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Do you delight in the Lord?

Delighting in the Lord implies doing his Will willingly and passionately. Taking His business as though it were the very air that you breathe. 521 more words

Fight Bigotry, Intolerance, and Hatred - February 21, 2017

Dear Donald,

I read and heard today that you took a tour of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. You made a statement “ 224 more words

Dear 1600 Penn Ave

Why bad things happen to good people|Life update

So, every four years my high school goes on a trip to Disneyland to march there and just spend all of Spring Break there. With this new band director, things have been a little crazy. 265 more words


Weeds Can Block Drainage Ditches

‘Balls, balls – it’s all a load of balls!’

The thoughts had tumbled through my mind last night, tripping over themselves, but never stopping. It had felt like fever, but my toes, hanging from the bottom of the bed like so many chilled grapes, had told a different story. 402 more words


HATRED : I Dont Need You

Title : Hatred (I Dont Need You)

Cast : Im Yoona as Choi Yoona || Oh Sehun || Choi Siwon

OC : Find By Your Self… 1,152 more words


Non-Muslims in Mosques

Why do non-Muslims always pretend that they know what they are talking about? Why do they act like the scholar of Islam? How come they act like they have been in mosques where hatred is being preached? 82 more words

I saw this logo by someone else who did this—what a creative idea! Donald Trump is not my president NOT AT ALL because he does not represent us and he does not deserve to be a president anyway.

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