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Thread Of The Things

‎Saturday, ‎November ‎30, ‎2013

Everyone here wants truth but everyone lies
Everyone expect virtue but each one goes for sin
Everyone desires love but replicates only hate… 17 more words

On being hated

(Trying to get warmed up to write.)

Over the last few months a work-related issue has resulted in my once again becoming the target of the haters.  225 more words

About Me

Two Heads to a Face (co-written by Valerie Ng)

Two Heads to a Face (2015)

Looksie, chap adjacent,
Upon th’eloping lass yonder,
Whom we promised ever to love, no?

Away with thy bread-hole,
I wish for suffering no longer; prithee… 99 more words


Noose of Wind (co-written by Valerie Ng)

Noose of Wind (2015)

A hermit in a mistless cavern spake
His hymn, who did a wistful devil pander,
And pandered him, by the devil nailed to a stake. 99 more words


Hate for Holy Week

It may unsettle many to discover that Christians are the most likely people the world over to experience persecution. Since the foundation of the faith the faithful have been subject to official and unofficial harassment; being hunted down, tortured and executed for the proclamation of their faith. 407 more words


So Speaking of Triggers

I started a new job last week. It was a big move for me, but it was a raise in pay and it included medical and dental benefits, which we haven’t had in years. 1,044 more words

Love Was Not Free

Love Was Not Free
By: David Alexander
Brother my brother you are deceived
Love cannot come out of hate
The underground movement you speak of is worthless for God’s sake, if you don’t fight with love. 182 more words