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Day 3: "I'm Still Working On My Masterpiece"

Today…it could have went better. I saw an old friend who used to be best friends with me. Now, I barely hear from said person. Whenever I try mentioning hanging out in a text message, they stop replying. 384 more words


Phil Jackson on relationship with Kobe: 'Quite often I could feel his hatred'

The holy trinity of Los Angeles Lakers basketball in the early 2000’s – featuring Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and head coach Phil Jackson – didn’t need to like each other, as long as they won together. 378 more words


That's Game

“I love you so much and more than anyone”
Crying fake tears and thinking you have won
Your tears are filled with hipocrisy and lies… 67 more words

Act One

Against the world and its cold garrison.



Remain in silence, the enemy approaches.

She lunges at you with vorpal horror.

Grinning as she bleeds your weakness.

273 more words

I'm Going To Stick

I’m going to stick my head in the sand

There’s no solution to the world today

Between genuine hatred & oversensitive freaks

We’re watching morals & values decay… 31 more words


North Korea would 'leave no Americans alive' in another war, Kim Jong-un says

Well, Someone should put a round through this idiots head since he’s going to get himself killed / assassinated sooner than later.  Why would this backwards, beligerant, pissant little country constantly rattle its sabre at a country ten times its size to begin with? 363 more words

Op Ed