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The Twin Red Dragons

There was an angry man who threw stones at the gods and cursed them for their injustice. The gods said to the man, You are your mind, therefore be your mind. 179 more words


Rumi does it again..

The moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night…

This quote is for those people that are having a tough time. Remember just like the moon you will shine bright if you face the darkness.

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Livin' Life

Go on, if you must
Talk about your car
And where you buy your fuel
How you’ll probably repair it
When really, you won’t.
I’ll pretend I’m working… 147 more words


Respond to Texts Week of 4/13

I don’t know about you, but each time I find an awesome painting or picture I wish it would move and show more of itself. Well, unfortunately this isn’t harry potter, and gifs don’t work on regular physical pictures and paintings. 282 more words


20/04/15 Don't feed the animals

People are fabulous. Almost – and that’s a tiny ‘almost’, so small as to be negligible and not worth my attention, everyone I’ve ever met has been great – kind – compassionate – hospitable – trusting and trustworthy. 677 more words

Mental Health

ZOO #12 : Hatred

In light of “xenophobic” attacks, the president gets reflective in this weeks ZOO, read it here at ZANews.