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Alice in Wonderland

Hello my friends,

If there is one thing out there I am really obsessed with, then it is Alice in Wonderland. Since I am a little girl I love the story from a girl falling into the rabbit hole and finding herself in another world. 278 more words


Silence Screamed

Silence screamed in muted pleas to be seen as human while the dancers laughed. I am beaten upon the shore of her guilt as I dig for treasure buried in the ilk of thoughts cascading from lips that lie. 133 more words


My love for the Mad Hatter

It can be hard to pick a favorite Disney movie when they are all so amazing! When I was a little tike The Little Mermaid was my favorite. 422 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Broken Earbud Madness

Broken Earbud

There’s a madness visiting my head, a bright familiarity. It always leads to this:

The decline of one weaves itself into the rough, uncomfortable tonality of all. 272 more words


I think I have heard the phrase ‘square pegs and round holes’ more than enough. Sometimes I wonder whether we are really square pegs or round holes all our lives. 140 more words

How to make a playing card top hat

I saw the idea on Pinterest to make a top hat out of playing cards and I just couldn’t resist trying it. Although the suggested method took more then one deck of cards. 328 more words

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