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Plot Summary: When the MC goes out to investigate the Queen’s murder she finds the White Rabbit to be attentive and the Cheshire Cat to be welcoming. 632 more words


San Diego Comicon 2016 and Pok'emon GO tips!

Well my dears I just had a nice comfortable rest! It was a long day of walking!!! Hell a long weekend (and I only walked two of the days if you can believe it!). 2,035 more words


2016 Mad Tea Party!


This is my very first online Mad Tea Party Blog Hop, hosted by the ever so delightful Vanessa at ‘A Fancilful Twist’. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, and I believe I’m half a day in front of everyone else, but here it goes.. 253 more words


ZatchBell! (anime)

Well my dears today I’m visiting an oldie but goodie. We are hitting up Zatch Bell! From those sweet carefree days when you watched small beings from another world beat the hell out of each other. 741 more words


One Punch Man (Anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today we’re going to go over something you might have heard buzzing about as of late One Punch Man! Usually walks around with a lackluster expression and claims to pick up the mantle of the hero due to simple boredom. 760 more words


Hunie Cam (COMP)

Hello my darlings recently Atlas did a review on Hunie Pop but attempted to play Hunie Cam however, it was not his cup of tea so this is where I come in! 611 more words


Hatters Treats

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll

Welcome to the tea party my lovelys!

Here you will find all my treats and goodies I have made or created.  31 more words