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My Favorite Question

(I will get to the positive list later on-I was just inspired by something-so I wanted to make a post).

One of the questions that I always ask people when I am getting to know them is “would you rather people hate you or be indifferent to you?” The reason that I ask that is I want to see how willing someone is to risk living a nice, comfortable life because it is more important that who they are manifest itself in a legitimate way. 444 more words

Week 9

I can never remember what week I’m on, so I always have to look back to see.

I missed a couple of days of pushups last week for various reasons, but I keep adding on and when I do boot camp I notice I have more strength. 301 more words

Life Is Hard


Look see child, from beyond the mountaintop

Cast your eyes into the valley below and tell me what you behold, but do not weep, for these creatures are void of any compassion. 362 more words

Musings Of An Uncategorized Mind

People Often Forget That Kindness is Free.

Don’t be that person. There is so much going on in the world, so much that is full of pointless hatred and evil. We see it in the news everyday and for most of us, most of it doesn’t even directly affect us. 426 more words

On Foxes: On Fury. On Hatred.

It’s late, past midnight, and I’m walking home full of good food, good chatter. Champagne has loosened my limbs, and I smile up at a star-strewn sky. 1,000 more words

On Country Life

Let me in

Scar after scar,
Word after word,
I keep trying to get up
From the knees you put me on.
Your screaming becomes muted,
I see your lips moving, 66 more words


This is it.

This was so pending, a lot of people, friends and the people who had a crush on her and thought they’d never get her have been asking me why it ended between the two of us. 598 more words