Practicing Braids

I’ve been teaching myself how to draw braided hair the past couple of days. At first it appeared difficult and tedious, but as I continue practicing this skill, this initial challenge has given way to fun. 99 more words


Was the golden calf of the Bible not Israelite at all, but actually the Egyptian Apis or Hathor?

It was definitely not Hat’ḥor , for the simple reason that a number of statues of Hat’ḥor at the turquoise mining site now known as… 420 more words


CB&WC: Walls

Gods, Pharaohs, and Hieroglyphs

King Ptolemy VIII making an offering to the Goddess Hathor and the God Horus. Relief carving on the wall of the ambulatory surrounding the sanctuary of the Temple of Edfu. 58 more words


Submission to Hathor's Agon

Gifts from Hathor
by Sparrow

Oh great Hathor
Golden One
Queen of the Heavens
Beloved daughter of Ra
Please hear my prayer.

Humanity needs You now more than ever… 174 more words

Submission to Hathor's Agon

Hathor’s Night

On the darkest eve of the year
when Nut’s black skin shimmers radiant
the people trembled in the cold—
what would emerge in darkness’ womb? 107 more words

Submission to Hathor's Agon

These are the words of the artisan Ptahmassu,
Beloved of Ptah, the master color artist,
Great Director of Craftsmen in the House of Ptah
Who has spent his life making images of the Gods, 548 more words

Submission to Hathor's Agon

Homage to You, Hwt-Her, Lady of Life,
Enveloped in turquoise with the lotus
as your diadem!
O Golden Lady, how can men approach you?
How can the Gods behold your glory, 315 more words