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I have a voice, too...

Dear Young Man in the Beige Car;

I don’t know whether you have your license or not, as a gal with a frizzy pony tail was lucky enough to be driving your fine self around. 548 more words

On Hating your Job

I asked my students yesterday what, if anything, they hated about their jobs, and was perhaps not all that surprised to discover that the answer was, quite a lot. 195 more words

General Irrelevance

Stop It and Refocus

I love technology. My home office, or Mission Control as I call it, consists of two cell phones, an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard, a MacBook, and a bluetooth printer and let’s not leave out the music system with four iPods to choose the tunes of the day from. 1,858 more words


How Hatred Harms the Workplace

Fact: I hate math. Ask any math teacher I’ve had and they’ll be able to vividly relay the struggles I had with the simplest of problems. 757 more words


The Hypocrite In Me

I always say that I am non-religious and against violence, hatred etc. But I always feel that I’m a Hypocrite.

The reason is very simple. I’m a Sikh. 520 more words



27th August 2015
By Becki Ashton

the fire burns


and melts

away the shards

of hatred





and burnt


Girl meets boy

There is whiskey in the water, and there is death upon the vine. There is yours and there is mine.
Hard to breath, to meet again, I hope it will. 67 more words