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Yes, that's it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it's always tea time. - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The tea pot and tea cup, complete with dormice will be available to see (and to buy!) at the market on Friday (2 mai) and Saturday (2 may) at Les JournĂ©es europĂ©ennes du Feutre 2015, Felletin 23500, France… 33 more words

Chapter Five: Questions and More Questions

“Wait a second, that’s impossible. Everyone knows that the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen are two different characters.”

Moxie and Mary Ann looked at each other, saying nothing. 3,019 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Soon to Come

The start of a new page deserves a teaser.

Chapter Four: Unexpected Journey

When Alex opened her eyes, she found herself in a dark room. There was a sliver of light, outlining a door. Alex rubbed her head, and tried to stand up, but found that she couldn’t. 2,100 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Hello my friends,

If there is one thing out there I am really obsessed with, then it is Alice in Wonderland. Since I am a little girl I love the story from a girl falling into the rabbit hole and finding herself in another world. 278 more words