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You have left for the night.

I hope this is a weekly occurrence. Your presence makes me feel small and inadequate. The fact that I have to rely on a man that I despise for survival, simply chips away at any sense of self and independence. 348 more words


My Brain Is Backwards

My brain is


Born that way,

the brain thinks

opposite of what

the medical (psychiatric)

community determines

to be healthy.

Instead of compassion, anger; instead of love, hatred; 88 more words


Hatred and Pragmatism

Opinionated Man over at Harsh Reality has me pondering the nature of hatred today in his post “Knowing Hate.”

Oddly I agree with him in a way, I think there’s some real value in what he suggests when he says, … 467 more words

Trump's Lies and Misdirection Continue to Fool Ignorant Americans

Today Trump took his golden elevator down from his golden tower to finally speak to the press. The richest man in Japan had agreed to spend $50 billion in America, and create 50,000 jobs. 473 more words


Dennis, dead now five years
whatever fate devised took him
January 13th, 2011
an auspicious day
for a crooked

i’ll never forget
Jelinski, Lee-Anne issued me… 425 more words

Emerys Watchel

Trump's Promotion of Hatred Inspired a Reaction he Never Expected

Donald Trump may have won the Electoral College, but he is now the most hated and least supported man in America. His white supporters may be pleased that their view of America has a leader, but the majority despises his immorality, and his lack of principles. 470 more words

Getting Lost

No one will ever understand what it means to be lost in a mind that is spinning unless one has been through it themselves. I sit here and write this as I look around at the boxes, clothes that need to be hung up, and the only thing I want to do is get lost. 160 more words

Do Not Give Up!