The Hymn of the Seven Hathors

The following hymn comes from the 5th Crypt at the temple of Dendera1. Despite this hymn not being found in the mammisi, I personally think this hymn is beautiful and very well suited to being used in the recreation of the Voyage of Hathor to the Temple of Pakhet/Birth of Ihy. 246 more words


Arrival at the Temple of Pakhet and the Sanctuary of the Seven Hathors

Modern image of the outside of the Temple of Pakhet, showing Hathoric columns. Image from.

There are very few clues as to what took place at Pakhet once Hathor arrived. 424 more words


Seven-Fold Hymn of the Seven Hathors

Image of the Seven Hathors, followed by the Sky-Bull. From the tomb of Nefertari. From p.64, Hart, 2006 

The Seven Hathors were kau of Hathor, that presided over births… 462 more words


New Year’s Hymn to Hathor - Uniting with the Sun from Dendera IV 30

This is an accompanying hymn to the Ritual of Uniting with the Sun. This hymn was performed during wp rnpt[1]. This hymn has been translated and adapted by the author, the original was translated by Junker in  190 more words


Hymn to the Distant Goddess, Welcoming her to the Feast of Drunkenness

This hymn as an invocation of Hathor as the Eye of Ra was performed during the early evening or during of night of main festival day of the Feast of Drunkenness. 582 more words


Litany to accompany offering of mnw-beer from Dendera VII 39-43

Translated and adapted by Author, from pp.21-25, Kammerzell & Sternberg-el Hotabi, 1992.

 – Introduction –

The Mistress of Dendera, being on the Glorious Throne, Most Powerful and Goddess of the Goddesses, she who preserves favour, Mistress of the World that causes rejoicing and joy, Mistress of Food and Mistress of the Bread, for whose… 767 more words