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My Camp Hat

Camp hats are a big deal in Girl Guides. They hold tokens and memories from all of the places you’ve been and all the people you’ve met; some notable items on my hat include a piece of sealskin from Newfoundland, pins from places like Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Calgary Stampede, and a piece of bandana from when I learned how to square-dance; a spontaneous decision that I would never have normally made, given my nervousness around dancing. 23 more words


Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashions

Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashions

by Peter Kimpton



There is a scene in My fair lady where Eliza is super excited about the races and she screams, “Come on, Dover! 550 more words

Book Review

The Big Oaf and His Hat

Uncle Bedi
Is tall and lazy.
He craves many
Good things in life.
But if you ask him
How come it’s lasting,
He’s got no penny in sight? 18 more words

Poems For Children

These Crying Jordan softball jerseys need to be mass-produced immediately

The real world would be scary and terrible if it were just like the internet. But it’s sometimes perfect when little pieces of this community of 1’s and 0’s find a place IRL. 103 more words


Mad Hatter Status 

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Double posing (again) because now that you’re reading this, you can temporarily exit your earthly domain and enter hat heaven. 208 more words

Candid Chloe

It's so close, you can almost taste it...

The jewelry and painting party, that is.

Did you really expect me to talk about anything else? I mean, I could talk about the 10 page management page I’m currently suppposed to be writing, or the computer science test I’m 99% sure I bombed Wednesday, but I don’t think you really want to hear about those anyways. 301 more words

Candid Chloe