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Toxin stench

I’m not enjoying this phase of my weight loss journey.  I am finding myself wanting or wishing to just stop and maintain the weight I’m at now.   597 more words

Challenging Myself

The Hated Americans

American symbolism, pieces of cloth, and our American way is hated throughout the world today.  Why would a country whose only desire was true freedom, become so loathed? 486 more words

My Writings

Preface...Debunking Anti-Christ Rhetoric

It’s everywhere…growing and flourishing in the very landscape of a growing post Christian Americana. If I am haphazardly becoming victim to its sinister message, surely others are too.  384 more words

It's Coming

It’s coming. All true seers agree.
It’s coming say seers who certainly see.
It’s coming because of people like me.
It’s coming for sure,—World War III.


Dead Serious

Living with an hypocritical husband

Over the last couple of years, I have met women who evidently hate their husbands. There is not an iota of doubt in my mind that, 452 more words


Racism: We Still Don't Get It by Esther Nelson

I was in Las Cruces, New Mexico, this summer for several weeks, spending much of my time unpacking boxes the moving van had delivered while simultaneously trying to create an aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable home.  1,045 more words


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Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end, the hatred, the racism.


It’s like a disease,
It seeps through even
The strongest of bonds.
It’s like a diamond,
It pierces through
Most things and can look
Deadly. There’s nothing… 15 more words