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The Courage of Our Convictions and Over-Contextualisation: Further Reflections on my "Open Letter from the Dead"

Regarding Part Two of my article “The Fastidious Liberators: Open Letter from the Dead”

I recently removed the disclaimer. (I am not sure if I added it in the first instance or slightly later). 548 more words

He Who Hates Disguises It With His Lips

He Who Hates  Disguises It  With His Lips

It seems  the longer one lives,  the more they see  the deceitfulness  of this world.     Deceitfulness  has existed  since the Garden of Eden,  but the more  God’s children experience it,  the more disturbed  they become  over it.     463 more words




  What made Gregor Dimwit commit suicide was the way the Reverend Benjamin Conviction described Heaven during a face-to-face meeting in his isolation cell in Hangem Jail.. 994 more words


ISIS Strikes Again

In today’s news, it was reported that some ISIS teenagers, kids, really, executed up to 200 Syrian soldiers at a historical site in Syria.  This throws two significant flags out there; first, the fact that a Hilter-like society has formed with massive cleansing executions being conducted and second, historical sites are being desecrated by these barbarians. 110 more words




I think that I have some sort of anger issue. I’m tolerant enough towards situations and people. People except a certain two people who, no matter what, I can’t get out of my life. 170 more words


Freedom Today?

We are born to be free, right? ( Or was that born to be wild?) Anyway, here’s what I’m glad to be free of… 92 more words


Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

I know that America has been kind of crazy this year. Everyone is either combating equality, police brutality, hate crimes, racism, or even a rise in shark attacks right now Everyone has had something to say about homosexuality, confederate flags, and innocent people being slain while attending church. 279 more words

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