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Twisted by you

No reason too
The clouds cover all
No energy for
Darkness spills
Lifeless and void
Expressions painted
Mask firmly adorned
Armour sullen and tainted
Well battered… 49 more words


Like an eclipse of agony 

We fell slowly, innocently
in a curse called Love

and forgot the differences
that were piled high before us

just looked into her eyes and collapsed… 856 more words


So hollow....

… that if a feather scraped my inner core it’d echo.

My birth mother didn’t want me. The people who adopted me didn’t want me. I followed a dark path in a private military organization. 696 more words


Dinner... And then Demise

Dinner itself was not so bad. A bottle of water, a piece of white fish, rice pilaf with vegetables, and then a ridiculous ton of carrot sticks and celery that took forever to chew. 98 more words

Anorexia, Recovery, Hospital, NEDA, Personal

The Fog of Self Hatred

I knew it couldn’t last; that fleeting good mood I was in was too unnatural.

Lunch was awful. Full of self loathing right now. They usually block off the nutrition fact labels but they didn’t on a couple things here. 222 more words

Anorexia, Recovery, Hospital, NEDA, Personal

How To Be Wrong Like A Champ!

Whether we want to or not sometimes in life we are wrong. Being on the butt end of an argument usually isn’t a very good feeling. 947 more words

Authentically From Experience