The Winds of Egypt

The surrounding deserts of Egypt contain numerous examples of wind and sand eroded stone. Even the Sphinx has not escaped the sculpturing effect of the wind and sand. 786 more words


Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 11/2/15

  • Awoken Loki – Assuming that he has the same leader skill as his brethren, RSonia can now be put to rest for dark-devil row teams. Seeing as RSonia’s active is pretty useless in the endgame — it just doesn’t do enough average damage — replacing her with Loki is a boon and also frees up a sub slot that had to be dedicated to a damage enhancer.
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Puzzle & Dragons


She spoke to the Majesty of Ra : “What is this, O divine Father? what is this? Has a snake brought pain to thee? Has the creation of thy hand lifted up its head against thee? 5,868 more words


Light Cat Dragon Skill Ups

Monster Tries Success Rate Hathor 21 5 23.81% Light Xuanzang 40 9 22.50% Arcline 19 5 26.32%

I’m pretty happy with the skill up rate. 113 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Changing Destiny

Your destiny is not fixed. It is not something totally predetermined. There are aspects of your destiny calling to you which have been laid out as a pattern, but the patterns are not permanty fixed. 424 more words


Avalon 3.11: part 4 of 5, Preparations

“Lady Mut, they are here,” Kotemmi said, and Sakhmet took to the air. She grabbed Alexis and Katie and raced for the door. Teti also rose up, caught Boston around the waist and told Kidrash to grab on to her free hand. 1,331 more words


Chicago Stargate Convention 2015: Part 2

Saturday got off to an earlier start than I usually prefer (which is about noon), but if it’s Stargate, it’s worth getting up at the ungodly, coffee-less hour of, like, 10am. 2,239 more words