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The Mad Hatter is Dead.

The cups are empty, the kettle dry.

No festivities, no charades, only silence.

The chairs are rotting, the table molded.

The door mouse died a widows death. 28 more words

Digimonstory Cybersleuth (PS4 & PS Vita)

Well hello my darlings Latina Hatter here(contemplating a name change… not to the blog…to me) and I’ve been all over Digimon Story CyberSleuth! I can hear my childhood calling…. 1,003 more words

Game Review

What is in a name?

So after everything I’ve been dreaming up my darlings and all that I forgot something about the new face of A Hatter Of The Details when all of a sudden during my prancing and such I was stopped in all the celebration when my friend asked me one very simple question… “Does she have a name?” I felt very silly when I had to answer back “No…” After a brain smashing session we figured out a name. 126 more words


Yo-Kai Watch Watch 3DS??? yes! sorta

Alright my darlings for this review I am covering the Yo-Kai Watch…Watch. A toy I was told about at my favorite Gamestop and ordered. I waited months for it to come in with the assurance that it would up my game in Yo-Kai watch on the DS. 394 more words

Game Review

We are all mad here :)

I’m not crazy, it’s just that my reality is much different from yours..  :)


The Hatter Gazette

My gamers the time has finally come to take of youtube, tournaments, and the tournaments of Rhythm Kings! I have finally put up my first video on Youtube on my new channel The Hatter Gazette!! 84 more words

Game Review

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (3DS) vs Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call (3DS)

Alright my darlings with this review I will have finished my preparation for celebrating something near and dear to my heart. What you say dears? Well Rhythm Games for the DS of course! 800 more words

Game Review