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It's time to get tough.

Well, it has truly kicked off….or more to the point, it is about to.

My ex-wife, as you all know, is a total and utter nutcase.  515 more words

On Islamic Women-Hating

“Woman Beheaded for Refusing Jihadi’s Rape”

Demonically-driven,supremacist Islam knows no bounds of civility nor common decency. It thrives on hating and defiling all women …particularly Christians. 277 more words

Islam By Their Book

Honest Healing

Honest Healing

love ripped apart
the core of my compassion
slipped on peels
of my own skin shedding
under the weight of my blade
pounds dropped  eyes sulken… 98 more words


Twitch.tv Bans AO Games (Read: 'Hatred')

I shouldn’t have to say this but everything that follows is simply my opinion.  I do not advocate making games like ‘Hatred’ illegal, I advocate for an art/entertainment atmosphere where people, one and all, simply do not want to make or play games like it. 1,170 more words



When people close to you hate you too much, you either turn into something ugly or build a wall around you to survive.


Six Months...for you to sweep my heart away

Woah, it’s been like ages since I last posted anything at all. Seriously, getting into a higher grade does come with plenty of disadvantages and no time at all to do anything. 1,431 more words


FIFA 16, Until Dawn Release Date and Twitch Adults Only Ban | Monkey Tail News 29/05/15

Time for another entry in our sporadic news series! We bring you the scoop on women’s teams finally being added to FIFA 16, a release date for PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, and Twitch clamping down on Adults Only streaming. 32 more words