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It's almost the weekend. Let's turban it over to Hattingdon.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has worn turbans throughout her reign giving them a royal touch as we just saw.

One of the most iconic screen stars of all time Elizabeth Taylor gave the turbans she wore drama and unlimited sex appeal. 211 more words


Why I should never read the fashion section of The Sunday NY Times

I get ideas. I already had this idea or rather I stole it from a clown in Australia who works with the elderly. He dresses like a bellhop because a nursing home can be like a hotel and he makes it just a little more spiffy. 116 more words


Epigram on a Fashionable Hat

Rumpled, fashionable, and deliberately poised:
Her hat indeed said all that.
But what is more and despite the noise,
Was, O boys, a perfect love for cats.


Trump Is Running a Hat Business, Not a Campaign

“. . . Trump’s organization spent more money in July on the now-iconic ‘Make America Great Again’ red hats, Trump T-shirts, and mugs than on the staff whose job it is to run the campaign,”  107 more words


Hats Galore

Knitting needles have been clicking and sewing machine needles have been seaming. The creativity that I’ve been seeing and enjoying is beautiful.

The other day I stopped by… 362 more words


Interview with an Atheist

As part of my research into atheism, I sat down with James K., an atheist and leader of an online science advocacy group. I’m withholding details about his identity for his privacy. 507 more words