Rattawy: Female Sun of Two Lands

Rattawy, or Raet, is the feminine form of the Egyptian sun-god Ra. The longer form of her name means “Raet of the Two Lands”. Although her name would suggest that she was merely a form of Ra, she seems to have led an independent existence from the 19th Dynasty onward. 919 more words


How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (2)

Part Two:  The Seven Hathors of Ancient Egypt

Thoth was an Atlantean who was in a close rapport with the “7 Lords of Cycles.”

I believe that the term… 2,321 more words

Egyptian Gods

I studied Ancient History, and was always fascinated by the unique style of Egyptian Art. These three drawings represent Isis, Osiris and Hathor.

All are metallic pencils on paper. 38 more words

Pictures For Sale

Pantheon Review - Egypt 2

Unbelievably underrated, Egypt 2 may be be the largest leap in power creep by a pantheon since the game’s inception. While they don’t have flashy ATK multipliers, the small boosts to HP and RCV addresses combo gods’ biggest weakness: the ability to tank hits. 802 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Historytime with Abby: Origins of Music

Song of the Week: Centuries – Fall Out Boy

Where and when did music/instruments originate? I think that before we can find out where and when did music, we have to define music first. 516 more words


5 top symbols in Tarot

I thought I would look at some of my favourite signs / pictures / symbols in the RWS Tarot cards today. There is no preference or significance to the order in which I place them and I know there are a lot more. 478 more words



This is an older article I wrote when I first started researching Ancient Egypt in 2012.

Hathor, or Het-Hert, is the Kemetic deity associated with joy, music, love, motherhood, the underworld and a number of other aspects of life. 1,235 more words

Ancient Egypt