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Social Studies 3

Social Studies 3

“Good morning, class.”

“Good morning, teacher,” appropriately answered the class in unison.

“My name is Mr. Kruztashun.” He fiddled with some papers on the little lectern on the table. 1,226 more words

~Differently Different~|||शायद अलग हुँ

“I dont know i will call it a prose or a poem”

Instead of judging others most of the times I think myself…..EXACTLY WHAT I AM ?

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Iv really had to push myself to write lately not because I dont want to but because its just been a real shite couple of days, 193 more words

Mental Health


Crazy, and evil people detonate

Innocent lives

Leaving a trail of tears, and sorrow

In it’s wake

Hatred and more destruction reawake


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Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Love Your Neighbor

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide

1. Primary Statement

Loving people who love us is easy. Loving those who are different, who dislike us, or who intentionally hurt us, that’s a different story.  675 more words


Simile of the Saw (or Metta for Trump)

I so easily forget that metta is meant to be boundless. Every day as I follow the news I’m shocked and disturbed by the fresh horrors and atrocities committed by the inveterate liar who now holds the most powerful office in the land. 153 more words



It’s been 28 months since Dday. I have been struggling for the past week since the last trigger. I feel like sometimes they just pile on. 613 more words