Object biography #21: An inscribed base from a statue of Hathor (Acc. no. 3309)

A guest blog from University of Exeter researcher Tara Draper-Stumm, who is researching the numerous Sekhmet sculptures of Amenhotep III at Kom el-Hettan. Here we reveal a previously-unidentified fragment from the Museum’s storerooms, likely from the same context.  788 more words

Sirius Star System

The Ancient Kemetian representation of Sirius Star System is a Sothis Cow, not a Dog as depicted by the modern Zodiac.   Another example of the northern invaders corruption.   99 more words


Avalon 4.6 part 5 of 6, Laying Down the Law

“You didn’t have to cut so deep,” Alexis complained as she stood and went to see about the broken nose.

“A miracle,” the guard who had been cut looked at his belly, leg and hand and yelled.  1,360 more words


Ancient Egyptians Had Electricity & Batteries Thousands Of Years Ago

Whether or not Egyptians had access to advanced technologies that allowed them to use batteries & electricity thousands of years ago is is something firmly debated – and considered ludicrous by many archaeologists around the globe. 696 more words



Working with Jesus and the other leaders taught a person how they ought to do ”

Lydia” …except it’s not the only thing!”

Yellowhammer “ Tamar is not involved to the best of my knowledge,so I don’t know anything is actually wrong with being a ‘log jam’ personality.” 1,103 more words

Awakening Divine Abundance by Goddess Hathor Sacred School of Om Na

You can recognise the great abundance of the Creator which supports your form and existence. This I, Goddess Hathor, label as Divine Abundance……

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

I know there is some reviews out there that aren’t too happy about the casting but I simply loved this movie :D. 199 more words