up to do the gold cord work at Beacon Hill! But it wasn’t actually in the fort but along the ridge where I had seen the Magdalene/Ruby flame burning for the last two years. 617 more words