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Farewell Alice

The Hatter really loved sweet Alice
but Alice always thought him mad,
always did and always will,
so he’s gone back, under the hill.
He always thought it was prosaic… 27 more words


Mad Hatter

They call me mad hatter

i may be a bitch but that doesnt matter

I wear cool hats

Nothing wrong with that
If you dont like me… 49 more words


† Makeup | Full Spectrum : Hatter

Hello everyone ! How are you ? This week I have another make-up realized with the Full Spectrum palette by Urban Decay. And I can already tell you that you’ll get yet another one next week. 229 more words


Alice Through The Looking Glass

Hello guys, its been a long time since I have last posted. By the way, have you watched another Alice movie? It was released several months ago, and I thought that it was great. 203 more words


Shin Megami Tensei Apocalypse (3DS)

Hello my dears! Sorry I’ve been a tinge under the radar but I’ve been doing….research! Which means yes I’ve been playing video games (once I could pry myself from Borderlands 2 and the Presequel). 854 more words


Az ÉN csontsovány nővérem

Párhuzamosan azzal, hogy elkezdtem írni ezt a blogot,  elkezdtem visszaolvasni az összes régebbi, még meglévő naplómat, hogy meglássam, az emlékeimen túl milyen konkrét helyzeteket éltem meg Hannával, a családommal és önmagammal akkor, amikor még fogalmunk sem volt róla, hogy a családunknak van egy négy és feledik tagja is, az anorexia. 2,548 more words

The Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor.

BY Aj.                       26th October 2016

The Looking Glass Wars
by: Frank Beddor.


Give a summary of the book:

Alyss Heart is the princess of Wonderland, her mother Genevieve is the Queen, and Madigan Hatter is not mad, he is Queen Genevieve’s bodyguard. 111 more words

Aj Le Fay