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Why a Raven is like a Writing Desk

Greetings Universe! I’m Adrianna, or Adri for short. I’m also known, among some in the realm of Legion, as the Hatter. Which is why it is only befitting for my first post to reflect my title and my love for the works of Lewis Carroll. 410 more words


writing prompt

Writing Prompt describe a place, the smells, and what you see.

The scent of vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon filled my nose. Causing my mouth to instantly water. 95 more words

Caterpillars Cocoon

Hatters Treats

“your late”

I heard a strong, concerned voice say from behind me, as I stashed my purse and coat into my locker.

“sorry I guess I just lost track of time…” 65 more words

Caterpillars Cocoon

Hats in Art

Rene Magritte’s mother was a milliner.   Perhaps that is why hats feature so prominently in his paintings.


January 4

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago this week?

“FOUND … a Silver Knee Buckle.”

Lost and found notices frequently appeared in eighteenth-century newspapers. 380 more words

Daily Advert Update

Farewell Alice

The Hatter really loved sweet Alice
but Alice always thought him mad,
always did and always will,
so he’s gone back, under the hill.
He always thought it was prosaic… 27 more words