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As Mad As The Hatter

Arisu stirred the pot of chicken soup, preparing for her daughter’s return in this cold weather. Circe had taken to spending evenings in the woods. Mercy had gone into town and wouldn’t be back for hours yet Arisu was sure. 141 more words


Good Morning!!!

Alright sports fans!….KIDDING! Now alright all my gamers! I have returned to the land of my birth the United States of America and I am very glad to be back and the first thing I did as soon I saw my husband was…shout his name and say ” (FIRST NAME) FLIPPING (LAST NAME) IF I HAVE TO COME LOOK FOR YOU!!!” HUgged him, kissed him, went awwww over the flowers he brought me and then ran off to go get my luggage while fawning over him for waiting so long (my flight was delayed landing and the winds were bad enough that they had to pull up at another airport and empty out a C130 full of people, animals, and bags then run them through customs. 325 more words



I have been a bit aloof lately and I apologize. I had written a lot longer review than previously shown on Project X Zone however it was not on my laptop…. 278 more words


Moving and Shaking

Alright in a while I will be very very busy. I mean moving all the way back to the other side of the world busy! However, this does not mean I will quit posting during the period of my moving or my leave. 220 more words


Getting to Know This Hatter

Well you can call me Hatter or Latina Hatter. I refuse to give out my real name due to freaky creepers. Can you blame a girl? 659 more words


Mini Top Hat Mad Hatter Birthday Wedding Tea Party

Alice attempts to help the Mad hatter getaway, but it does not go smoothly and he tells her to go get a special sword and deliver it to the White Queen. 325 more words

Uncomplicated Mini Top Hat Mad Hatter Birthday Wedding Tea

Although red hearts are normally associated with kindness and affection, this queen is the opposite of good. One of her favorite quotes is, “off with their heads.” She is brusque and not very brainy. 349 more words