Day 5: Video documentation

Amidst the wires and brains and things, we ended up making two main things yesterday. First, a way for the Museum in a Box to recognise the objects in it, in a very simple form. 97 more words



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LET ME at the outset of this subject make it abundantly, and exceedingly clear that : 3,092 more words

Interpretations and Analysis - 2014November7

Just something I remembered that I could also share with you all.


I had a total of three dreams today/this morning, or at least three dreams that I remembered having upon waking… The first two were much longer and more detailed, so I’ll not type that here, but I will type that last of them. 489 more words


Plus ça change…

“I have just finished a first complete reading of the ritual drama that will unfold at the weekend workshop in April and, when you see something come together for the first time in grace and beauty, you cannot remain unmoved. 707 more words


Isis & Hathor, Together Again

I missed last week’s post as I was off visiting some wonderful magical people in Florida (waves fondly at them). If any of them are reading this blog, they will immediately understand why this week’s post is dedicated to Isis (especially Heavenly Isis) and the Golden One, Hathor. 754 more words

Goddess Isis

The fabled first post!

The 101 that word press offers is rather interesting, and I’m going to be browsing through it for the rest of the night. However, before that happens, I want to set an intent for this blog. 51 more words


The Triple Goddess of the Rainbow's End

(photo credit: Heavenly Night Angel of Peace by Katherine Skaggs)

Hi all! As I sat down to right this blog post I could feel Mother Goddess surging like liquid fire through my veins and infusing my heart with Her magnetic love language. 952 more words